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Justin Bieber

Surrounded By Sizzurp

2/2/2013 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0201-justin-bieber-lil-twist-lil-za-instagramJustin Bieber partied with his boyz this week ... and there are photos that appear to show a large bottle of codeine at the shindig -- aka sizzurp. 

The photos show Justin, Lil Za and Lil Twist (we're told both of whom have smoked pot with Bieber) at a table rolling up blunts. Also on the table -- two sets of double cups (a known style of consuming sizzurp which was made popular by Lil Wayne). 

In one of the photos, Bieber is drinking out of a double cup. Sources connected to Justin adamantly deny he uses the drug.  Based on multiple recent photos, however, it's pretty obvious he smokes pot. In the pics, we don't see anyone present actually consuming the drug.

Bieber is getting pressure from some of his people who think he's basically a good kid ... but hanging out with Za, Twist and some other dudes are taking him down a bad road.

We couldn't reach Za for comment.  As for Twist, we reached out to his rep -- so far, no response.


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Laughing at the fact you guys believe this ****. If tmz has pictures they would have posted them. TMZ PLEASE GROW THE **** UP AND QUIT TRYING TO RUIN EVERYONE ELSE'S CAREER JUST SO YOU CAN HAVE ONE :) HOP OFF OF EVERYONE'S DICK YOU SLEAZY LITTLE *******S :))))

592 days ago


How does this source know such intimate details unless he or she was with them? Furthermore the temptation for a large sum of money could drive sources to falsify pics or info for gain. Until this is confirmed, it is a questionable story.

592 days ago


So now Beebs is drinking the grape? I've wondered does the syzzrup just make you sleepy? New Vanilla Ice.

592 days ago


I don't believe they would be so dumb to have someone there taking pics of them with drugs who turns around to sell them. Why would they risk that. the person had to be in the room with them

592 days ago


Who is the worst, the two pseudo-bad-boy doing recreative drugs with their friend or the leech snitch running at the press to make a buck over his "friend" private behavior?

Well, in my book the latter is far worst.

592 days ago


Many child stars try to give themselves a bad image during their attempt to transition from child to adult star. Justin is either purposefully trying to change his image or he's on.a path to self destruction because these are things that can very easily be avoided ending up in the press. Justin has been a star long enough to know everyone do***ents his every move and he's young enough to realize everyone has a camera these days that not only takes pics but videos too. No, not everyone is going around smoking pot or using codeine.

592 days ago


Get him help or get him a babysitter.

592 days ago


Sizzurp was made popular by Lil Wayne?! Does anyone remember the song Sippin on some sizzurp?? I'm pretty sure that was before Wayne. Js

592 days ago


He should evaluate who's around him. I can't understand why his bodyguards are constantly neglecting to ensure that people won't take pics.

592 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

Why do hip hop artists have to use stupid names? And before anyone calls me racist, I'm talking about black and white rappers.

592 days ago

I'm Awesome admit it     

Let him continue to drink F It quit posting tmz he'll learn the same way Pimp C went out

592 days ago


Someone better reel this boy in quick!

592 days ago


no no... its GOOD that he is acting like this! it is fulfulling his destiny to finally DISAPPEAR so we don't have to continue to read about this twit.

592 days ago


Mammon lil wayne didn't make syrup popular, rappers from Houston did and why are you guys alway blaming these two rappers for Justin drug use? He's a grown man smh

592 days ago


The stupid people who believe that Justin is being influenced, are just that; stupid! He can think for himself. It seems like he's purposely doing this to transition into an adult artiste. This isn't the first time pics have surfaced, so someone is clearly and purposely taking these pics and releasing them. He either knows who it is or doesn't care. Either way its dangerous and stupid. So instead of pointing fingers and being racist why don't people lobby for him to seek help? Oh right I forgot why should you when you can just blame it on the black people around him. TMZ with their biasness again, conveniently repeating Lil Twist and Lil Za over and over instead of questioning the whereabouts of Justin's management and his mother, who's always professing her undying love for him. Yes your're his mother so of course you love him but WHERE ARE YOU? Probably out spending his money...

592 days ago
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