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Chris Brown's Lawyer

Chris Has Been 'Tortured'

By the D.A.

2/6/2013 3:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Chris Brown's lawyer just went nuclear at the L.A. County D.A. ... claiming, "I have never had a client who has been tortured like Chris Brown has."

Mark Geragos was livid at a news conference at his office after today's court hearing, vowing to seek not only sanctions against prosecutors but also claiming he wants them held in contempt of court  for filing false documents, accusing Chris of phonying his community service hours.

Geragos said of the D.A.'s motivation, "The D.A. is paralyzed with the thought his probation will be terminated.  If that happens they won't be able to jock him around like they've been jocking him around."

Geragos said Rihanna showed up in court to support Chris, and she thinks it's utterly ridiculous what the D.A. is doing.


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Chris Brown is a childish Fool. with no class, but these Judges and the judicial system are worse.

625 days ago

Shelly Smith    

So, are we all supposed to feel sorry for Chris Brown because he and his lawyer believe he's been tortured by the people in charge of supervising his probation? Well, guess what Chris Brown....You've gotten a free pass thus far because I've known some people on probation and their probation officers, "sat on them", meaning: no travel papers to see family, no leaving the county, urine tests weekly...etc and that was probation for misdemeanor crimes not felonies! Chris Brown is a hot headed, little wanna be thug who needs to get a grip on reality! Even if you're a CB fan, you must admit, if he where a regular "run of the mill" felon (no money, not a celebrity) he'd be sitting in jail right now!

625 days ago

Sir Paul McCartney    

Chris Brown, just hang in there buddy. Reminds me of the "Japan Incident" when i got busted for Pot. I have'nt really discussed it in years but oh well. Thinking back, I don't believe that, how could I do that? How could Linda - who was much smarter than me - let me do that?" I must just have said, "Oh baby, don't worry, it'll be alright". 'I was thrown into nine days of turmoil. It was very, very scary for the first three days. I don't think I slept much at all. And when I slept, I had very bad dreams.

'I really thought I was such an idiot. I didn't have a change of clothes. I couldn't see anyone. I couldn't even have a book.'

'And of course they were all speaking Japanese and I couldn't understand a word of it. 'It took me three days to realise that you were allowed a change of clothes. I'd just worn this green suit that I'd arrived in and hadn't taken it off.

'I was scared because the actual penalty for what I did was seven years hard labour. After a few days I started to see lawyers, but nobody actually said they would be able to get me out.

'After a few days I became like Steve McQueen in The Great Escape. My sense of humour and natural survival instinct started to kick in.

'I realised from all the movies I'd ever seen and from all the books I'd ever read that the gig in the morning is that you've got to clean your cell.

'They'd put a reed brush and a little dustpan through the grill in the cell door.

'I started to realise, "Right, I'm going to get up when the light goes on, I'm going to be the first up, I'm going to be the first with his room cleaned, I'm going to roll up my bed, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that.

'You had to clean your room and then sit cross-legged on your blanket.

'The first couple of days I'd been the last to get washed because I hadn't figured it out. But once I understood what was needed I started to become the guy who was cleaned first, who got to do his teeth first.

'During what they used to call the exercise period I'd squat down with all the other prisoners and you were allowed to have a cigarette. You squatted around a tin can, like a baked bean can, smoking your cigarette and tapping the ash in the can.

'There was one guy who spoke English. He was a student, in for social unrest. He was quite clever - a bit of a Marxist. I could talk to him.

'There was another guy who was in for murder, a gangster guy. He had a big tattoo on his back which is the sign of gangsters in Japan.

'I started to become one of the lads. I started doing games with these guys. One of my games was something we'd played in the studio with The Beatles. It was who can touch the highest part of the wall. Of course, because I was taller than the other prisoners as they were Japanese, I tended to win that game.

So I was doing all of that, almost enjoying it by the end. When I got out Linda said I'd got institutionalized.

It wasn't fun anymore and the bust definitely sort of cemented that. It was like, "Oh God, who needs all this?"' 'The band was very annoyed with me because me being busted had blown one of their big pay days. Nobody was too happy with me at the time.

'Everyone had told us, "Don't take drugs to Japan".'

625 days ago


What gets me is that Mr. Geragos thought it was important to note what Rihanna thought about anything. Does he really think that what she thinks means something? What a fabulous lawyer you have there, CB.

625 days ago

Mike Fischer    

tortured? oh pleeeese! slapping and hitting a women may be torture but not this

625 days ago


Oh boo f*cking hoo. That's right, Geragos, make the thug fist brown a victim. "Oh, the little mama's boy has been "Tortured" over this". Well, Geragos, while he was supposed to be doing his civic duty, he was out on tour, he was blinding people in clubs (tony parker is suing him), he was getting in fistfights with other rappers, etc. Fist brown is a human sh*t stain; the very last thing this piece of crap is is a victim. He's the puuusssy who hits people then runs & hides behind his huge bodyguards. I hope the courts throw his stupid punk ass in jail for years; it's what the worthless piece of crap deserves...

625 days ago


It's all lawyer B.S. Throwing out crap to scare off opponents. The truth never comes out of a lawyers mouth including Geragos. It's throwing out as many obstacles as they can lie about to get the retard off the hook. much has Brown paid you?

625 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

And how many people has Chris tortured.
Phishie from Philly

624 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

The only thing Chris Brown is a victim of is his own stupidity...

624 days ago


It would be fitting. Some would say that the way Brown beat the hell out of Rihanna was torture.

624 days ago


Henry Kissinger is Chris Brown's attorney??

624 days ago

steven vale    

must have been the da that punched rihanna in the face twenty times. wonder if geragos wife knows he supports violence towards women.

624 days ago


He needs to shut the **** up. Does he SERIOUSLY think he will get people to feel sorry for that piece of **** also known as Chris Brown?? He DESERVES to be the very least he deserves a hell of a lot more than the celebrity justice he got. And who gives a **** if Rhianna was there or not? We’ve already established she doesn’t have a brain in her head so her presence is meaningless. It’s utterly ridiculous that he actually thinks he can get some sympathy for this no-talent slimeball.

624 days ago


Really tortured? So is the D.A. Jeffery Dahmer? or are you just sayin' he's being held to the same standards as any normal would. It's funny, those who fake strength are the most afraid of doing something that might make them stronger. But I gotta go some lawyer is asking a singer questions & we can't have that. Much too harsh.

624 days ago

tired of celeb gold diggers    

Wow, Judgemental aholes. First, Chris served his time and did his community service and every other thing he is suppose to do.

Second, a true woman beater have a constant history. This man only made one (1) mistake and is not a constant beater like some of you true beaters are.

Third, Rinanna herself said the pictures shown on TMZ are greatly out of context. She stated most of those bruises came from hitting the dshboard and window because she did not have her seat belt on when they crash into the wall.

Get your facts straight before you judge a person. I am sure your skeletons in the closet points at you as a pedoperverter. But hey, who I am to judge.

Everyone deserves a second chance. This man have not have any issues with any other females and you want to brand him on the only and biggest mistake in his life? Even Rihanna feels he deserves a seconnd chance. F the people and the media who think they are better than the next person.
I am sure each and everyone of you have made mistakes at some point in their lives.
I am on Chris and Rihanna side.
Chris, keep your head up high.
Also remember, I know you want to live your life, but you will need to keep a group of people that have your interest at heart. Get rid of the guys in your group that will cause you trouble when you are at the club. Talk is cheap, name calling only promote violence and childish. Don't fall into the haters trap.

624 days ago
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