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Lindsay Lohan

No Time For Lawsuits

Too Busy Partying

2/8/2013 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan would rather party her face off than sit for a deposition -- so claims the paparazzo who's suing her ... and now, he wants a judge to lay down the law for LiLo.

TMZ broke the story, Grigor Balyan sued Lindsay and her assistant last year, claiming the assistant crashed into him in 2010 outside an L.A. nightclub.   Lindsay was riding shotgun and wasn't hurt, but the photog ended up in the hospital.

Balyan says in new legal docs his attorney has been trying in vain to get Lindsay to sit for a deposition ... but she says she's too busy ... which pisses them off because they've been seeing pics of Lindsay partying up a storm all over the world.

And this is rich ... Balyan also claims Lindsay said she couldn't come to L.A. last week for the deposition, yet she showed up for that OTHER car accident that landed her in criminal court.

Balyan is asking a judge to order Lindsay to sit for a deposition asap. He also wants her to pay $4,842.43 for his lawyer fees.

Shawn should get paid first ... just our opinion.


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620 days ago


The sad part is at only 26 years old she has burnt most, if not all, of her bridges. Who does she have to turn to? Of course it all comes back to the girl in the mirror.

620 days ago


Lindsay will Never sit down for a deposition Clubbing is too important. By the way where is she getting money to buy new gowns lip injections for a Amfar party that probably she crashed.

620 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

I'm no fan of Lindsay but these morons following her, or any celebrity, around with a camera and then end up standing in front or or around their car should just assume they're going to get run over. In fact, it should be legal to run these fat losery photogs over. The less of them the better.

620 days ago


If they win the case LL will pay after she gets her other bills caught up. You should see some money, oh about 2015-2020

And you do know she is important, at least in her own mind and you are a "little person", right?

620 days ago


Oh come on TMZ, why should she show for this guy? He's a total scam artist not to mention a f*cking tool! Besides, she was only a passenger in this case, her driver is the one who would have to pay damages.

620 days ago


... Balyan also claims Lindsay said she couldn't come to L.A. last week for the deposition, yet she showed up for that OTHER car accident that landed her in criminal court.

AND you expect her tell the truth in a mere deposition? LOL Schedule it for the same day she is due in court for her other driving "incident".
And get a smarter lawyer

620 days ago


Well true she is too busy killing herself...errrrr, partying and spending money as fast as it comes in. This guy better take a number and stand in line for the lawsuits. Besides her first priority is to pay Shawn Holley (sure). She's rather have a freaken pair of Louboutins. She's easily the biggest mess I've ever seen. I'd love to have seen her face when Trump wouldn't give her a discount for her to have a place at Trump Tower. "Mr. Trump, I thought we were friends!" "Go home Lindsay"

620 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Yeah sorry, tough for me to feel sorry for idiots who stand in front of cars that are moving. I hope this is one thing Lindsay continues to blow off.

620 days ago


It's so crazy that she's only 26...every time I see her I go "wow" because she LOOKS 40+. It's all those cosmetic fillers she gets (+ hard partying) Fillers always make younger people look OLDER when they get them because it's usually the 40+ women who get them to try to look younger. It's also odd how she seems to always find some money...hmmm...she's been seen with that mega rich guy Vikram often. She was just seen shopping with him the other day and apparently he lets her stay for free at his know guys don't do things like this for nothing.

620 days ago


If that photographer is dumb enough to voluntarily stand in front of a car and know its taking off, he deserves everything that comes to him. Go play in traffic idiot.

620 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

How long before Blowjangles enters the scene, saying how much BS this story is, and how we're all suckers for believing it?

He's like a little kid that only owns one record, and he plays it over and over again til you're ready to puke. Of course, that just goes to show he has no other argument in defense of lying, smelly, duck-lipped Lohan.

620 days ago


While I agree this is a frivolous lawsuit, but can you just refuse to be deposed? It certainly won't help the case if a witness refuses to testify.

620 days ago


Say what you will, I'd still throw it in her , cuz really 20 yrs down the road that would be an awesome story to tell at your dinner party.

620 days ago


Lindsay's greatest achievement is staying out of Jail. She has made more appearances at court than she has been credited in movies.

620 days ago
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