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Lindsay Lohan

Doing Penthouse

2/8/2013 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is NOT slumming it in NYC ... quite the opposite, she's livin' pretty in a penthouse.

There are reports out Lindsay is living at her mom Dina's Long Island home, but it's not true. We've learned she's staying at her friend's SoHo apartment. The friend is letting Lindsay stay there rent free until she finds a place of her own.

And the friend hasn't set any deadlines for moving.

Good thing it's rent free, 'cause Lindsay should save her cash so she can pay Shawn Holley ... at least that's what we think.


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Usually when people are broke and unemployed, they stay with relatives in the area first (parents, siblings, cousins). She has all those within clubbing distance, so I guess her family has its limits on what they can put up with. She's a sad case, even though she makes all her own problems. If her liver manages to survive- she'll be a constant source of "where are they now" TMZ stories for decades. Don't see any sign of her wanting to change her approach.

620 days ago


if lindsay had more people as a positive support system like this friend she would be on a pathway towards eliminating risky behavior. shes made a lot of bad cojces but you are a product of your parents. she needs positive role models ans some sel esreem that is not a complete f*** up what she tutned out to be is a misguided young lady due to Hollywood has used and had no regard for the discipline and structure a child needs. She is not skilled at making good choices. That is learned behavior. You can scoff at her all you want and say shehs an adult, but if you are not taught the life lessons a to handle being an adult your mental intelligence age may well be 10 years young. My nephew has that problem. He had a horrible childhood. gress and it takes a long time to remove unprHe's 30 his mental intelligence age is about 17. I moved him in here and slowly we are making progress but its takes time fo remove those impulses to do unproductive behvior

620 days ago


You know after all this time and changes and stories 5 yrs worth if she had a miniscual about of sence of descency or repect or morals or conscience she would have tryed to chance or improve herself or peoples opinion of her but she hasn't.......because she likes the way she is....a Mean Assed Morally Bankrupt Woman.......with a descent bone in her decaying body....

620 days ago


"Hey Marilyn Manson, I get the Flu Alot too,just need to know where do you get your flu from??Hint,Hint"

620 days ago


one month from now "that landlord,roomate,and neighbors are dead to me"

620 days ago


I'm am so sick and tired of people saying "if only she had some good people to influance her and guide her she would change " ..........BULLSHYT............
Every descent person who has ever tried to help her she has used ....chewed up and spit out..........She milks them for throw everything that she can get out of them and throws the out or under the bus when shes for her being mentally a child.....another ......BULLSHYT
AgAIN.........She was a spoiled rotten child who ruled the roost...A mean assed Bulling teenager and she was living a adult life at 16 because She wanted to not her mother because she decsided to............Lindsay Lohan is calling the shots ....and has all her life....You DO NOT AND CAN NOT TELL LINDSAY DEE LOHAN WHAT TO DO , WHEN TO DO, AND WHERE TO GO.... LINDSAY DEE LOHAN Does what she wants when she wants.....So stop the blame game .......
The only one responsible for her actions is Lindsay Dee Lohan....;

620 days ago


Dina on Radar is a IDIOT!!!!! she is taling about the $100,000 paid in taxes..but wasnt that from 2009 or 2010? what about 2011 and 2012???did she forget the years like lindsay did? does she still think it is 2006?

620 days ago


Thanks Hannah..
Thus was the reason for the snipe about the reporter calling him a Perisan when he is Not he is a Arab....from on of the Emirates or Saudi....That was like calling Jamie Farr a Italian........LOL

620 days ago

Mr. Grimm    

This is why I consider the one percenters to be like gods. Their cutting edge journalism really touches on the important issues around the world. God bless TMZ, ABC News, Fox News, CNN now this is news guys. This is cutting edge stuff now excuse me while I worship you. Just reading this made me more intelligent. I can't even believe how brilliant American media is you are so brilliant just give yourself a big pat on the back. This is journalism.

620 days ago


here's some accurate info for you fools. for nearly 3 months lilo has been sharing an apartment with a female friend, its not a penthouse, its an apartment but tmz want your train of thought to go somewhere else to match the dirty minds of their staff writers.

its been funny today, the online media has been in a spin with a whole lotta lilo storys each one contradicting the other, all she did was go to the amfar event LOL

620 days ago


No dear

this is NOT journalism this is entertainment !.......and payed ads for anybody who can come up with the money for the space and time... But sweetie if you are looking for real hard core news you looking on the wrong time and place...Please close the gate as you leave the playground cause it tends to keep a lot of riff raff out....

620 days ago


There is no mystery friends penthouse in SoHo Lohans staying 'rent free'.

The truth is and has been that Lohan espically in the 9 months leaving Sautners courtroom has done nothing but burn and kick in the teeth everyone who has tried to help her.

Lohans $8k per month rental she could never afford wanted to break the lease. The owners said no way. They want the rental agreement paid in full. They don't care whether Lohan was there or not. Lohan stiffing on her rent. Certinly not the first time.

According to Bravo Lohan left that rental so filthy they couldn't even film. Doesn't matter if Lohan is in NY, she owes back rent and to pay her lease if full.

Lohan tried to pull the same crap when she had a $760...0 a month condo and wanted the L.A. taxpayers to pay for her shrink. That was turned down. Lohan evicted.

Lohan caught stealing from her 'good friend' Sam Magid home. Blames Suge Nights son, the black guy did it. Lohan caught dead to rights tries to make whatever excuse from getting caught ends up blaming she was on an Ambien 'haze' doesn't remember.

Magid took back his belongings Lohan got caught stealing, didn't press charges. Don't ever come to my home again. Again the word was put out.

$46k to Charteau Marmount, Lohan never had any intesion of paying. Even with all the repeated bills left. Can't blame lost in the mail crap. Lohan tries blaming Lifetime for the bill she rung up. Another trashed room that backfire.

Lohan claiming sick again. No. She's too busy partying, shopping and smoking in NYC and all the photos to proove that .

Lohan showed up in court because if she didn't a warrent would be out for her arrest. Plain and simple.

Lohan turned away from hotels she's burned trashed and stiffed.

Lohan did show up in court only because a warrent would be issued for her arrest if she didn't.

The judge and court sarcasum didn't go un-noticed. Ms. Lohan nice to see you're feeling better.

620 days ago


This Ryan on TMZ is useless.

620 days ago


FFS, snowing fast & furious now...are you home yet for Lemon Drops Nikki??

620 days ago


So SterlinGuy,
She been living in the apartment for 3 mos with a all the other spins Lohan Inc is floating is pure Lohan Shyt like Dina's little "So happy to have her home now in Merrick" and the various Hotels rooms shes been said to have been staying in were all Lohan Links Bullshyt !....Can't have it both ways Either Your Lying or they are....or best of All You ALL are..........
I can see the whole thing with the girl friend cause most hookers share apartments to work out off.......saves on expenses......Cause if she isn't staying in all those different hotels shes hooking in them .....End of story.l..

620 days ago
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