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Charlie Sheen's Plea

Christopher Dorner ...


2/9/2013 2:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Charlie Sheen
wants to do his part to bring ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner into custody safely ... so he's recorded a video plea asking the wanted man to call him to talk things out.

Dorner -- who is accused of killing three people including a cop -- mentioned a number of celebs in his online "manifesto," and wrote about Sheen, "Charlie Sheen, you’re effin awesome."

Sheen recorded the message to Dorner yesterday, saying, "You mentioned me in your manifesto, so thank you for your kind words. I am urging you to call me. Let's figure out together how to end this thing."

Dorner is still currently at large.


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no empathy for him. he killed someone's daughter? an innocent. this is beyond cowardly. he has no credibility.

628 days ago

Black Rambo    


628 days ago


Hey I haven't met you,
and this is crazy,
here's my number,
so call me maybe.

628 days ago


Hey Dorner, give me a call on my special phone. Put the barrel to your ear, dial the chamber to my number, speak into the handle, then pull the trigger to
send. Look forward to hearing from you, Lucifer

628 days ago

Charles Austin Miller    

Dorner's not calling anyone. That nutjob is already dead at the bottom of a ravine under 3 feet of snow. Good riddance to another Obama-loving homicidal maniac. Too bad he didn't murder a bunch of children so Obama could get some political mileage out of it.

628 days ago


Great.... copycat wannabe losers who decide to get themselves some attention have a perfect blueprint. I wish the media would find a balance between reporting the news, and turning criminals into minor celebrities with 24/7 blanket coverage.

628 days ago


The best part of his manifesto was that he loves Michelle's new bangs! But that was probably scrubbed out already. He is not mentally stable right now. His "manifesto" was pretty off the wall. Sad all the way around.

628 days ago


Dorner's long dead. He most likely killed himself in a secluded mountain area where he will never be found. His secret suicide was intended to give the impression he is still at large and will be indefinitely. It's a good terror tactic and it's working well.

628 days ago


These hollywood celebs are sooo self-important! So does the fact that some criminal thinks you're cool make you some kind of a savior now??? Why not do away with all the police and the politicians and just let Hollywood actors run everything??? NOT!!!!!!

628 days ago


These Hollywood celebs are sooo self-important! Does the fact that a criminal likes you make you some kind of a savior??? Why not just get rid of all the politicians and policemen, and let the Hollywood actors start running everything??? Would the disaster be worse???

628 days ago


Thanks for reaching out Charlie! Hopefully he will give up soon and no one else will get hurt.

628 days ago


To Charlie Sheen: ' Your the Guy ' who – is trying to get his name in Print by attaching it to Christopher Dorner who is a


AND – Is a Patriot

And is ' NOT INSANE ' if you READ Christopher Dorner's ' Quote Un-Quote ' Manifesto.

And that's the TRUTH !

He ( Christopher Doner ) is SANE & You Sir Have Exhibited CO-Dependent, Pathological and Dis-functional Activity in the past including -

With Your Ex-Wife: Denise (the ridiculous who stared at stone steps) Richards

WHY do I say the above about your Ex-Wife ? Because when I was young she was running around Encinitas and I saw her and she was 'too young' I thought at the time.

BUT – I thought: When She Grows Up – She will Be a SMOKING HOT BABE

AND Guess What: SHE IS

AND She's the Woman 'if' I was married to her, would have '10' Kids – NOT ' 7 ' kids !


SO – in the end: Your the ONE GUY, that Christoper Dorner 'should not call' because -

If you were in his situation, you would have been caught before entering the forest.

Chris can handle himself, and Please for the SAKE of your Psychiatrist 'don't write anything more in the news'.....................

Put it this way, besides Jerry Gossell giving a BAD Name to the Profession of Psychiatry

Your giving a BAD NAME to Psychiatry as an 'EX or Current' patient …....

'DUDE' – Take a Nap and a couple of Aspirin !


Keith Grant


628 days ago


Oh boy... sorry TMZ, Sheen.. but not a good video, take 2. Remember Dorner may be depressed, psychotic, manic... need to stage Sheen in backdrop of his shows. With Sheen's left arm twitching... looks like he's pisst.... best to present Sheen like one of his sit come episodes bec that's how Dorner sees Sheen.

628 days ago

PS to Charlie, here it is:

TRUTH if you can read it all

628 days ago


Dorner, you know that you can't come in, **** Charlie Sheen!!! You've crossed that line, simply make your peace . We've read your total Manifesto, and we know and empathize with the way you feel, but you've made that ultimate decision to cross over the line. Cir***stances provided you no where to turn regarding the corrupt law enforcement and justice apparatus of L.A. County. When the press fails to due its due diligence who is to check the sworn authorities. Only promotions took place after the atrocious Rampart Scandal, tells you it's all a joke. Even as it was in the O.J. Simpson case, same thing, concealment, cover up, and more lies on top of lies to preserve the narrative "Simpson the new Othello, the fanatic killer" for the sake of concealing their deceitful image, including the equally important & corrupt, LADA's office. If you have a moment down load our OMIG investigator's book on the Simpson cover up, "PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35" and see if outside investigators are not in tune with your Manifesto's criticism. We are sorry you had to kill innocents to exhibit the depth of your anger & frustration, but only surprised that the organization from which you have emerged has not done the same to even more. However, if little continues to be done to clean up that situation within both the LAPD, LADA and LA's corrupt judiciary, we predict that it will ultimately occur again. I'm sorry that you could not have gotten with OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) doctors before you went above and beyond, I'm certain they could have helped you with your pain. But believe me, we of OMIG do understand.

628 days ago
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