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Kim Kardashian

Jesus Christ

What Is She Doing?

2/9/2013 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0209-kim-kardashian_B-GR_003Kim Kardashian struck a pose today in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ... in front of the famous statue of Jesus Christ, Christ the Redeemer.

This is as close to a virgin birth as Kim will ever get.


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598 days ago


The bimbo needs a lobotomy. just wow

598 days ago



598 days ago


This is a popular pose in front of the Christ The Redeemer statue. Tons of people do it every day. It just seems offensive coming from Kardashian. She sure knows a photo op when she's sees it, too bad that's the only thing she does know.

598 days ago

Made it Past 27    


598 days ago


my God! i am sick of this! i have had it with you people! thingz you people are just unbelieveable,its just ****ing inhumane guyz! she commited adultery many times soo ****K! what! does that really mean she cant have a baby! like some *******s wishing her death and miscarriages and stuff like you will give birth to your 1st baby as virgins! like you've slept with only one person in your life nnd like you havnt commited adultery too! itz just a freaking pose,the girl behind her is even doing the same ****ing thing! by d way jesus came to die for the sinners,the thieves,the adulterers etc a thieve even DIED BESIDE JESUS! on the cross...soo that proves that being a sinner doesnt stop you from standing beside God or mimicking his pose!! y'all should just chill on the hate its damn too much what she did wasnt even in anyway in detriment to any other person! she was jus doing she dont hurt nobody y'all be acting like she killed someone,even a muderer doesnt even get this kinda hate! jesus,pls leave her alone!

598 days ago


She's a slut like her mom

598 days ago


I truly hate this woman and I don't hate anybody !!!!!!

598 days ago


Hot pink at most beautiful statue..look at me!

598 days ago


She is so stupid her ass is so nasty and over large you can't see the people around her, and after her regarded boyfriend dressed her she takes the cake for dressing like a dork, her whole family is screwed up in the head her my is a complete looser and for her in this picture she neds to go hel for it !!!

598 days ago


Putaaaaaa ,,, she makes me soo EFFEN sick,,, I hope she dies fast.. **** who ever likes her.. She is a whore and so is her mother and I'm sick of seeing this tramp in nice places... Go to hell Kim CACA face slut... And yes I said and what.... Eff off you tripped decker cow..

598 days ago


kim's mom is a stupid wicca bitch, and so these wicca moms actually in some disgusting remote viewing pshyic paranormal fashion they steal youth from their daughters so they can stay young, kim needs to be aware of the deep wicca witch crap tricks that her mom might be using on her as a host to reap off of, like a vampire, kim's real father is a very beautiful person on thee inside and thus the kardashians bitches need to strengthen their relationship with their father for as we humans we are like animals in that fathers and daughters have a divine connection and this wicca culture trains the females to treat men as an objects that have no importance, as this wicca cult bitches simply sacrifice men and this is a sickening culture because women do not see men as equal and the truth of the matter is only men can interact with the magnetic field around the earth (god), women have no enlightenment from divinity, unless a man is present, for as it says in the gospel of Thomas, a man must guide a women to be like a man, and so if y'all are not aware of the observations of the events that take place in space, in 2004, Jesus moved planet x on a straight path to Venus, and i'm sure y'all are familiar with science fiction films and novels with the affirmed notion that well women come from Venus lmao..and so if you don't recall from your 6th grade study of the planets, venus is completely intoxified with carbon dioxide..however men come from mars, and mars willl hABITABLE SOONER THAN YOU THINK AND WILL BE ANOTHER EARTH, FOR GOD WANT THESE WICCA BITCHES TO RECEIVE EXORCISMS FOR TOO MANY MEN ARE BEING SACRIFICED Now the reason for such practices is as follows: It is to be presumed that witches are compelled to do such things at the command of evil spirits, and sometimes against their own wills. For the devil knows that, because of the pain of loss, or original sin, such children are debarred from entering the Kingdom of Heaven. And by this means the Last Judgement is delayed, when the devils will be condemned to eternal torture; since the number of the elect os more slowly completed, on the fulfilment of which the world will be consumed. And also, as has already been shown, witches are taught by the devil to confect from the limbs of such children an unguent which is very useful for their spells.

598 days ago


Ummm I really don't get the negative comments. I think it's a pretty cool picture.

598 days ago


Can she burn in hell already!!

598 days ago


wow!! she's HUGE!!!

598 days ago
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