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Justin Bieber


for Smoking Weed

2/10/2013 6:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0210_bieber_snlJustin Bieber used his platform as host of "Saturday Night Live" to apologize to his fans for being photographed smoking weed ... but he did it in character.

During a sketch entitled "The Miley Cyrus Show," Bieber played Miley's biggest fan. After lobbing a few insults at himself, Biebs, while still in character, says (of the real Biebs), "I also heard he got busted for smoking weed. And he's really sorry about it. And people make mistakes. And he's never gonna do it again."

TMZ posted the pics of Bieber smoking weed at a party in Newport Beach on January 2. And there are those pics of Biebs with a blunt taken a few weeks later. 

Bieber never commented directly on the pics ... until last night .. and in the third person.

Justin Bieber smoking a blunt


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So TMZ scared of Bieber cult?

620 days ago

Cincinnati Sugar    

He's so GAY.

620 days ago


Apologize for what? His life, his business!

620 days ago

Cincinnati Sugar    

JustinE sux, no talent idiot...Do us a favor and KEEP SMOKIN UNTIL YOU FRY WHAT LIL BRAINS YOU HAVE LEFT IN YOUR HEAD.

620 days ago


Apologize for smoking weed? Why? Who cares what he does in his personal life. Bizarre. Maybe if walked around in public with a needle in his arm, then there should be cause for concern.

620 days ago

Cincinnati Sugar    

(S)he can't even act. And, yes, (s)he will do it again. Gay Wad.

620 days ago

Me Too    

I happened to see SNL last night. Beebs came prepared, but his ****iness and awful music made it difficult to watch at times.

620 days ago


Let the dude smoke weed, who the **** cares?

620 days ago


Damn TMZ ! Get of the kids back ya'll have been on him for weeks, are ya'll not getting enough from Kim K these days ..? The kid takes a deep breath and you guys are breaking news about him .. He's 18 let him grow let him make mistakes he's only doing what majority of other kids his age are doing but you guys are highlighting it like he's the worst in the world because of his name .. lay off.

620 days ago


Who cares? Thugs do whatever they please and have enough bodyguards to keep anyone from getting more pictures.

620 days ago


He had me until he said that "he would never do it again" I think he meant he would never be caught photographed doing it again lol. He's probably smoking right now

620 days ago


Now TMZ can apologize for trying to turn this into a huge scandal, and get off the kid's case.

There are enough scandals out there. Be good celebrity detectives and go find them.

I don't even like Bieber, but if you saw him last night, his eyes were clear, he was not stoned, and he didn't look like someone that drinks cough syrup and smokes pot all day. Give it a rest.

620 days ago

I Was About To Say    

What a complete loser he is, he can't sing, can't dance, can't act, doesn't even write his own songs (but the lil girlies think he does) he ADMITTED to using a voice enhancer because he can't sing (then claiming everyone does) well NOT everyone does, only the ones that can't sing!

620 days ago

I Was About To Say    

Let's all toast :::everyone raises glasses:::, to a very short life for bieber :::everyone clinking glasses::::

620 days ago


Justin Bieber, the Bone Head Years...

620 days ago
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