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Lindsay's Baby Bro

Ready for His Close-Up

First Pics

2/10/2013 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0208_michael_lohan_baby_launchLindsay Lohan's baby half-brother can look forward to a lifetime of blonde moments -- because kid's already sporting a head full of golden locks ... and TMZ has the FIRST PICS of the newest Lohan.

TMZ broke the story ... Michael's fiancee Kate Major gave birth to Landon Major Lohan on January 30 -- the same day Lindsay was sweating it out in L.A. court.

Landon was born 7 pounds 5 ounces -- and he's already got the baby act down pat ... just like his older sister.



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some poor bastard is snowed in with the snow queen lindsay..hope her dealers dont get frost bite

587 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Hang 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotti roll Losers!!!!!!

Milo loves all your comments, he's getting PAID. A concept you losers are completely unfamiliar with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


587 days ago


He has Michaels brow and nose....mothers coloring. Darling baby

587 days ago


I better not see any Ed Hardy clothes on this little dude. That would be child abuse.

587 days ago


Very beautiful baby.......
So Sweet and Pure......
He is a blessing No matter who his parents are......and He doesn't share one ounce of Lindsay DNA ! Micheal claimed at one time Dina was already pregeant when they got married by married man and he was paid to marry her....Go back three years and you will find that story ....Is is Lohan bullshyt.....I have No idea.....but it does fit the pattern.........
All the best presious baby you can see there are some mean assed people in this world .
Who will hate you just on the sound of your name...and it is none of your fault...Just remember to grow up honesl and respectfully and loving and take responiablity for your mistakes and recogizine them as what they are and never do them again... Most of all remember receive love and respect you have to give love and respect.....
end of sermon...........

587 days ago




587 days ago

Ellie G    

The baby looks just like Dina. Milo and Dilo are doing a great job keeping their love under the radar by using Kate as a surrogate :)

587 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

What a great country we live in where mentally challenged individual like Rogue Warrior can express his scattered, disoriented, unintelligible thoughts on an anonymous, public website,

587 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Hopefully all the H8TURDs out East are buried under a couple of feet of snow!!!!!!!

Wishful thinking!!!!!!!


587 days ago


Poor kid.....He would be better off if Honey Boo-boo's parent adopted him.

587 days ago


Look It's the new crack baby convict addition to the Lowlife Lohan's!

587 days ago


Poor lil bastard child...a father like this azzole and a mentally challenged sister..Lindsay.....kid aint got no chance in life with this fool and his stupid ho girlfriend as parents!

587 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I am clicking on the story Once and leaving One Comment.
What the Hell is Wrong with you people?
Look, I know that you hate Michael Lohan and you want to insult the crap out of him, but every comment and every click to read the story and the comments just Puts money in this azz holes pocketbook.
If you stop reading Michael Lohan stories, if you stop commenting TMZ will not pay for the pictures of his bastard kid.
In reality, it's very simple - there was no other web site in the world that wanted these "EXCLUSIVE" pictures - that means TMZ bought them for a pittance, and will now sell be able to sell them to any idiot who wants to publish them. Lohan makes money, TMZ makes money - is that what you really want? Now DUIna and LoBlo will both sell stories about what a s***bag their husband/father is. More cash for the Lohans.
Why? because you're paying for it with the clicks on the story, that's why.
There was another perfectly fine story that TMZ had obviously stolen from another web site that perfectly fine for insulting the crap out these grifters. Why give this s***bag family more money?

587 days ago


STILL no story about the foreclosure notice served yesterday on Dina and Lindsay. Maybe TMZ will get around to posting an actual news story once they are done showing us Lindsay's lips and all of Michael's other kids

587 days ago


You want to kill the Slugs in your's so see slugs have no brains or intelligent at all...they just slim and eat and slim so to kill them you put out some in this case beer that they can'r resist...
You pour it in a glass bowl and set in in the garden...those slugs will kill each other climbing up the outside of that bowl and then down the beer..and drink till they can hold on to the side of the bowl any longer....wherein's they fall into the beer and drown...Does it stop when one drowns ....NOOOOOOOOO ! they just keep on coming and keep on drinking till you check on the bowl in the morning and find it slam full of dead slugs and you have killed the entire population of slugs within a two mile square area of your garden...that is how stupid they are........
Now somebody go find a nice deep barrel and a couple of kegs of beer......the playground needs to be deSlugged././....

587 days ago
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