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Black Keys Drummer

Bieber Doesn't


2/11/2013 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber has no business winning Grammys -- at least according to a guy who cleaned up at the award show last night ... Patrick Carney from The Black Keys.

Patrick was swarmed by fans outside Chateau Marmont when we asked if Bieber should feel snubbed -- seeing as how he didn't get a single Grammy nomination this year -- and he simply said, "He's rich, right?"

Then the Keys' drummer threw a major jab, adding ... "Grammys are for like music, not for money ... and he's making a lot of money. He should be happy."

He might have a point -- Justin's never won a Grammy, and does seem pretty happy ... with his Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and such.

The Black Keys took home 4 Grammys last night -- and probably aren't hurting in the money department either.

By the way, you gotta hear what Patrick has planned for his riches.


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the industry giving it`self`ss awards is the dumbist joke on the jQs ever,the public isn`t buying the fake hype sells and hollywood is slowly looseing it`s markets to bad out of date marketing.The fake brit invasion the fake greasers the fake hippys the movements are long since dead before hollywood ever takes note same old old story give your self a award coverup the real artistes yo ripped but in the black keys case there is no art only more fake inside hyped counter atacking friendys.hpye is hype grow a nose back update a out of date drum sets and your still washed up and out.hype a attack first lead thye pack to water?

585 days ago


POLL LACKS THE OPTION OF, "BOTH".... Grammy for recognition of my outstanding talent & brilliant work which got me nominated in the first place, thus recogniition from the music industry as a whole..... The other for the major $$$ of which I'm more than worthy of........:)

585 days ago


I could care less

585 days ago


The word is industry NOT artist go sell yourself to yourself as the industry chews them up and spits them out MJ? anyone?

585 days ago

Throwback kid    

It's like that episode of Seinfeld when they all have bizzaro doubles, this guy is the bizarro Michael Phelps. I wonder if he hangs out with a guy named Feldman?

585 days ago


Grammys or Money? That's like apples and oranges. A Grammy is an honor.
We should ALL have money.

585 days ago


What does being rich have to do with deserving a grammy?

You can make a case that he lacks the talent. But how is his income even remotely relevant?

585 days ago

Tim C    

I couldn't agree more! Popularity does not equal talent. Grammy's are for the creative person who write, produce and perform their own music. Bieber just sings and does a few dance steps on a stage.

585 days ago


What a cool guy! He didn’t exactly SAY Bieber doesn’t deserve Grammys … the first time he was asked, he said, “I don’t know.” However, it’s safe to say his answer is really NO, lol. I think he was put in an awkward situation and was trying to polite, yet honest.

585 days ago


There needs to be a kiddie Grammy show where guys and groups like Bieber's can go to be accepted by his peers. That would be teen and pre-teen boys and girls. Oh yeah, it's called nickleodian. Bieber types and boy bands have no right to by on a show about music. I could go on and on about this, but there is just too much crap out there and I can't take it any more.

584 days ago


I agree, it's about the music. But Justin can actually sing, but his music doesn't have much depth. Oh well, I'd much rather have the money too.

584 days ago


That is a mean and arrogant comment, and you have some nerve trashing another artist. Justin Bieber's audience are young girls, and they don't live in the grown-up world of music awards shows, so it is absolutely unfair for you to compare youth versus adult audiences. If you want to say it's about music, not money, then you need to give your head a shake, because Justin Bieber has sold more of his "music" to more people on the planet than you ever will. You are petty and jealous, and for gawds sake do something with your damn hair? You get added to the long list of adults that want to be jealous of Bieber's success, instead of uplifting him and supporting the next generation of artists. That is what is wrong with America.....the adults don't seem to grow up much.

584 days ago


LOL....I fell asleep within the first hour of watching!

584 days ago


Bieber is a spoiled little Douche

584 days ago


Beibs sucks

584 days ago
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