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Christopher Dorner Standoff

Newscast PRANKED

By Howard Stern Fan

2/12/2013 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It was only a matter of time ... but a Howard Stern fan managed to infiltrate the Christopher Dorner news coverage by posing as an expert ... and PRANKED a Los Angeles TV station live on the air.

The caller got through to KCBS-TV moments ago claiming to be a State Fish and Game ranger named Mike Taugher ... and he was SUPPOSED to recap the events leading up to the shootout.

It started out pretty believable ... but when the caller name-dropped Ronnie The Limo Driver (a Stern regular) it was pretty clear CBS has just been hoaxed.

... well, obvious to everyone but the anchor ... who continued engaging the caller until he told her it was a joke and called her a "dumbass."


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Oh my god, first of all its true that it sounds kinda like Sal but im not sure its him

BUT, when I heard Ronnie the limo driver, I was so freaking happy, respect :)

581 days ago


What part of this prank is even remotely hilarous? Innocent people have died, nothing about this situation is funny. I was watching this newscast trying to get information and this is supposed to entertain us at a time like this?

581 days ago


Ronnie Mund on the way to his Block Party. LMFingAO. How does this call get thru? So glad it did because it made my day.

581 days ago


This is not funny at all. What sick idiot finds anything humorous about the cir***stances surrounding this story are uneducated an amused by the most "dumbass" things. Howard Stern is an annoying prick. I can't even stand the look of him.

581 days ago


I hate to admit it but I laughed out loud when he said there was gun fire and he thought it was ronnie the limo driver who shot dorner. (it was funny in a sick way, but funny none the less) It just goes to show how desperate these reporters/paparazzi are to break a story, not caring if it's true or not. We could all learn from this that we shouldn't believe something just because you heard it on the news. With that being said I also feel great sadness for the innocents that have lost their lives in all this craziness. May they rest in peace.

581 days ago


Mac is a culero!! Uptight lil vagaina!!

581 days ago


Bruno 13 is a tranny!!

581 days ago


Omg that was funny...

581 days ago


Rip C.D.///// this guy had big balls, where'd he buy his underwear from??

581 days ago

Joey Boots    

Contrary to many inquires it was not I who did this hilarious prank call but rather the original Howard Stern prank caller Captain Janks - I'm the "Bababooey Bababooey Howard Stern's Penis" guy - you can go congratulate him on Twitter at @CaptainJanks - the guy has been doing this for 20 years yet the networks still fall for it as they race to be the first to put someone on-air without properly vetting them - follow me on twitter @joeyboots and i'll tweet video of the prank right now - Bababooey and love ya Harvey!

581 days ago


People died and Howard Stern's retards are prank calling news agencies. Low class s***.

581 days ago


Howard stern had nothin to do with the prank phone call it was captain Janks and neither had anything to do with Christopher dormer killing those people . You people are a bunch of f.u .c idiots

581 days ago



581 days ago


Howard Stern is a jackass with a big mouth that cant shut up. Only people with tiny brains enjoy his show

581 days ago

Brent Jorgensen    

Like Letterman, Stern was a HELLUVA lot funnier before he started ranting on and on about his political views. Used to be funny. Now both are old & just sad.

581 days ago
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