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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer

My Client's Uncontrollable

2/13/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of Lindsay Lohan's lawyers is admitting she can't get in touch with her, can't make her sit down for a deposition in a pending lawsuit -- and, most importantly, she doesn't want to get blamed for her client's world class flakiness.

As we reported, photog Grigor Balyan recently filed docs claiming Lindsay's been busy partying instead of sitting for a deposition in his lawsuit against her. Balyan claims Lindsay's assistant drove into him while leaving a Hollywood nightclub back in 2010 ... with LiLo riding shotgun.

Now, attorney Julia Azrael -- who represents Lohan in this case -- has filed documents ... insisting she shouldn't be held responsible for Lindsay's disappearing act.

Azrael writes, "I have made many efforts to convince Lohan to appear for her deposition. I do not know how to reach her directly."

In the docs, Azrael claims she has to go through Lindsay's other lawyer, Mark Heller, to get through to Linds -- and says Heller's been stringing her along.

Balyan has asked the judge to fine Lindsay and Azrael for giving him the runaround.


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this lawyer is representin the driver and insurance company but tmz don't want to tell you that

love ya lilo

581 days ago


At this rate, she'll end like Dorner in a blaze of glory.
They do get you eventually!

581 days ago


Don't lawyers have the phone numbers to their clients? In Lilo's case just all the nearest bar and you will find her. Uncontrollable, Lilo, I can't believe it. She needs jail to straighten out and dry out.

581 days ago


This guy has every right to sue Lindsay, since she owns the car. Whether it's a bogus lawsuit, I don't know. If he was in front of the car, then it's his fault. But why is Lindsay avoiding sitting for a deposition? That makes it suspect, to me.

I believe this lawyer is probably from the insurance company, and that is why she does not have a direct phone number, and has to go through Heller. I do hope they fine her for this, because it's not fair to just ignore the situation. Whether or not the lawsuit is bogus, she still was served and needs to sit for the deposition. It's not like she is busy with anything. She hasn't worked since New Years Eve...

581 days ago



WTF are you talkin about? lilo didn't own the car, the car and driver was hired and any accident is the responsibility of the driver and her insurance, but in this case the fat pap was to blame for what happened, go look at the video.

funny ain't it, when peeps hate on lilo they say lilo doesn't own anythin, not an apartment, a house or a car, but when its a lawsuit all of a sudden haters say lilo owns a car so its her fault lol haters are laughable

581 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

Ah come on, doesn't her attorney know she's been busy reading scripts and making movies

581 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

I'm gonna have to agree wtih Sterlingguy on this one. If Lindsay wasn't driving, was just a passenger, doesn't own the vehicle, how is she responsible for what happend?

581 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

sterlingguys got his balls all twisted !!!! Attacking people he doesn't even know over Lindsay Lying Lohan....What a dumb ass!! Too funny to watch this Ahole go nuts.

581 days ago


Why the hell would ANYONE want to represent a delusional dumbass like whorehan? Not only is she the stupidest client ever (who disregards her attorney's advice & constantly does the worst thing possible), but the bitch doesn't pay her bills; she owes over $300k to Shawn Holley, the only attorney who kept her STD riddled carcass out of jail. Whorehan needs a long stint in jail to destroy that delusion bubble she lives in...

581 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

sterlingguys, whats it like to start your day in a hissie fit??

Lindsay is here in Merrick, why dont you come her and tell her how much you love her, so she can spit in your face!!

581 days ago


just another bit of info, when the fat pap first got this lawsuit lilo wasn't even mentioned in it. the drivers insurance wouldn't pay up cos they believed the fat pap was scammin, about 8 months later they added lilo's name to the lawsuit maybe thinkin it would force the insurance comp to pay up or lilo would pay to make it go away. lilo ain't stoopid and neither is the insurance comp. media didn't report much on this lawsuit until lilo's name was added and they misreport the whole thing. tmz don't give you all the facts cos it gives them another stick to beat lilo.

love ya lilo

581 days ago


Lindsay has been charged to "obey all laws" including civil ones. Just give you deposition and move on.

Good Morning all!

581 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


581 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

I'm confused. Did the pap file a lawsuit naming Lindsay as one of the defendants? Is the issue that's she just being Lindsay in avoiding giving a deposition?

If she's not a defendant, then Lindsay doesn't give two schits about giving a depo. Then again, even if she were a defendant, she's still would not give two schits about providing a depo until a warrant was issued.

581 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Where's Fleabag?......anyone seen my good friend Flea?

581 days ago
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