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My Bloody Valentines!

2/14/2013 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Today is Valentine's Day ... a holiday that commemorates the day on or about the year 270 A.D. ... when St. Valentinus was beaten with clubs and beheaded by the Romans (look it up).

And to honor him, here's a photo gallery of Taylor Swift with all of the people she's rumored to have hooked up with.

They are never, ever, ever ...


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She is such a hoe bag.

618 days ago


I don't know how she even has time to date all these guys when she seems to spend all her time crying jaded tears on her guitar and mopping in her Lisa Frank dolphin diary.

618 days ago


best post ever!

618 days ago


she is the fakest young woman out there.....stupid shocked look on her face all the time....OMG, OMG..oh please , she needs to go away for a long time, tired of seeing her face, she's over exposed and very overated.....

618 days ago


She's bearding for half of them: Jake Gyllenhaal, Zac Efron, the One Direction guy, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas. Secret PR contracts to boost both of their projects, fame, etc.

618 days ago


D@mn. She does get around. And these are only a few of her past exes.

618 days ago


It must look like the Grand Canyon between her legs! A big dry hole

618 days ago


Is it just me or is it her and not all those guys that have a problem. She jumps from one to another and then writes songs about them having a problem. I think the problem is you.

618 days ago


with all these men, i'm beginning to think taylor swift is a slut.

618 days ago


She can't be called a slut if she dates all these guys and doesn't put out. She's 23 and sings like a 14 year old. If she was banging these dudes, she's start going the hooker way, kinda like Miley did, but she's not....It's right there people, just open your eyes.

618 days ago


Not even reading comments yet but I bet majority are calling her names and putting her down. Guys have serial dated for decades and that's fine but when a girl does it, she's a bad girl. Taylor enjoy your life. Live it by your own rules. And just dating different guys doesn't make you a whore. Sleeping with them all doesn't either but rumor has it that's why guys move on. Taylor will NOT put out. As to singing about it. It's fun and silly. I'm sure I will be pounced on but I don't care. A guy knows what the deal is when they date Taylor. No sex-but hey a guy wants to try-a breakup then a song. Who cares? Obviously not the men because there's always another willing to step next to Taylor's side. Taylor is rich, young, dingy, and likes falling in love. She's just not ready to BE in love. Some day she will fall hard or realize guys are not her thing. Now that would be an interesting story.

618 days ago


This amazon airhead can't seem to write and sing anything other than breakup tunes. Will she ever find someone she can stick with or is she really the problem?

618 days ago


She's been passed around more than a football.

618 days ago


Bloody? I don't think she bloodied anyone. You could assume she's having fun , living her life the way alot do, but the odd thing is she keeps singing about "love", love doesn't enter the pic in 2 wks time. Puppy love maybe. I think she has somewhat of a childish nature still. In time she may learn just to enjoy the experience & not look for a "White knight" as she says in one of her songs. She just needs time to get over fairy tales.

618 days ago


She's about 2 black dudes and a sex tape away from being able to join the Kardashian clan

618 days ago
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