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Alec Baldwin


After Allegations of Racism

2/18/2013 9:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New info on the audio tape of the confrontation between Baldwin and the Post photog.  Sources tell us ... there is NO mention of a racial slur on the tape.  And, we're told, the initial story -- that Baldwin allegedly said "I want to choke you to death" -- is incorrect.  We're told in fact Baldwin said, "I want you to choke to death," which is exactly what Baldwin claimed he said.


Alec Baldwin
had a bizarre response when TMZ asked if he really did hurl a racial slur at a black photographer this weekend ... he smiled. 

Baldwin just arrived at his NYC apartment -- which has now become a base for news reporters and photographers looking for a comment from the actor after he allegedly called a black photog a "coon" and threatened a female reporter this weekend ... something his people strongly deny.

Though Baldwin didn't say anything as he entered the building ... his reaction is definitely interesting.


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Hey hold on everyone. Why do you think this is true at all? Isn't it just funny how the racial slur was not caught on tape but the supposed threat he started with was? Plus why did the photographer not tell the cops anything about a racial slur? this doesn't make any sense. Why do you all jump to believe some random claim? Has he ever ever been a racist even in past rants or drunken situations? Nope.

576 days ago


This tool goes around badmouthing the paps constantly, yet his wife works for Extra toting a camera crew around. What does that make her? Hypocrit!

576 days ago


He smiles because he is a liberal, thus any charge of racism will slide right off of him and he knows it.

576 days ago


The guy is a major douche bag, on ALL levels! I love Tina Fey, but ever since he went off on the last photographer (and showed his true colors), I refuse to watch 30 Rock or anything with him in it.

576 days ago

paul a.    

This is what people dont want to understand.

Liberals, lefties, socialists, communists, (take your pick) who perpetrate equality and belittle anyone who disagrees with them as racists are in fact "protesting too much". They are, themselves, the biggest racists of all. After all, if a white man is offended by the N-word it's because he knows when he uses it he means bad things......

576 days ago


This man is just nuts. Unfortunately he has chose to reproduce again. God help his new wife.

576 days ago


Oh God.. is it REALLY such a big deal? People r so touchy.. let it go..

576 days ago


He may have shined in his role on the popular tv show, and have a good pr team behind him, but Alec Baldwin is, and always will be, a jerk.

576 days ago


He is a big time democrat, loves Obama and a celebrity. He could kill somebody and get away with it. He is a wife beater, child abuser and a racist jerk, but all is forgiven because he is a democrat. Lol America.

576 days ago


Alec Ballwin is a piece of crap. When, just when will one of the reporters or photogs strike back and knock one of these idiots on their a$$ when attached by these stars. Are all of these people shrimps and pu$$ies?

576 days ago


so even communism can be Racism

576 days ago

Jack Asserson    

This guy is the worst kind of s***bag in the world. I will never buy a product that he endorses nor will I support any company that supports him. He has a history of this kind of crap. Remember him calling his own daughter a rude thoughtless little pig? Listen here

576 days ago


This guy is going to snap one of these days and really hurt someone. Hopefully, if he tries, someone bigger and stronger will be there to clean his clock.

576 days ago


Come on people, get real. and get off your high horse. So F-ing what? BFD. Did any of you even consider that the photog was being a complete a$$hole, demanding, disrespectful, insulting?? You all, blacks and whites, know that there are white people and there are honkys/white trash, and that there are black people and then there are Ni****s and C**ns. each example shows 2 completely different types of people. I've been with my black friends and they have said referring to a punk a$$hole, "you know, there are black guys like me then there are ni**#**s, that guy is one of the latter.

576 days ago


"I want to choke you to death" / "I want you to choke to death" What's the difference. They're both disgraceful things to say. Alec Baldwin is a corn peanut and worm studded turd. He called his own child a "little pig" because she was out being a little girl and not at his beck and call. That woman who is now pregnant for him is either very very sick and deluded herself or very wily. I hope she's wily enough to take his ENORMOUS disgusting marginally talented abusive disgusting lard ass to the cleaners. I hope she pops out twins divorces his ass and gets the best divorce settlement known to all mankind (poor little pawn babies though)...

That smile is the smile of a sociopath.

576 days ago
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