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Back in Black

2/24/2013 4:45 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

After the brief blip that was her Mrs. Roper Grammy getup, Adele went back to wearing her black dresses to the Oscars on Sunday.

What gal doesn't love a little black dress?


No Avatar


This dress is better than the curtains she was wearing at the Grammy's.

604 days ago

The Big Bowowski    

My prime suspect in the who pooped the super logs that flooded the toilet scandal. Guaranteed this girl can s h i t some serious bricks

603 days ago


Adele blows.

603 days ago


Gorgeous!!! Amazing performance too!!! Prettiest person at the oscars.

603 days ago


Really can't stand anything about her...especially her voice. Ugh.

603 days ago

Cool Breeze    

Her legs look like tree stumps..

603 days ago


Nothing little about that dress.

603 days ago


This Comments Section is like eavesdropping on a bunch of Jr. High kids.

603 days ago

Master Po    

She must be a in shape fat chick to carry around 5x's the amount of jewels on her dress than anyone ever at the grammys.

And before BERNERGIRL steps in to set us straight save your breath fatty and go use it to run around the block to drop a few pounds Ms. Cankles. We get it fat chicks are hot to you, another fat chick.

603 days ago

South Side     

Wow she is fat! Not Melissa McCarthy fat but she's still pretty darn big.

603 days ago


She seriously needs to lose the weight...such a talent, but will end up like mama cass ....dead from a heart attack...why dont fat people like her get it...aint healthy and lets facenit.....she looks like an over weight Corgi....She is not stunning.....shes fat...Jane Fonda was and is stunningly beautiful...I felt sorry for this fat girl!

603 days ago


WTF with all these mean comments against Adele??? This girl is RICH, talented, beautiful, and damn she can sing... Most of you haters have low self esteem and wish you had her life but YOU CAN'T... Go eff urselves, she can win oscars and grammys.... She is laughing all the way to the Bank

603 days ago


All you people trying to be politically correct are doing nothing but proving what is wrong with us today as a society. She does not look wonderful, she should be ashamed. She looks like a heart attack waiting to happen. Start helping obese people but NOT looking the other way !!! It should not be an acceptable way of life

603 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Adele is not simply a fatso .. she's OBESE. It's disgusting. Obese people are simply revolting. You talk about low self esteem? Obese people have low self esteem. You talk about self loathing? Obese people are self loathing. I am 5 ft 5 and when I am stressed OR depressed I eat and eat and eat like crazy .. and the heaviest I have EVER been is 130 lbs .. and tha'ts only after pigging out for like 6 months. Do you know how EFFING HARD it is to be obese? It takes A LOT OF WORK to get to that level of obesity. Assuming she's not on meds (and I don't think she is or she would have mentioned it as an excuse by now), this fatso has some SERIOUS mental issues to get to that level of obesity. (And assuming she didn't grow up on mayo sammiches like Mama June.) So with Adele's obvious mental problems, I'm not at all surprised that this British c-nt congratulates women beaters like Chris Brown. Can't stand fatso Adele and wish she would go away. ALL British women are c-nts. Especially those named Joanne.

603 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Does anyone else here think BERNERGIRL is an obese fatso like Adele?

603 days ago
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