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Ang Lee's Oscar Celebration


2/25/2013 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking Chews

Nothing goes better with "Pi" than a big, fat juicy In-N-Out burger ... just ask Best Director winner Ang Lee

The man behind "Life of Pi" scarfed the hell out of a burger after the award show last night ... statue in one hand, glorious food in the other.

Lee puts the Ang in Angus.



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Menace to society     

A true playa rolls like that

571 days ago


Some people live the good life :)

571 days ago


Ang Lee really seemed to enjoy himself last night and genuinely seemed so excited to get an Oscar. I don't watch award shows, boring, tedious, takes blowing smoke up ass to an extreme level but last night had company over that wanted to see so what's a girl to do? As award shows go, I managed to stay awake. But this guy was kinda cute in his excitement.

571 days ago

Spicy mag    

They made it special for him using dog meat.

571 days ago


WTF is your problem TMZ. You can't believe a celebrity eating normal person's food? Not everyone is a pill popper.

571 days ago

Suzanne Devlin    

If you have any connection to California even if you just drive through and you're driving on the freeway or on a surface street and see the yellow and red In-N-Out sign......pull in. for less then $5.00 you can get an fabulous freshly made delicious burger, fries and a drink. Nothing frozen, crispy lettuce, grilled onions on request, big slice of tomato and great cheese, the bun grilled in teh fat of the patty until it's crispy and perfect, bun specially baked for In-N-Out and you have the perfect burger. Lettuce is generaous and always crisp, ever limp or shredded. Hate shredded lettuce. It's always nasty and old. Spotless restaurants. Friendly employees. Want something special or you're not happy with your burger or fries..........they'll make you another burger or more or less well done fries and do it with a smile.

The best customer service anywhere. Think the Costco of fast foods.

And........if that's not enough, they pay their employees well with all the great benefits: healthcare, dental, etc. and pensions. Fabulous company who respects it's employees and it's customers.

And no I don't work for them in any capacity. People who grew up with this company love it for many very good reason. 5 Guys? A 5 on a scale of 10.

In-N-Out? A 12 on a scale of 10.

And that's why we love In-N-Out.

571 days ago

Suzanne Devlin    

Oh, I forgot one of the most important things about an In-N-Out cheeseburger..........the 1000 Island Dressing.

571 days ago


Pretty much sums up the level that In-N-Out Burger is on.

571 days ago


I make my girlfriend bring me one back to Wisconsin every time she comes home to visit. Sucks to get a craving for In-N-Out and be 2,000 miles away.

571 days ago


"Lee puts the Ang in Angus" is pure BRILLIANCE!!!

571 days ago

Lynn M    

Love their fries. Get them well done, esp when it is busy. The fries need to be eaten hot. We rarely use the drive-thru as a result.

571 days ago


i'm glad to see him putting his foodstamps in good use...

571 days ago


So when is in n out king to finally serve veggie burgers and not just the lettuce n cheese buns?

571 days ago


I wish they would expand to Denver

571 days ago


Never had an In-N-Out burger, according to some family members I'm totally out of the loop on good burgers, guess I have to try one someday, but those Mickey D's Quarter Pounders with Cheese are sooo good...

571 days ago
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