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Caine's Arcade Kid

No More Cardboard Boxes

Signs With HUGE Agency

3/5/2013 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The adorable kid from the Caine's Arcade viral video -- who couldn't afford arcade games and had to settle for cardboard boxes -- is about to start raking it in. We found out he just inked a deal with one of the biggest talent agencies in Hollywood!

According to legal docs filed in L.A. Superior Court -- and obtained by TMZ -- 10-year-old Caine Monroy was signed by William Morris Endeavor. Caine is now part of WME's client list which includes Denzel Washington, Ben Stiller, Tina Fey, and Steve Carell -- so it's a pretty big deal.

And to think it all started after a video of Caine went viral last year --  featuring the East L.A. child ingeniously using cardboard boxes and trash to build himself an arcade in his dad's used auto parts shop.

Hollywood ... sometimes good things happen here.



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Please guys ... edit the "stupid video" part out of the post, play nice. Caine's Arcade is a great little video and we use it in schools all the time: We LOVE it and this video has change the course of this kid's life. Yes, sometimes GOOD things happen. Caine's Dad George had open heart surgery three weeks ago. No health insurance ... you know the deal with that. Best wishes to the whole family ... please be nice TMZ (I love TMZ too ...but save the mean stuff for the $@#%)

596 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

really pushing each and every one of my "cute buttons"!! mommy instincts; can always rely on them...

596 days ago

Bobo Frog    

He signed with William do what??? He had no sign of wanting to be in Hollywood, and was a pretty shy kid who doesn't seem cut out for acting.

595 days ago


Stupid kid.

595 days ago


Stupid little video? Really? This kid encouraged other kids around the world to once again use their imaginations instead of worshiping video games and other electronics. It served a great purpose.

More than I can say for TMZ. Don't get me wrong, I love my trash read but don't belittle what this video did. What's the last great thing Harvey Levin did for society? Besides a possible vasectomy.

595 days ago


he`ll grow up to live in a cardboard condo like all the other cardboard hollywood cutouts and cutups.Maybe harvey can give him apart of the profits from harveys cardboard heart club.

595 days ago


WMA is dieing the internet has left them in the dust and the cardboard kid is thier great white hope?

595 days ago


This is not a stupid video. I have been a big supporter of Caine for a year. And major kudos to filmmaker, Nirvan Mullick, who introduced Caine to the world.

595 days ago


hook him up^^^ to the hollywood satelite worldwide broadcasting system and bleed him to creative death than same old smit

595 days ago


nothin good about hollywood nothing at all just aks howard hughes,MJ and 2pock and on and on and on

595 days ago


First, this is a great story! This will only help this young man fulfill his goals! Hey, wish the young man the best because he deserves it!

595 days ago


I cried watching Nirvan's film. Great kid!

595 days ago


real people are living in cardboard boxs all over the world so some kid with3sQs& a roof knows something about card board and WMA goes all your so a boo boo honey make us some money your getting hyped and marketed and it`s all on film.making hollywood means nothing unless your in the control groupo and he an`t and wont ever be same old spit and wax job on joQ

595 days ago


making hollywood money means nothing unless your in the control group your so a boo boo honey ha ha ha he he he CYa`s

595 days ago


First off whom signed his release,his agent? his parents? his manager? WMA? now he`s under uion contract which means his parents will be all joe joe jackson and his agent will rip him off and his management will get most of the loot as will WMA.WMA is one of the most costly agencys in the biz and for a startup kid thye will kill his act before he ever gets started by overpriceing his act and knocking him out of the biz which will be w win win for WMA as they overprice and beat the next dead horse into the ground>WMA is a manager it is a cut throat steal you blind huge agency without any startup stars only insider`ss and power club sons of sons of sons.It`s only a PR move by WMA to try to get the markets back from the internet.Kid will be eaten alive and spit out in no time flat and the sad thing is he may well have some talent but talent don`t sell shock and whats new acts sell just as the boo boo honey.moma junes

595 days ago
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