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Justin Bieber

BOOED At Concert

The Tide is Turning

3/5/2013 6:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber's fans have drawn the line -- it's ok to walk the cold streets of London shirtless, it's ok to smoke dope, but show up 2 hours late for a concert and they'll turn on him like wild animals.

Justin's concert in London Monday was slated to start at 8:30 PM ... but he didn't take the stage until 10:30 PM -- and a very young and pissed off crowd roundly booed his skinny ass.

Particularly irritating ... most of his fans have a curfew, which put them in a bad position.

Bieber tried to defend his lateness by tweeting he was actually only 40 minutes late because the opening acts were always scheduled to last more than an hour.

Bieber admitted there was no excuse for being late, but then blamed the media for spreading the word of his tardiness.

Better watch out Biebs -- fame is a fleeting thing.


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The Justin Beaver phenomenon is finally coming to an end.

599 days ago


Tide also turning at Kardashian appearances - booed, filthy names yelled out - guess we'll never heart about that though on TMZ.

599 days ago

Someone's goldfish    

When he started his fans were closer to his age. Now that he's an adult he's probably getting tired of still playing in front of teenage girls and singing songs tailored to them. Still it's no excuse to keep them waiting.

599 days ago


When are they going to unplug their ears and boo him for his awful singing which would be rightly deserved.

599 days ago


LOL ya know I wonder how many people commenting that Beiber and his music sucks are under the age of 20?

Im guessing not many.

Heres a hint for you people - HES NOT MAKING HIS MUSIC FOR YOU! And if youre saying that you HATE his music then... well what the HELL is a person your age doing listening to it???

My grandmother used to wander around the house telling anyone who would listen how bad that "Long haired hippy music" was. Guess what Gramma? They werent making it for you!

But hey, if you people want to bitch, whine and complain about something that really doesnt concern you then by all means. Just cause youre sounding like an old man in a deli trying to send back the soup


599 days ago


by the way TMZ Justin just donated 1,000,000 to Comic Relief. Are you going to write a story about that. or is Justin being 40 min late to a concert due to technical issues apologizing shortly after on twitter a more important story?

599 days ago


That fifteen minutes was used up a long time ago.....take your baggy jammie bottoms and hit the road.

599 days ago


Being late, even 40 minutes late just looks so douchey. It says "I'm the Biebs guys, I do what I like when I like and your time is not important" . People don't suffer this crap well, even from a celeb.

599 days ago


Do we have a budding male Lindsay Lohan on our hands? Hard partying, trouble with the law, showing up to work late...

599 days ago


I just cant see what people see in this self absorbed little spoiled brat.

599 days ago


I'm sure if an investigation was conducted a lesbian twist was the reason for the tardyness.

599 days ago

PJ in Texas    

Justin Bieber is a no talented punk. Pretty soon he will be rapping and holding his d+ck on stage. No life, No class, No good.

599 days ago


It'll be so nice in a few years when this little turd is no longer relevant to anyone.

599 days ago


He needs to realize that his core demographic is young and teenage girls. I'm sure the parents are more mad than the kids. He needs to get his act together there is always another teeniebopper enterainer waiting in the wings!

599 days ago


He is a liar - I was there in the foyer with a lot of angry parents. According to O2 schedule he was meant to go on at 8.30pm, they added Jaden Smith to the support acts and that pushed it back some and then they played Michael Jackson songs for ages whilst they waited. The O2 had to put out msgs on Loudspeaker for the parents in the foyer and at 10.20pm they said he would be coming on in 10 mins. He came on after 10.30. Msgs from the O2 was they did not know the reason why it was delayed, not one person said it was due to technical issues and nor did he apologise when he came out. Plenty of crying girls leaving whilst he was still on because of travel connections. I made my daughter come out at 11.50 when he had two songs left otherwise we would have missed our train. There where hoards of girls pouring out of the arena before he had finished - who leaves a concert before the main act has finished - you know they were gutted. Long, long extra expensive night

599 days ago
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