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Michael Vick

My New Pup Ain't No Bitch

... It's a MILITARY DOG!!

3/5/2013 6:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Michael Vick made a bizarre choice when he picked out his new puppy ... 'cause the convicted dog fighter's new poochie is one of the TOUGHEST breeds around ... one that's used by the Navy SEALS.

Vick was spotted out at a dog training class at a PetSmart in New Jersey recently ... where he's been working with his new pet ... a Belgian Malinois.

FYI -- the Belgian Malinois have a great reputation as a military working dog ... and according to reports, the Navy SEALS who killed Bin Laden had a BM with them at the time of the raid.

According to CrossingBroad.com, the dog is a female named "Angel."


It's been 4 years since Vick was released from prison for running a brutal dog fighting ring in Atlanta ... in which several animals were killed.

So, we gotta ask ...

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As a dedicated Belgian shepherd person (I have a Groenendael, and have fostered Malinois), I would like rebut this notion that Mals, or any other Belgian shepherd variety, are the baddest dogs on the planet. First, they are a herding breed. They are very protective of their people and their home. They are also extremely intelligent dogs -- almost as smart as border collies, and that's saying something. Second, they are very sensitive dogs. They can be ruined in a heartbeat, their spirits broken. Training techniques need to be both gentle and creative. Third, they are not usually good with small children. They are hyper-alert, have boundless enthusiasm and energy that simply explodes around six months of age, and they won't slow down until they are around six years old. They desperately need massive amounts of exercise and training on a daily basis. THIS IS NOT A BREED FOR EVERYONE, AND NOT FOR FAMILIES WITH YOUNG CHILDREN.

All that said, there are working line Mals and show line Mals. And there's a range of temperament, from sweet and goofy to highly dominant and serious. Anyone who reads this far and is thinking about getting a Mal needs to get in touch with the American Belgian Malinois Club and talk to people who have been involved with these dogs for a long time. This isn't your basic Labrador retriever, people. This is the Lamborghini of dog breeds, and you need to know what you're doing before you get one.

563 days ago


This is disgusting. He should NEVER be allowed to have another dog. He can throw out that "my kids deserve a dog" bull**** all he wants - he should be reduced to telling his kids "Sorry, you guys can't have a dog because daddy used to beat, electrocute, torture, and maim them for fun".

563 days ago

Me Too    

I hope that dog gets free and has a chance at life. Vick and his dog fighting friends can all BURN IN HELL.

563 days ago


They don't give child molesters a second chance, why do they give dog killers a second chance?

563 days ago


Any training to treat Animals better is a good thing if he likes that breed so what ...I like Jack Russels is that a problem,plus I presently have a Golden Retriever mix.....

563 days ago


Why would they let someone like him have a dog? He's nuts.

563 days ago


A lot of you black people are sounding stupid..has nothing to do with color.
Oh really!! We all know in the good ole United States when it comes to the LAWS and treatment of ANIMALS ... Its all pretty subjective,, No different from certain countries that allow C0CKFIGHTING,,Case and point SARAH PALIN is allowed to shoot and kill whatever ANIMAL she wants in alaska and its completely legal , More for fun and less about it been use for food, like they falsely like to lead you to believe- when they come under scrutiny .In this VIDEO i can't tell the difference when it comes to killing and dogfighting, Since they all fall under FUN according to the participants, however you do go to JAIL for one...hmm



563 days ago


It should be illegal for this bastard to own any type of animal ever again.

563 days ago


WTF? I thought this douchebag was banned from gettin any pet, especially a dog? Why have laws & rules if scuzz balls like Vicks can just break them??? He should be eaten alive by a pit. Jus cuz!

563 days ago

dawn delameter    

He should not be able to own any animal.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

563 days ago


What the hell ! Who in their right mind would give this s*** of the earth the privilege of owning a dog. I can not believe this. He should have been electrocuted and drowned after what he did to those poor helpless animals.

563 days ago

Shouldn't throw stones u live in a glass house    

Michael Vick is a good guy great football player he made a mistake in a world he grew up I think he really loves dogs I'm am happy he's gotten a second chance as many others should if anyone out there hasn't made a mistake please tell me cause I have and I would like a second chance if I messed up and reformed what I was doing

563 days ago

Shouldn't throw stones u live in a glass house    

I'm also happy as hell he came back with the eagles

563 days ago



563 days ago



Call me anytime. Can search under Animal Lawyer Ryder.

Suffolk has the first Animal Abuser Registry in the U.S. This would prevent perps like Vick from adopting or buying. Yes, I know the realities but it is a start; pet stores and shelters are reqd to check the Registry. Of course, if the Registry was countrywide AND the animal abuse laws didn't stink, as written and as enforced (or, should I say, not enforced even remotely well), maybe we could keep scu&^ags like Vick from at least openly possessing pets.

To those reading this, remember-you CAN make a difference, one country at a time. The cell phon/driving ban started here way back when, then spread, now this Registry, in the other LI county, Nassau, first Animal Abuse Unit in a DA's office in NY State and possibly, US (debate with another country in Cal, I believe, as to which came first but who cares-it is moving forward). We got bills passed here by having people showing up to speak at our Legislature meetings whenever there was an animal or other underdog (human or animal, e.g. disabled folks).

For example of what one person can do, one animal abuse related bill was tabled because it would not have passed. However, a client's little girl, who came with us, addressed the legis and walked up to each legislator at the podium with a photo of her and her dog (killed) and it was untabled and passed unam on the spot!.

563 days ago
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