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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Keeping My Lawyer

The Media Lies!!!

3/6/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
doesn't care that the judge in her criminal case and the media have called her lawyer incompetent ... she's sticking with him. 

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she's angry that the media is painting Mark Heller as a nincompoop.   She says, "It's all lies."

What's more ... Lindsay doesn't care that Judge James Dabney also called Heller incompetent to practice in California.  In fact, the judge was brutally honest ... to the point he said if Lindsay keeps Heller, he'll order her to court for the next hearing to explain why she would be waiving her right to a lawyer who knows what he's doing.

As we first reported ... Michael Lohan reached out to his daughter and offered to pay for a new lawyer, but she turned him down flat.

Lindsay has 12 days to change her mind, because her criminal trial kicks off on the 18th.  If Heller screws up, Lindsay could end up in the pokey for months.


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I bet you anything this Heller guy offered to represent Blohan for free in exchange for the exposure it would bring him, and since her accounts are froze and she cant afford anything, she's sticking with him. And omg I LOVEEEEEE how the first thing she says is the media lies, when the friggin JUDGE said the exact same thing everyone else did. Guess the judge is a big fat liar too, eh Blohan?
"Those aren't my pants!"
"The black kid was driving!"
"I didn't steal that _______ !" (insert necklace, coat, jewelry, money, drugs)
"Everything is fine"
"I don't need rehab"

594 days ago


Too Bad Lindsay has to go to Jail in California and not Arizona where she would have to pay money for food while she is there.

594 days ago

The Real JJ    

She better crawl and beg Shawn Holly to come back. This guy was a big mistake to begin with , Doesnt matter ,Lindsay wont be getting locked up anyway.

594 days ago



594 days ago


Lindsay we all want you to know we are Rooting for you and behind you 100% to get locked up in jail that is.

594 days ago


Even though this story is BS, I just gotta say


594 days ago


In the poll the other day over 700,000 thought Heller was incompetent but the media is lying. LOL
Some day LL will sober up and maybe will see that her world has fallen apart, Like in 2007 with the double DUI's.

594 days ago


T minus 12 days and counting!!!

594 days ago


Is Lindsay still taking the free spiritual advice from the woman she beat up in the nightclub in New York?

594 days ago


What self-respecting attorney would represent her??? But it hardly matters since she'll skate free again like every other time.

594 days ago


That's because he's the only incompetent imbecile willing to work with her for FREE!!

594 days ago


"and when the jury foreman read "GUILTY," Ms. Lohan broke down and screamed, "Call My Dad."

594 days ago


of course the media lie, tmz are famous for lying. this story is an example of that. we all know when lilo appears in court on 18th heller will have a california co-counsel to help in the case.

this is tmz tryin to keep up the hype for hits. welsome to LLZ lindsay lohan zone.

594 days ago

Dr. Conrad Murray = HERO    

I'm going to assume this guy is supplying her with cocaine and jewelry. Lindsay has been in the high paid prostitution business for years so if she's getting drugs and jewelry in exchange for the publicity this guy will get representing her then it makes sense she'd want to keep him.

594 days ago


calm down h8turds, you know this story is bullcrap. lilo fired shawn for a GOOD reason and despite all the crap from tmz lilo has NEVER asked shawn to come back. lilo likes shawn but because of what she did lilo can't EVER have her back.

this is tmz keeping the bullcrap alive, heller ain't a great lawyer but lilo can't fire him now even if she wanted to. i told you FIRST lilo will have a californis co-counsel with heller on 18th. s u c k it up haters, the judge helped lilo.

594 days ago
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