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Justin Bieber

Flips Out at Photog

'I'll Beat the F**k Out of You'

3/8/2013 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber's feeling better -- in fact, he's feeling good enough to FIGHT ... 'cause he just went after a photog in London ... and screamed, "I'LL F**KING BEAT THE F**K OUT OF YOU."

Bieber -- flanked by bodyguards -- was leaving a Central London hotel moments ago ... and in the mad scramble to his SUV, he made contact with a waiting photog.

The photog -- NOT a TMZ photog -- was clearly upset by the physical contact and immediately claimed he was assaulted. He then began to cuss out Bieber, who was already inside the waiting SUV.

But Bieber clearly heard the photog's insults ("f**k off back to America", "f**king little moron") ... 'cause the singer opened his SUV door and sprung out of the car ... trying to attack the photog.

While Bieber's bodyguard held him back, the singer screamed ... "What the f**k you say?"

The photog shot back -- "You heard what I said ... you heard what I f**king said, mate."

Bieber replied, "I'll f**king beat the f**k out of you."

Justin tried to swing at the photog, but his bouncers kept the singer at bay ... and eventually pushed him back inside the SUV.

The car left the scene without further incident.

Bieber just tweeted about the incident ... saying, "Ahhhhh! Rough morning. Trying to feel better for this show tonight but let the paps get the best of me."


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Oh here we go, Another little kid trying to act tuff. I think he went to the Chris Brown school of puck ass bitches. This little boy and I do mean boy needs his ass whoop one good time. So do away with the chump ass body guards and let him go. They are all mean asses around there babysitters, but alone, there punk-ass-bitches....

564 days ago


Umm he's Canadian DingDong

564 days ago


does anybody else think that bieber is just doin all this...(smoking blunts,drinkin lean,and cussin out the paps)...just so he can make the turn from popstar to rap star??...I think so..mark my words

564 days ago


Only jumped out of car because he knew someone would hold him back. He is a little punk who is out of control and feels entitled. Cannot wait until this wannabe thugs time is up in the music world.

564 days ago


omg....i cant believe some of you people stand behind this lil punk! If that was my kid, I would take him home and give him a good ole fashion azz wippin!!!! If it wasnt for the Paps you wouldnt be ****, because you sure cant sing. AND PUT SOME DAMN CLOTHES ON, TIRED OF SEEING YOUR DAMN BIRD CHEST AND YOUR UNDERWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

564 days ago


Pap almost got his assault charge....

564 days ago

Joseph Diehl    

Without bodyguards, this little princess, wouldn't do anything!

564 days ago


lmao!!!!!!!!!!! like he actually could! and wearing that lil cute hat too! what a vagina!

564 days ago


Right now Bieber is making money. When the teeny boppers move on to someone else and they will and the money stops coming in it will be Justin who? He will be dumped in a heartbeat.

The over hyping, promotions, marketing, concerts will stop. Bieber has no actual talent it's all promotion hype, without that he's done.

Mily Cyrus had all of Disney backing, promotions and hype and everything. Once she left the show she hasn't been able to do squat. Her concerts tanked, record sales going nowhere.

564 days ago



What I would have given to the bodyguard just to let the little twirp go after the photog and then see him have his a$$ handed to him.

In front of other photogs.

Would have been priceless.

564 days ago


I've seen this clip before, here is the original;

564 days ago


That kid is on a downward hill and sinking fast..... he needs to grow up and get away from his new friends.....bad news

564 days ago


Whether or not you are a fan (and most of you clearly are not) the photog was in the wrong. When there is a press of people trying to get in the vehicle and the paps are all up in everyone's face it's easy to bump into everyone else.... BACK OFF.. but to freak out about assault and cussing out person who did not do anything on purpose was just ignorant. I don't blame the kid's reaction at all and the bodyguard's handled it.

564 days ago

Oval Beach    

I'm NOT a Bieber fan AT ALL...but...the photog had it coming...they are like leaches....trying to find the warmest bloody flesh body to hang latch onto. I would have done substantially more to that twit. Rotten crooked toothed, cottage cheese bodied, uncir***sized *******.

564 days ago


you hate justin why?because hes ****ing human and a trying to be normal?or because hes donating money to charity everyweek?or meeting make a wish children for every concert he does?or because he makes his fans happy everyday? he does one thing wrong and gets so much hate but hardly noone notices the good, but i do.

564 days ago
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