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'Ghost Rider 2' Stuntman

Sues Movie Over Near-Fatal

Stunt Gone Wrong

3/9/2013 9:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A stuntman for "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" claims he almost died when his crazy on-fire motorcycle stunt went horribly wrong and now wants the movie to PAY UP for all the damages.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Mike Gaboff -- a stunt pro known as "Crazy Mike" -- filed a lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court on Friday against Sony Pictures, Break Point Media and Next Point Inc., three companies in charge of the film.

In the docs, Mike says he was hired in April 2012 to perform a stunt for the DVD release -- in which he was to ride a motorcycle off a steep ramp while lit on fire, jump across a large lake, and then land in the water.

But the stunt went seriously wrong ... Mike overshot the landing and hit the rock-hard ground instead -- which was captured on tape -- and reportedly suffered a broken lower back, pelvis, neck, both arms, ribs, collar bone, collapsed lungs and second-degree burns. You can see him lying limp on the ground, moments after the crash (below).

In the lawsuit, Mike says the movie's "negligence" is to blame for his near-death experience -- claiming the film knew the move posed a HUGE risk and yet it "consciously chose not to take specific safety measures."

Not only that, Mike says production-honchos were WARNED not to go through with the "ultrahazardous activities," but chose to risk it "despite requests not to do so."

Mike's suing for medical expenses and loss of earnings -- he doesn't specify a dollar amount -- but he reportedly spent two months in a hospital recovering, with bills over $1 million. Translation -- he's gonna want some serious dough.

At the time of the accident, Break Media issued a statement saying, “[Gaboff was hired] as an independent third party and was fully responsible for the design and execution of the stunt. Any claims to the contrary are false."

A judge has yet to rule.


No Avatar

The Big Bowowski    

I wonder if Crazy Mike is related to Creepy Mike

593 days ago


Anyone remember this nutty guy from that horrible VH1 reality show "For the love of Daisy"?
He was nickname on the show was "Flipper."

593 days ago


He agreed to do the stunt. He had control of the throttle. His over shooting the lake was 100% his fault. He over estimated the speed required that lead to his injury.

592 days ago


The fatality was making this POS movie in the 1st place!

592 days ago

Spicy mag    

This story was cool until the part when he hit the rocks and wasn't on fire. It would have been more entertaining if he hit the rocks and was still on fire. Or better, if only his skull was on fire.

592 days ago


I'm pretty sure this guy knew what he was getting himself into before he mangled himself, but good luck with your lawsuit, buddy. It is California, after all.

592 days ago


It's his fault and besides he calls himself crazy mike

592 days ago


What exactly constitutes a "large" lake. Seems to be a misnomer. Maybe more of a small to medium pond? Or, that was one hell of a jump. He says the "honchos" were warned about a hazardous jump. He still went ahead? Obviously, he's a stunt man, not a rocket scientitst.

592 days ago


He is a professional stunt man hired by the studio The studio should have insurance, pay his hospital bills and should have taken every safety precaution and i they thought it was too dangerous should have stopped it. I'm for the stunt man.

592 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

The LAKE sounds more like a POND to me..waka waka wakaaaa

592 days ago

Mr Rod    

Mike was working for the 3 companies who made the movie, therefore he is entitled to workmans comp coverage, and also entitled to a third party lawsuit for his injuries. People do not realize that it is a "no fault" system!

592 days ago


"Not only that, Mike says production-honchos were WARNED not to go through with the "ultrahazardous activities," but chose to risk it "despite requests not to do so.""

The stunt guy didn't have to do the stunt, he could have walked away. Now that he missed his mark and got hurt, he wants the studios to pay up? That's his fault for accepting the job, if he didn't feel confortable he should have walked away.

592 days ago


D/K enough about suit, except "inherently dangerous activity/Assumption of Risk" legal terms come to mind.

However, I am NOT grasping why his medical bills were so high...story seems to allude that the $1mil+ is what he is asking reimbursement for, not that it is just an example of how serious his injuries were/are. How can someone doing such a dangerous job not have insurance and/or sufficient insurance? I am talking, no limits of any kind-co-insurance, no lifetime and any other maximums. And, if, let us say, the ins co wants to seek reimbursement elsewhere, such as from the production company, the ins should make it the ins company's issue to seek reimb and in the meantime, pay the insured's bills.

592 days ago


Wait ... Is this guy trying to say that stunts are dangerous and bad things can sometimes happen?!? Pfft I don't believe it.
At the end of the day, the stuntman is the one putting his life in danger. It's HIS responsibility to ensure that he feels safe and to NOT perform the stunt until that is the case. Every stuntman knows this. Every stuntman also knows that their job is to perform dangerous actions, make those actions look good, while also doing so in the safest way possible.

592 days ago


I just want to say, he doesn't sound that bright! However, if Charlie Sheen can just give L Lohan wasteless dollars, why can't someone pick up this man's medical bill. That's ate up. Atleast help the man that was promoting your damn movie.....

592 days ago
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