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Kris Humphries' Family

Kim K Should Admit ...

Marriage Was a 'Sham'

3/10/2013 5:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kris Humphries
' relatives have a major bone to pick with Kim Kardashian ... claiming Kim K's 72-day-marriage to the NBA star was nothing but a "sham" and it's about damn time she fess up to it.

Kris' aunt Dedria -- who attended K & K's wedding back in 2011 -- is adamant Kim duped her nephew into tying the knot as a ploy to boost ratings for "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," telling The UK Sun, "[The wedding] was a sham."

Not only that, Dedria says Kim needs to own up to her fraud so Kris can get the annulment he desires, explaining, "An annulment says it wasn’t valid in the first place. She should admit that it was a sham at the very least.”

As TMZ previously reported, Kim wants a simple divorce, but Kris is hell-bent on fighting for an annulment ... claiming he was defrauded, which could render any pre-nup illegitimate and free the NBA'er from his confidentiality clause.

That said, Kris' Uncle Mike believes his nephew's legal battle is motivated by revenge, telling the paper, "I believe he wants payback."

A trial is set to begin May 6.

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Kris Humphries needs to be a man and make his own money and let Kim go... and I don't really even like Kim. He was an immature ass, still is, and this vindictive and petty behavior is just pure greed... the same thing all of you supporters are accusing Kim of.

563 days ago


...if she had any class at all she would give him the annulment ...he did not want the divorce.
She wanted it and he wants to remarry some day on the church .

What the hell is wrong with her ?

563 days ago


why doesn't it read "kim is hellbent on a divorce"
most of the NORMAL people could see this was a sham, and agree with Kris.
So Kim, just give him an annulment!

563 days ago


don't you just love the pics tmz puts up, big, bad Kris yelling, and poor little b**** innocent faced. Disgusting human being.

563 days ago


It was fraud. She admitted she did not want to marry him b4 their wedding, but didn't want to let anyone down. Meaning she didn't want to give up the wedding gifts and the 18 Mil she got. 72 day marriage is ridic. The Kraptrashians used him for $$$ and for ratings. The entire KKTNY storyline was about the collapse of the 72 day marriage. SHAM, SHAM, SHAM. I hope they televise the trial.

563 days ago


Jeez, this guy is such a panty waist. Get over it and move on already. Chris is acting like some body drugged him and forced him. Grow a pair and move on.

563 days ago


Oh crap I forgot I was supposed to care about this.

563 days ago


Sounds like the uncle knows the real Kris.
And just how does the aunt know about Kim and her motivations?

I suggest she worry about how her nephew is destroying his life. He was already taken out of the starting lineup and given reduced minutes. Now, after the story on him being willing to miss the playoffs to wrangle in court for an annulment, he's been taken out of the Nets rotation altogether for the rest of the season (this is AFTER they tried to trade him and couldn't).

He's totally fukking up his life & getting Karma for the negative vindictive energy he's put out.

563 days ago


Receiving JUSTICE is an honorable goal! Hope they televise the trial. The K.s would love the publicity,anyway. They WRONGED KRIS HUMPHRIES.
May justice be duly served!!

563 days ago


so, why did he pop the question?! HE asked Kim's hand! HE proposed it!

563 days ago


Thing is... he participated freely and he got paid for it. He slept with the woman, they had consensual sex. If he is claiming fraud then he should be charged because obviously it was him who lied before the marriage so he could be part of the show, then lied during the marriage to the point where Kim pulled the pin and said enough... or they would still be filming this comedy of errors! Just take the divorce and move on. It's over. What a loser!

563 days ago


****claiming he was defrauded, which could render any pre-nup illegitimate and free the NBA'er from his confidentiality clause.****
This sentence by TMZ is so telling. Yup, as we've always known, TMZ is on the Karstoogian payroll. SERIOUSLY, folks, think about it, render the pre-nup illegitimate? How about render the pre-nup null and void. Illegitimate is the child she's carrying, or claims. Even if the pre-nup was NULL AND VOID, just how much do you think a judge is going to grant Humphries for 72 days worth of marriage and never even living with his wife? You don't think that judge is going to take into consideration how much his contract is worth and what she's amassed before their marriage? If anything, the judge would rule they have to split whatever profits were made on the marriage, including the wedding gifts being split up.
You know, it's too bad Momager HOBAG doesn't get P'Od with TMZ and start trashing them and piss off Harvey and company, you'd see a 360... and TMZ chomping at the bit to see that "CONFIDENTIAL CLAUSE" lifted so they could just post, dirt after dirt after dirt, and make more damn money than they do now because they know how many haters are here.

563 days ago


I'm palinizing him... starting this minute, I will never click on any link or story about Kris Humphries. I must be crazy to waste another minute on this nonsense.

563 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Everything about TMZ's sacred Kow is a scam.

563 days ago


I hope he sticks it to that jungle fever whore....He wasnt black enough for her

563 days ago
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