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Kris Humphries' Family

Kim K Should Admit ...

Marriage Was a 'Sham'

3/10/2013 5:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kris Humphries
' relatives have a major bone to pick with Kim Kardashian ... claiming Kim K's 72-day-marriage to the NBA star was nothing but a "sham" and it's about damn time she fess up to it.

Kris' aunt Dedria -- who attended K & K's wedding back in 2011 -- is adamant Kim duped her nephew into tying the knot as a ploy to boost ratings for "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," telling The UK Sun, "[The wedding] was a sham."

Not only that, Dedria says Kim needs to own up to her fraud so Kris can get the annulment he desires, explaining, "An annulment says it wasn’t valid in the first place. She should admit that it was a sham at the very least.”

As TMZ previously reported, Kim wants a simple divorce, but Kris is hell-bent on fighting for an annulment ... claiming he was defrauded, which could render any pre-nup illegitimate and free the NBA'er from his confidentiality clause.

That said, Kris' Uncle Mike believes his nephew's legal battle is motivated by revenge, telling the paper, "I believe he wants payback."

A trial is set to begin May 6.

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It has been said, that K. Jenner is the one, preventing Kim,from giving an annulment. Why? Because they are getting reams of publicity,from dragging it out. The K. reputation (brand),couldn't possibly get any worse .All manner of dirt has been exposed about them already. The K.s will suffer little, by agreeing to an annulment. Mommy dearest ALWAYS has an agenda.

556 days ago


I have a new name for her, Kim Harlot

556 days ago


Dummy is the one who proposed. He needs to let it go

556 days ago


Team Kris

556 days ago


Um, it was a sham, you bunch of dumb@sses at tmz. yiou are so far up her @ss, you don't care and just want to, make the cow look good. Seriously she is the one hell bent on getting a divorce and he simply wants an annulment. Get that sh*t right f*cking dumb@ss idiots, I hope you burn in hell for always taking sh*t about the people who are right and shoving your heads up a total narcissistic, greedy, selfish, stuck up, lying c*nt.

556 days ago

KKJ Fan    

His relatives need to crawl back under their rock and STFU. Who gives a rats A$$ what they think. They're just looking for their own 15 minutes of fame and trying to squeeze money out of someone's a$$. KrisH is just a big loser whose NBA career is over. No one wants him -- they're just stuck with him because they made a really BAD business move.

556 days ago


This story is so old already seriously what the relatives think are so irrelevant I mean every few weeks there are someone from Kris Hump's camp stirring the same s**t up, when's the granny and neighbors' turn???? I'm not pro Kim I don't like her culture and what she and her family stands for all about $$$$$$$ but this guy's vindictive just because he lost a $3 mil rock he's been campaigning to get it back c'mon that's pathetic and by the way he rebounded so fast with the Myra whatever her name is the jersey chick than kim so that made him a heartless emotionless bastard into fame and money and he got more of both after banging Kim so just cut it out dude, $3 mil gone to a ring but that bought you a $15mil contract how greedy are u????

556 days ago


What? He wants payback for being scammed? No ****!

556 days ago


It was a SHAM. We ALL watched it happen. We ALL knew what Kim knew.....she didn't want to marry him and did it because the show set up a wedding and she ordered the gowns, etc.

556 days ago



556 days ago


she should admit her pregnancy is a scam too.

556 days ago


I see convenient miscarriage on the horizon

556 days ago


Kris knew and profited from the sham. He is coming off as a very mean person and should realize it's over.


556 days ago

BB not bb    

Kris and his family are like the hillbillies from hell. They give having no class a whole new twist. His family is now jumping in on his stalking attacks on Kim? It is like a clan of psycopahts out of the woods of Minnesota.

Nobody gets married for a sham like that. These people are so conceited they are out of their minds. I watched the show to see the train wreck that is Kris Humphries, not cause they needed his boring Igor self to make the show seem like a real honeymoon.

These people really need to get over themselves. They are like a plague that just won't go away. Poor Kim has moved on, but they seem to be using her to keep themselves in the spotlight.

556 days ago


Kim's the whore who got knocked up while she was still married fake real or what? She's the bitch who put this on her child not Kris unless it Mr Browns kid with her who knows?

556 days ago
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