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Justin Bieber

Cancels Concert

Because of Empty Seats

3/11/2013 6:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Justin Bieber cancelled his Portugal concert Tuesday -- not because he's sick, not because he's melting down -- because ticket sales were "soft" and it felt like the right thing to do. Just tell that to the fans who are getting stood up.

Sources connected to Justin have confirmed ... it was a "business decision" that triggered the cancellation. Our sources say ticket sales were still "good ... more than 60%" ... just not good enough.

It's pretty common for lesser artists to bail when sales are bad, but unusual for singers on Justin's level.


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591 days ago


He's a punk boot lip wanta b. Go away beaver.

591 days ago


He's not helping his image whatsoever by doing this.

591 days ago


It's probably more common for artists on Justin's level (superstars) to bail when sales are soft because they don't want to feel embarrassed playing to a half-empty room. Lesser artists are far more likely to need the show revenue and stick it out.

591 days ago

Supr Dav     

The beginning of the end.

591 days ago


He should stay there and wok on his fan base for a few years.

591 days ago


Pretty pathetic you cancel because of this reason. Lets see ..... He isn't talented, his fans were 13 year olds who don't know what good music is and would take a Barney sing along song over a Rolling Stones song anyday. Most of his fans are grown to the point that they realize he isn't talented a d all the now Tweens have moved on to the next horrible teen sensation. Bieber you are rolling with unclassy nogs who are just mooching off you like they do best.

591 days ago


I'm sure Portugal has underprivileged kids and programs like Make-A-Wish and maybe his promoters could have swallowed what ridiculous pride they have and given some of those seats to kids who could have had an experience that they would not have otherwise had. Selfish.

591 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

Justin Bieber- People invest their lives in sharing a music experience with you.

It's not a good idea to betray your audience. No one is that big our important.

They helped make you what you are. Don't you try to act like you are larger than the music and industry. If you are tired or somethings wrong admit it and tell them. They will be understanding.

Don't betray your audience in a way that makes you look like you care more about over consumption than giving them what they respect you for.

I don't like it one bit. You better make it up to them.

And quit playing so close to danger like you have been lately. A lot of young people look up to you. You can have an edge without acting like a little deviant about it.

I don't want to see you self destruct young dude.

591 days ago


Finally, people are getting smarter! He has disrespected his fans for a long time and now it's pay back! He really has no talent if you take the recording off. He is like most of the so called entertainers. They can't really sing.

591 days ago


It's fading! And it isn't just because of this canceled performance. When you put everything that has been going on over the last 6 months together it doesn't.paint a pretty picture. Bieber painted this picture all on his own and can't blame so called "haters" for it either.

591 days ago


Justin is getting to the she where you need actual talent to succeed. Gone are the days where you can where you can have your hair look like a rooster, dress like some backstreet boy and create crap music and you'll have every 13 year old obsessed. Burners true talent (or lack of) will be shown

591 days ago


Bieber is abusing his celebrity much like Lindsay Lohan. He can crap on his fans only so long before they turn on him. Yeah, he'll always be rich but at some point few will care, again like Lindsay. His handlers are apparently incompetent for not reigning him in. I see a bad ending in his future.

591 days ago


The funny thing about fads and circus freaks is they are only an amusing distraction. I am afraid the little unic mistook us staring, pointing and laughing as a sign he had some talent and not that we we being amused and distracted by the his little squeaks and movements...we all never really took him seriously now did we

591 days ago


"singers" on justins "level"

oh man, you guys at tmz are pretty good at writing funny stories

591 days ago
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