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Lindsay Lohan

Gets Off Airplane

Right Before Takeoff!!!

3/17/2013 7:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0315-lindsay-lohan-tmzLindsay Lohan is now in SERIOUS jeopardy of missing her court date tomorrow -- TMZ has learned she got off her flight to Los Angeles at the last minute and is now scrambling to find another way to the west coast.

Lindsay arrived at JFK a few hours ago after deciding NOT to fly back on Saturday as previously planned.

We're told Lindsay was on board the plane when for some reason ... she decided to get off. According to our sources, Lindsay was in such a hurry to get off the plane, she left her bags behind.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she believed there was a problem with the plane ... specifically that fuel was leaking. Lindsay is telling friends that 35 other people got off the plane as well because they too felt it was unsafe.

For whatever it's worth ... according to the website for the airport, the flight was delayed an hour taking off and has since been diverted to Las Vegas. [UPDATE: The airline tells TMZ the plane is in fact stopping in Vegas for more fuel before continuing to Los Angeles.]

Our sources say LiLo is now in an airport lounge ... calling, texting and emailing everyone she knows ... trying to get a private plane to take her to L.A.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ she MUST appear at the hearing tomorrow or the judge will issue a bench warrant.

Might wanna start typing that up ...


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So since her probation was revoked I guess not showing up tomorrow wouldn't be a violation.

555 days ago


Throw her butt in prison...lets be done with her, I am sick of hearing about this washed up no talent drug addict. She is old news.

555 days ago


She could always hop a 6am flight I think its what 4 hours? Since LA is 3 hours behind NY that means it would only be 3am LA time so she should be there by 7am ready and looking like a walking dead extra for her 8:30 court appereance.

555 days ago


Seriously...who cares?

555 days ago


Who's taking this pending jail sentence harder, Lindsay or Nicole?

555 days ago


Perhaps she really did have a legitimate reason to get off of the plane. HOWEVER, this woman is so good at creating drama, NEEDLESSLY, that I doubt that a judge will be sympathetic to you. It's a very bad idea to annoy someone who can decide whether or not you go to jail. This is what happens when you leave EVERYTHING to the very last second.

555 days ago


Seems like if this story was remotely true other news outlets would be reporting on it. After all she's more commonly known for her court appearances than her acting.

555 days ago


But her bags were on the first plane....What willllllllll the poor girl wear.????? LOL......

555 days ago


There is one flight that was delayed and was diverted. It is Virgin Airlines 415.

According to JFK, this flight is currently redirected which means that the flight is headed to a different airport. Sometimes flights get redirected around bad weather. The flight may get redirected back to the original airport.

Scheduled Departure:
8:05 PM - Sun Mar-17-2013
Actual Departure:
9:05 PM - Sun Mar-17-2013 (runway)

This is Flight 415 which reportedly is being redirected to Vegas (rumor for this redirection), but the JFK site confirms that this site left an hour late and is being redirected.

555 days ago


Ya'll have fun but I'm off to bed......I'm SURE that it will be a TMZ extravaganza tomorrow......with all kinds of Lohan Drama...... see you all in the Morning !! Goodnight..

555 days ago


this is just an attempt at grabbing a pity ride on someone's private jet because she thinks her worn-out, has-been, flabby, saggy ass is too good for a commercial flight!!!

555 days ago


I think 35 people smelled gas and bailed and Lindsey joined them forgetting SHE had caused the gaseous aroma.

555 days ago


Can we be sure that the 35 passengers didnt run off of the plane because they were smelling Lindsay Lohan?

555 days ago


Let's get back to the math.

She could be sent to jail for 1065 days if her sentences were consecutive. She is a repeat offender and doesn't show up for her trial. Hmmmm.

So Ernie---the Sheriff does not decide if sentences are concurrent or consecutive--the judge does. That's where Lindsay's time will add up. Even at 10% that is still over 3 months in jail.

555 days ago


35 others, eh? I keep trying to imagine her COUNTING all the other de-planing passengers in her mad dash off the plane. She has to keep starting over because they are moving, and she's getting confused.

555 days ago
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