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Journey Guitarist

Sues Ex-Mother-in-Law --

Stop Trashing Me Online!

3/18/2013 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Most people get to forget their in-laws after divorce ... but not Journey guitarist Neal Schon -- he's suing his ex-mom-in-law for defamation, claiming the woman is continuing to ruin his life ... by badmouthing him on the Internet.

Neal filed the defamation suit against Judy Kozan, the mother of Amber Schon -- whom Neal divorced in 2007 -- claiming Judy has "attacked and harassed" him through Internet postings and false comments to the media for years.

According to the lawsuit, Judy published a blog article in January, accusing Schon of not paying her daughter enough money to support herself -- letting their two little girls "go homeless," putting his ex "in a situation where she literally has no money for food, gas for the car, bills, nothing."

Schon says he's paid his ex amply ... more than $1.3 million to be exact ... and her mom's lies have tarnished his reputation, resulting in multiple media outlets accusing him of being a "deadbeat" dad.

He's suing for at least $75,000. 

FYI -- Judy has since removed the offending blog post ... and replaced it with a post that sounds a lot like a retraction, in which she says the "deadbeat dad" reports are FALSE. Too little, too late?


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Michelle you are so flipping transparent it's mind boggling. Using social media has served your D list career with lukewarm success. The notorious victim. Please stop yourself. Really, it's not attractive, much like you head to toe, inside out, just everything about you is a poorly disguised troll! Signed. Someone who could care less about any of you

481 days ago


Has anyone here confirmed that anyone has even been served? I would say to Judy that she can just do print screen of Neals page to see all the negative BS he posted about HER. Is there a lawyer out there to help her win this??? With whats coming out now about the original issue it seems to me that Neal jumped the gun with his lawsuit.

PS I can say anything I want like without Steve Perry Journey SUCKS !!! ; )

481 days ago


This is to 'Danno':

It is a Federal Felony to collect the IP addresses of private citizens for the express purpose of harassment, malicious intent, or threat. You have threatened the commenters on this board with a malicious action using private information that is given with a reasonable expectation of privacy to this website.

You are acting in behalf of Neal Schon and Michaele Salahi, in attempt to shut down public commentary on information that has already been disseminated and publishe in both tabloids and the legitimate press. Reacting to, and commenting on information already in the public domain is NOT ILLEGAL, does NOT constitute harassment, and is NOT a reasonable platform from which you are justified in violating our privacy or freedom to interact in an Internet community that YOU DO NOT CONTROL.

If Neal is genuinely and legitimately upset about the things being said about his girlfriend, then the solution is simple: Protect her by keeping her out of the public eye. She is not integral to his career, nor to his ability to generate publicity.

As a PI, I would think your own professional experience would tell you that in Michaele's case, the public backlash against her is legitimate. I know a little bit about PI's from personal experience, and the GOOD ones actually warn their clients about people close to them who may be inclined to take advantage of them. Please don't bother defending Micahele on this one, you and I both know her personal history is riddled with deceptions and unsavory business dealings. At least have enough integrity on your own behalf to acknowledge simple, well-known FACTS.

In closing, I am putting YOU on notice. If I find out my personal information or privacy has been breached as a result of this thread in any way, I'm going to come after you, your client, his girlfriend, and TMZ with my own attorney. Neal isn't the only one with resources, and I promise you I will hold you all to every point of Federal law regarding IP addresses and information stalking.

This is entertainment for me, I didn't come on here to be threatened by a bunch of inept, impotent, incompetent amateurs who think they can shut people up with schoolyard bullying tactics.

481 days ago

Marquis De Suave    

I have a question for Neal. Why are you doing this? Is this drama the sort of thing a rational and successful person gets involved in? I'm not even talking about the lawsuit, I'm talking about the publicity around your whole "relationship" with Ms. Holt. Who has she brought into your life who can be considered a genuine and honest successful person such as yourself?

Gina? No. Come on. She's literally nickel and dime and used to tout you as a client (not sure if she still does, have not bothered checking her site to see if you are still on there). So she puts YOUR picture up among a bunch of former and current porn stars, burn outs from reality shows who had nowhere else to go to, and others. In fact, you are the only successful person she had listed as a client. Your bandmates, your management team and the PR from your label had to flat out tell you that this was not a person to do business with and you should drop her as a "manager" (or whatever she claims she does) in a hot minute.

Again, you are a success and this is the level of PROFESSIONAL that your fiance is bringing into your life.

Howard? Howard is a never-was, never-will-be wannabe. NOTHING he ever has said on his inane page has EVER come to fruition. You are his only REAL client that pays money, and for what? He is doing for you what the INTERNS at a real PR company do as service for a client such as yourself. He is just some drunk guy who talks a HUGE game but never ever ever ever delivers. Even you have to realize that by now.

Again, this is the level of PROFESSIONAL that your fiance has introduced you to over the past year or so. This is who SHE wants you to get into business with, and who YOU have to pay YOUR hard earned money to for little to no results. On the other hand, these con artists straight up USE YOUR NAME in an effort to prove that they are legit.

It's your name. It's the name that you grew as a brand for 40+ years as a working professional. Is this how you want to be remembered Neal? Not as an artist, but as a guy who welcomed con people later in his life and career who ended up making him look ridiculous to the rest of the world?

Hey, it's your name, not mine. I'm just a former fan who is wondering what the Hell you are doing with your life and career.

481 days ago


Danno you stated, "I have worked for Neal off and on for over 30 years, and full time for the past 2 years as his private investigator." That being the case, wouldn't your client/friend of 30 years be better served if you turned your investigative skill toward finding out why Michaeel Salahi engenders such outrage by the public. You can rule out jealousy because although she is reasonably attractive for a woman her age she is no more attractive than other women in Neal's life and she has NO talent. The outrage against Michaele is attributable solely to her behavior and is the kind of outrage reserved for liars, thieves, con artists and narcissists. I would suggest that you put together a dossier (similar to that which you compiled on JR) and present the unvarnished truth to your friend. Or are you just a "yes" man since we know celebrities surround themselves with yes men. Neal may ignore it, he may hate you for it but as a trusted friend of 30 years, he will think about it and you will have done the right thing. Someday he may just thank you.

480 days ago


Hey Michaele, I see you're on a buying binge again your Facebook "likes" are up to 76,500 today. Wow that's a record for you! Interesting demographics for the world's oldest "groupie slut" 18-24 year-olds and your most popular city is Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. I have a great idea since Neal seems to think his likes are being hacked, squashed and diverted why don't you surprise him with thousands of fans from third world countries that have never heard of Journey.

480 days ago


Just a thought but is ITSASECRET Neals Mommy Barb ?

480 days ago


Just curious what exactly did Michelle do? Not her X but her.

480 days ago

Hey Jude     

You 3-5 are boring as hell. Happy Easter ;)

480 days ago


And does anyone remember how Neal and Michelle really met? And if they really dated? If she really did choose between Neal and Tareq? Is any of this even do***ented?

479 days ago


Neal god bless you. You deserve the Beautiful Awesome lady you have in Michaele who treats you like the Rock Star that you are. So you wanted her from the moment you met way back and if she only came then you wouldn't have had to go the other route.,and deal with this ex and her mother. Just know that we are all supportive and hope these bitter women stop harassing you both.

479 days ago


By the way there are NO IP's that show on Facebook, as in all cases you have to have a court order to get Facebook or TMZ or anyone to supply those. So alot of smoke going around.

479 days ago

Robert Whitaker    

While I am certain that the "media" and I use that term loosely in regards to the journalism that TMZ reports...When does TMZ ever check their facts or ask for a comment or quote from the principals involved. It would be nice if TMZ and other media outfits actually DID their job and reported NEWS and not idol gossip and vicious lies and gross misrepresentations of the truth.

479 days ago

Hey Jude     

Kristen blah blah blah. You are infatuated with M. Give it a rest ... Your soooo f-ing boring. You sound like a parot on crack.

479 days ago

Hey Jude     

Kristen your a snooze ... Boring Babbling want to be. Good luck with that story. There is sooo much more than you'll even know but that's ok ... I have writers. Many of them. Your one of these people that think you yourself are so Interesting but really not. You see your so caught up in your own ego Listening to yourself that everyone's asleep.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

479 days ago
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