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Lindsay Lohan



3/18/2013 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Lindsay Lohan just copped an 11th hour plea deal and will spend 90 days in lockdown rehab ... the good news for her ... she's dodged the jail bullet.

After a lot of haggling in chambers with offers and counteroffers, Lindsay pled no contest to the crimes of reckless driving and lying to cops.  In addition to rehab, Lindsay will perform 30 days of community labor and undergo psychotherapy for 18 months -- she'll get credit for shrink time already completed.

FYI -- there's a mandatory 5 days in jail for reckless driving, but it's going to be folded into the lockdown rehab so she won't be behind bars even for a day.  Lindsay will be able to do her rehab in NYC.  She must stay clear of drugs and drug users.  She must submit to drug testing.

She's also admitted to a probation violation in the jewelry heist case, she was sentenced to 180 days in jail, but that sentence was STAYED and she won't do time if she continues to obey all laws.

During the hearing, Lindsay's attorney Mark Heller kept jumping up to talk -- and Lindsay ran out of patience ... telling him, "Don't say anything else." Heller ignored her and got up to talk again, and Lindsay said, "Oh my god, I'm going to kill you." Priceless.

Lindsay showed up 48 minutes late after missing 2 commercial flights from NYC to L.A.   She took a private jet and landed a little too late. 

The judge also offered a suggestion, "Don't drive."

On her way in, someone threw glitter at Lindsay. 

Lindsay Lohan and Mariah Carey -- avoid glitter at all costs.



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Can't even watch this....the way the cameraman is handling the camera is nauseating.

522 days ago


60-90 days= 1 hour in LA county jail right? Isn't that what happened to Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton? It's a shame that normal everyday people don't get told "Oh hey. we're overcrowded so serve an hour and your troubles are gone! LAME....

522 days ago

Karen N    

She needs to spend some time in jail

522 days ago


And the judge has read the verdict...death by lethal injection! Hooray!

522 days ago


How about they just shut down the I-5 Freeway so Her Majesty can make it on time..

522 days ago


Every time she's been due in court in the past TMZ always posted article about how screwed she was going to be with oodles and oodles of jail time, how the judge was sick and tired of her nonsense, blah blah blah...and each and every time she walked out of the courthouse free as a bird. And she will do just that again today

522 days ago


Lilo is sitting in the back of the Escalade with her NY lawyer right now...leaving the gate at Van Nuys... LiLo turns to her new lawyer pal and says; " Look, I know we are pressed for time, but I have a guy here in Van Nuys - should we stop? "

522 days ago


It would have been so easy to leave a day earlier and avoid all this drama. But of course, that's not Lindsey's way.

I hope the judge throws the book at her. But she's not afraid... even if she's sent to jail, she'll be out in hours.

522 days ago


linday lohan is absolutely the crown jewel of the gov't, the media and the banks diversion program......they love her as it keeps us distracted from the usa turning into a faciist/socialist police state! wonder why she gets to keep deal going? no you know......TMZ is part of it

522 days ago

the queen of everything!     

She's not going to like jail and coming off heroin. Hahahaha she getting what's coming to her

522 days ago


If she makes iy, my day will be forever ruined!!!! :(

522 days ago

Karen N    

Only Lindsay could get away with the things she getting away with. If it was any one else,your average joe or sue. We would've been locked up!

522 days ago


"Look judge! Look how hard I worked to get here! EVERYONE tried to keep me from getting here. But I'm so devoted to making myself a better person that I was determined to be here! Praise me!" LMAO!! she does this **** on purpose to make a grand enterance and the only thing that held her back was her selfish crackhead lazy mother along with her own addictions.

522 days ago

Squatting Thunder    

somebody should follow her from the time she gets off the plane playing Yakety Sax in the backgroung

522 days ago


Look at all the press. You'd think the Pope was in town.

Lohan won't take the charges seriously unless she gets serious jail time... without early release.

522 days ago
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