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Mark Burnett

The Real Devil

Is Messing with 'The Bible'

3/18/2013 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


There's a swirl that the devil character in "The Bible" TV show is a thinly veiled President Obama ... and Mark Burnett tells TMZ, it's all the devil's doing ...THE REAL DEVIL.

Burnett -- a deeply religious man -- tells TMZ ... he believes there is a devil on earth.  Burnett says the devil has stirred the pot and created a false likeness between Obama and the TV devil.

Why, you ask, would the real devil care about a TV show?  Fact is ... the show is HUGELY popular and is having a big impact on viewers.  Burnett notes the show last night featured a face-to-face meeting between Jesus and the devil ... BUT it's not the first time the TV devil has appeared on the show.  The TV devil appeared in the Garden of Eden scene awhile back and no one said anything.

Burnett believes the real devil is scared that Jesus has now entered the picture and is trying to distract from Jesus' message by creating a false story.

Burnett says, "What could be more annoying to Satan than talking about Jesus?" 

Burnett is confident the real devil's plan of distraction will not work, saying, "We believe in the light."


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Amazing that so many otherwise intelligent and successful people still believe in the fairy tales and legends of ignorant shepherds thousands of years ago.

592 days ago


Okay for one - I don't see the resemblance, for another, who cares, and finally - libs loved the impaled Bush head on Game of Thrones which I find more offensive than a barely looks like Obama guy playing Satan.

592 days ago


Religious stories...too funny.

592 days ago

Most H8d     

He needs to burn in hell

592 days ago


It's no secret that Obama 'may' be the antichrist who will someday soon be possessed by his father the Devil

Obama is an evil man who carries the monkey god statue in his pocket and worships Lucifer - aka Satan, Devil, etc.

People need to wake up before it's too late to repent of your sins and put you faith and trust in Jesus Christ

Satan is like a roaring lion roaming the earth ready to devour you

I think having the devil figure in this movie is very appropriate in it's real likeness of Obama - aka Barry Soetoro

592 days ago


Isn't Mark Burnett the person who brought shows such as Survivor to television? Mark Burnett as a prophet? Come on, he made money with his "reality" show and that gives him the purpose of a prophet of sorts? Oh well, he's married to Roma Downey & I believe she was in a religious show a few years ago. I guess that bona fide's him. Ridiculous!

592 days ago


Well the cat is out of the bag! Satan is here.. Surprise! Ladies and gentlemen. Love and respect will always win. Just worry about lindsey and let the big things in life be ran by people with smarts!

592 days ago


And the voices in his head make him also do what.......

592 days ago


First TLC (used to be known as The Learning Channel) and now The History Channel is selling out?? All we have left is NatGeo, Discovery and Science channel and i hope they never change. :(

592 days ago


I thought Obama fancied himself Mose. He isn't Jesus 'cause that's what he followers proclaim him to be. The Anointed One!

Maybe Obama is the False Prophet.

592 days ago


The left trying to say make up crud. The actor face looks like himself. And he playing the devil. People who think it looks like the president knows inside that he is Satan... hilarious..

592 days ago


HOLY smokes! This guy is "Coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs" !

592 days ago


2 biggest liars in the world , Politicians & Religion.. wake up people

592 days ago


Burnett is just crazy. I'm so tired of these crazy racists in Jesus Clothing.

592 days ago


Burnett approved casting the actor. Is he saying he didn't notice a resemblance?

592 days ago
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