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Lindsay Lohan


If Looks Could Kill

3/20/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has just been booked by the Santa Monica police ... which means ... SHE HAS A BRAND NEW MUG SHOT ... and she does not look happy about it.

Lindsay was ordered to turn herself in for booking after pleading "no contest" Monday to the charge of giving false information to a police officer and reckless driving, stemming from her PCH car crash last summer.

By our count this is mug shot #6, that we've seen. Another was taken in NYC last year, but since NYPD doesn't release mug shots ... we got robbed

Lindsay was released moments after posing for her latest close-up.

As we reported, Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days in a lockdown rehab facility ... but that won't begin until after a hearing on May 2nd.

The shot marks Lindsay's 5 billionth mug shot ... if you recall, she also has mug shots from the time she was arrested for shoplifting, DUI, drug possession, etc, etc, etc, etc.



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Wanna give a shout out to G Bear, give em hell kid.

585 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Now THAT is a disturbing photo.

585 days ago


I hope the poor deputy who had to take her prints from those liver spotted, hang nailed, nasty fungus filled fingernails drenched his hands in Purell after he was done with that task.

585 days ago


Gangster Baby...........
Move over Al Capone.
I've arrived.
Bad Ass is in the room.

585 days ago


She has been sentenced!!! why is there going to be yet another f-ing hearing???

585 days ago


Nolo contendere is a legal term that comes from the Latin for "I do not wish to contend." It is also referred to as a plea of no contest. In criminal trials in certain U.S. jurisdictions,t is a plea where the defendant neither admits nor disputes a charge, serving as an alternative to a pleading of guilty or not guilty. A no-contest plea, while not technically a guilty plea, has the same immediate effect as a guilty plea, and is often offered as a part of a plea bargain.[1] In many jurisdictions a plea of nolo contendere is not a right, and carries various restrictions on its use.

585 days ago


If the afflack duck went down to the local methadone cllinic and paid a homeless junkie five bucks for a quick trip to the bathroom which resulted in a baby being born the baby would look like this.

585 days ago


Yup! Lindsay now has enough mugshots for half a calendar. I think she and DMX should get together and put out one for the year.

585 days ago


You know, despite me taking away a voyeuristic kick from it, I'm in reality also against releasing mug shots. It's just public humiliation.

So effectively I'm with NYPD here.

585 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

@ Bear

Is in order

585 days ago


Hmmm seven mugshot by 26 and some people like to come on here and pretend Lindsay has ZERO issues and that they and the two other people who agree with them are right and everybody else are wrong. Strange huh?

585 days ago


It's still everyone is lieing but Lohan. How come Lohan isn't screaming I'm going to sue.

Because it's true and she can't. She flat out slapped the judge and court in the face. This is Lohans blantet screw you I'll do what I want when I want.

585 days ago


Proof, once again, that Nicole has no clue what she's talking about...

585 days ago


Lindsay......Look closely at your mugshots.
Notice anything?
You are dying!
The first few your career died.
The last few...You are dying, looking worse in each one. The look in your eyes, like the shade in the bottom of a grave. Life is leaving those eyes year by year.
Is what is left going to be what your remembered for? Troubled former child star that never made it beyond a courtroom as an adult? Known more for antics then acting?

585 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


Deny, Deny, Deny! Lindsay Lohan Claims Night Club Visit Was Mistaken Identity, Vows ‘That Was NOT Me!’

Posted on Mar 19, 2013 @ 17:07PM | By Debbie Emery - Radar Reporter

Splash News

Sound familiar?

After being slammed by the public and even her own father, after allegedly being caught on camera heading for a night out on the town Monday — just hours after her latest court appearance where she was ordered to undergo rehab — Lindsay Lohan has claimed it’s all just a case of mistaken identity!

“Guys relax, that was NOT me at A/V or in the @mrpink SUV. I’m taking this seriously and focused on the road ahead,” the troubled 26-year-old tweeted Tuesday in the wake of the bitter backlash. “I stayed in last night, after a pretty long day…and ordered sushi to my hotel.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Hits Hollywood Nightclub After Being Sentenced To 90 Days In Rehab

“Don’t believe EVERY little thing you hear, unless you hear it from me,” wrote Lindsay — who has historically had a well do***ented, conflicted, relationship with the truth — including Monday’s no contest plea on charges of LYING to the cops!

So, this being far from the first time that Lohan has lied to get out of a sticky situation, many Twitter followers were naturally skeptical of the starlet’s adamant claim of spending a quiet night in – especially as she was reportedly snapped cowering under a blanket in the backseat of an Escalade owned by her billionaire benefactor buddy, Mr. Pink just hours after landing in LA on his private jet!

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan’s Mugshot Hall Of Fame

“Thanks Mr. Pink for the private jet see you all in a few hours in LA,” the wayward actress tweeted Monday morning before jetting out of New York for her early morning court appearance in California, which she still ended up being 48 minutes late for.

As previously reported, the disheveled and bedraggled looking star narrowly dodged going to prison yet again and instead was sentenced to 90 days inpatient rehab treatment — after, a source claims, she refused a 30-day house arrest deal because she didn’t want to wear a drug and alcohol monitoring SCRAM bracelet.

585 days ago
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