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Poop Companies

Side with School

In Charlie Sheen Feud

3/20/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0319-charlie-sheen-stinkCharlie Sheen's the real bully in his craptastic fued with L.A.'s elite Viewpoint School, and 2 companies specializing in poo have offered their help in putting a plug in the poo pandemonium.

You'll recall, Charlie issued a call to arms to his millions of fans last week ... telling them to smear dog feces on his daughter's former L.A. private school after it did nothing to stop a classmate from teasing her (so Charlie claims). Viewpoint says it took appropriate action.

Now, two companies that specialize in poop-related services have sworn to help the school in case Sheen fans act out.

A rep for Yodish* -- which lets you send poo in the mail to your friends -- tells TMZ, they've suspended all orders to L.A. schools after seeing a recent upsurge in L.A. school poo deliveries.

The rep says, "We believe that education is the fertilizer of life and that schools and their youth are best served by being bulls**t-free zones."

Meanwhile, a rep for Doody Calls -- which specializes in dog poo removal -- has pledged its cleaning services to Viewpoint in the event a rogue Sheen fanatic goes poo wild.

As we reported, Charlie has since backed off his call to arms ... claiming it was merely metaphoric.



No Avatar


Now this is getting ridiculous.

585 days ago


He is absolutely delushional

585 days ago


For a moment there I believed there was a business that actually delivered dog sh-t.

LOL@ "doody"

585 days ago


My gf met him at Bellagio Casino last June in Vegas she said he is so cool & laid back. Nothing like what you read about. #YouRockCharlie

585 days ago

Latch Johnson    

No ones done anything yet, I doubt they will at all.

585 days ago


DoodyCalls is the largest Pet Waste Removal Franchise company in the USA!

585 days ago


TMZ make your mind post says hes a bully and the school just a victim and the next its poor charlie & his family are the victims??????

585 days ago


Calling charlie sheen an actor is like calling a garbage man a brain surgeon. Shoe dont fit. His cant act.and his dad cant act for that matter. Just the fact that this parasite is even being reported on is a sign that humanity is doomed. Him n dad maybe could act in like a 3rd grade play and even then thats still more credit then is due.

585 days ago


Lisam. Im a graffic artist and I am independent of mommy. Sorry to say but I made two actors better then the sheen boys in the toilet this morn. U grow up and try not defending someone who wouldnt give a poop about you in the real world. I guess u think sheens acting is on par with j depp or b pitt? If I could poop on your moms house I would.

585 days ago


Meanwhile some more people have been shot in America,
North korea has starting advertising itself as a special efects company,
The latest troubles at the fukishima plant have resolved.
The internet is up in arms over US news networks focus on portraying convicted rapists as the victims.
The trapped polish miners have been saved.
There has been a terrorist attack in turkey.
And many many many other things which are actually news.

585 days ago


This story stopped being funny after the first report.

585 days ago


Hi do you wonder why the H E L L folks are posting links to lesbian dating sites mega bucks internet job opportunity's on TMZ ?

Well ME TOO !

585 days ago

Mama Bear    

Dear Charlie Sheen-
You are a rocking good dad for wanting to protect your daughter and keep her from being hurt; being a total mama bear, I completely understand your feelings. That being said, please take a minute (and a deep breath) and try to remember how things worked when you were a kid- any kind of interference from your parents guaranteed total humiliation and simply gave the crappy kids more ammo with which to torment you. It's so hard to take that necessary step back and let our kids find their way, and I totally get your anger and acknowledge the love that it's born from. Being a parent is so hard, but if you love your daughter as much as I suspect, she will be ok. When she tackles a grossly unfair issue and emerges on the other side victorious, which she will, it will be because she knows you have her back and have been there to show her how to navigate her way through this hard world. There will always be stupid kids with stupid parents- our job is not be one or let our kids turn into one. It ain't easy, and that's a fact... nothing that matters this much is. In the meantime, no dog poop, my friend

585 days ago


Only in CA. A company that "specializes" in dog poop removal. Probably goes to stars homes and cleans their yards?

585 days ago


Really let this go he's a parent who is frustrated his daughter was bullied and the school did nothing. I don't really like Charlie Sheen but come on these schools need to hold these bullies accountable. Saying you handled the problem when you did nothing doesn't count. Most of these people calling him crazy have said things in anger as well so get off it!!!!!!

585 days ago
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