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Ashley Greene


After Condo Fire

3/22/2013 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cradling her dog's dead body, "Twilight" star Ashley Greene was utterly heartbroken at her West Hollywood condo this afternoon ... after the whole place went up in flames.

TMZ broke the story ... the fire pretty much destroyed the condo and one of the actress' two dogs perished in the blaze. Ashley can be seen holding the dog's body in the video, wrapped in a sheet.

As we reported, Ashley was home at the time with her boyfriend and brother when the fire broke out on the living room sofa. They were sleeping at the time, and quickly evacuated before anyone was hurt.

Once they realized Ashley's dogs were still inside,  the two boys rushed back to save them ... but couldn't. One dog died, the other is expected to be taken to Animal Control to be checked out.



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why the hell would you show this video? she's grief stricken. have some compassion and class.

580 days ago


This is my first post to tmz bc I want to say its terrible you posted this.

580 days ago


I'm disappointed TMZ would post something like this. Harvey, everyone knows what a huge dog lover you are. How would you feel if you were in Ms. Greene's situation? Shame on you.

580 days ago

Loves you    

This is very trashy and disrespectful tmz

580 days ago


Um, didn't some human beings get injured in this fire too? Sorry about your dog but your candle caused this fire, you need to stow the tears and show some concern for the humans. I'd much rather a picture of her at the hospital.

580 days ago


!'m heart goes out to Ashley. To lose your beloved pet and your home.. I can't even imagine. I refuse to watch that video. TmZ, you are disgusting for posting a video and photos of someone who is grieving after losing a beloved pet. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

580 days ago



580 days ago


I feel so sad for her :(

580 days ago


I can't say what you feel or going through but I felt very sad about put my dog "Lexus" March 8th 2013 down who survived a house in March 7th 2011. We went to the Humane Society El Paso, TX and a Jack Russell Terrier pick us out and now she "Bells" has a new home with lots of Love, fun and laughter. I'm very happy that your other dog made it through. you both will need each other. I wish you the best of recovery with you lose. Just PLEASE think about the Humane Society when you are ready to get anther pet.. So Sorry Sincerely, AnimalLover <3

580 days ago


TMZ won't even leave someone alone in their worst moment.

580 days ago


I think I'm done with tmz. I can imagine one of my dogs dying in a fire, let alone my reaction being filmed. Just sad.

580 days ago


absolutely horrible that you guys actually recorded her like this. You have no shame and neither do the people who crave this kind of news. Lets just start recording you when tragic stuff happens and let you deal with that being out in public. Famous or not, there are just some moments that demand privacy

580 days ago

Lily Miranda    

I don't visit this site often so I had no reason to have an account but I've opened one because the comments on this page upset me more than the actual video. TMZ are vultures. This is expected of them. But instead of banning together and standing up for this girl who had something tragic happen to her, there are people on here shaming her, blaming her for an accident (let's be real... How many of us have left a candle burning and fallen asleep?), diminishing her grief because she's crying over her pet, etc etc. Lets get it straight. What happened was an ACCIDENT. Say it with me, an A-C-C-I-D-E-N-T. She didn't fall asleep with the intentions to set her apartment on fire. Secondly, there WAS a fire and in a panic they got out. They wouldn't be the first. Just like they wouldn't be the first to leave their pet inside in that state of panic. It's worth noting that both her brother and boyfriend tried very hard to get back in to rescue the dogs, but couldn't. Also, the person who took this video and sold it to TMZ should be very ashamed of themselves. I hope that few hundred dollars you received for it was worth it. You just sold your dignity. And finally, for those who are diminishing her grief because "people were injured", don't act like you care about those people. If you cannot sympathize with her in this moment that is because you don't have any pets. Which is fine. But if you did, you'd understand that losing a pet is like losing a child. You do everything for them. You raise them. You feed and care for them. They're your kids. They're part of the family. And when one passes away, it's heartbreaking. I've been there. My baby passed away in my arms a year ago next week and it still hurts when I think about it. And my dog died of natural causes, not nearly as tragic as this. Still, I blamed myself. I still blame myself. Because I still think what if I had done more. Ashley Greene is going to always blame herself for this. She doesn't need you to add to that blame. Again, I don't frequent this site. It's actually my first time on it. And I'm only here because a friend showed me this page and the comments on it. As a pet lover, I just couldn't stay quiet. But I will not return giving them the hits they do not deserve. Ashley, I hope you never see this page but if you do, my condolences go out to you. I understand your pain as do so many others around the world. And today we mourn with you.

580 days ago


It is so wrong to post such a private moment online. It is not fair to her or the people around her. She just lost her home and a beloved pet. It's sad that anyone would want to see this and that some sick person decided to take this. A story isn't worth her loss/lack of privacy in such a terrible time.

580 days ago


This is incredibly sad. How did TMZ gain entry to tape that, and WHY? Impersonation? That's a new level of low - she's holding her dead dog. I'm appauled TMZ would even show something like that.

580 days ago
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