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Lindsay Lohan


Is Gonna Ruin My Birthday!

3/23/2013 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0322-lindsay-lohan-rehab-birthday-tmzDon't you just hate it when court-ordered rehab totally ruins your birthday plans? Lindsay Lohan does ... and is telling friends she's super bummed she'll be turning 27 while on lockdown.

There's no getting around it ... Lindsay has been ordered to check-in to a rehab facility for 90 days within the next month and half, so her July 2 birthday WILL fall in the treatment zone ... and she's pissed.

To be clear ... not about the whole rehab thing ... just about missing her birthday (seriously).

We're told LiLo had big plans -- which involved throwing a party in NYC -- but now it's all gone to the crapper after she copped a plea deal with prosecutors and took rehab over jail

In case you forgot, LiLo has already been to rehab five times since 2007 -- including one stint during her 21st bday as well -- but none have stuck. Sources close to LiLo tell us, they're hoping this next trip will finally sober her up.

Again ... still beats jail.


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Okaaaay, birthday in or out of rehab...doesn't really matter.....sorry but I predict that Ole Linds will consume all the booze and drugs possible until she goes in. Then she'll jump right back up on that horse of hers once she sneaks out. As well, it wouldn't be surprising if she were pulled over for a DUI on that very same day. How many chances will Ole Linds have? Is it going to take someone being hurt for the system to finally realize just exactly what a menace to society she's become?? Just sayin'. What a joke.

578 days ago


If Lindsay get the right treatment she will be fine.

578 days ago


Not only did Milo offer to pay for her Rehab..he also put the money up for a Chucky Cheese party..Dina was not invited

578 days ago


Who gives a rat's a$$?? You should have thought about that before you did all of this crap in the first place. Damn I really hate spoiled little think they are rich bratty kids. Go out and get a real job like normal people do.

578 days ago


C'mon people. Lock-down rehab is not the same as Locked-downed rehab.

Difference being a lock down facility lockes down it's doors. A Locked-down facility has security with locked down doors.

Lindsay Lohan still playing legal samantics splitting legal hairs. No it's not Shawn Holleys fault, not it's not Mark Hellers fault. It's Lindsay Lohans own doing and own fault as always.

578 days ago


This story may be complete fiction but it is also believable because Lindsay has acted like this in the past.

And yes, if LL began her rehab stay prior to 4/2 she would be out prior to her birthday. However, there are several reasons why she would not do this. First of all, Lindsay has to find a rehab that will take her. This rehab must have a spot available, want to take on the Lohan drama which includes a likely besmirching of their good name and must be acceptable to the prosecution and the judge. Oh and "financing" must be arranged.

And then there are the Lohanian reasons for the post 4/2 date to commence her rehab stay. Lindsay would miss Coachella and God knows she never misses a good drug and alcohol fueled party.
And Lindsay always waits until the 11th hour to complete anything especially if it is court mandated.

578 days ago


everywhere she goes looks like a Birthday Party, Ronald Mcdonald Lo walks around like she is ready to entertain

578 days ago


She can violate any terms that the joke court imposed. Nothing will happen. It's a proven fact. She can party that day or any day she feels like it. She knows it. She's is far from unhappy. Agreed she maybeannoyed, but that's all.

578 days ago


What an effing joke that this waste of space was even OFFERED rehab over jail time. It's time like this that I think her numerous past attempts at rehab should be factored in. All of her past "deals" with the legal system should be factored in. At what point can we stop allowing people to take advantage of our judicial system? At what point can we stop them from just buying their way out of consequences? Do they REALLY think that it'll sink in THIS TIME when rehab and probation have done NOTHING in the past? She doesn't think she has an addiction problem. Isn't that "the first step"?? Admiting to having a problem in the first place? She isn't even there yet, in her own mind, yet they think rehab will work. She's already focusing on "missing" the opportunity to party for her birthday instead of understanding WHY she is even there. I can only hope the next time - and there will be a "next time" of some sort with this chick) - that they really do lock her up. I really feel that is the only way she is going to understand the true magnitude of what's she's done and who she has become. Hell, I'd even say that jail fixed Paris Hilton in a lot of ways. It can work for her, too.

578 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

Your little playground bully club is beyond getting old. It will all come back to haunt you. I guarantee . Fvck you losers .

578 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

You are all so lame. So jealous. So living a fantasy life you'll never have. I can just see all your butt ugly faces pressed against a computer screen, playing with yourselves over Lohan news. You are all fvcked up nerds that never had or ever will have a life. And the biggest joke is you all think you're important.

578 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

You losers are so fat and ugly with no personalities no one will associate with you. That's why you live your lame azz lives on here trashing other people to make you feel better. Believe me, it's not hard to figure you all put.

578 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

It just breaks my heart that our darling Lindsay will not only be in rehab, but will not be gacked to the gillls on her birthday. It's unAmerican not to allow our precious Lilo to puke on the fancy Christian Louboutin shoe's she got for servicing Lil Vikki.

578 days ago


Can the IRS seize her Birthday presents??

I don't know how Much Versaci Butt Plugs cost or designer Crack pipes..but I am sure it would help her IRS debt

578 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

You losers are so fat and ugly with no personalities no one will associate with you. That's why you live your lame azz lives on here trashing other people to make you feel better. Believe me, it's not hard to figure you all out.

578 days ago
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