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Lindsay Lohan

Six-Figure Payday

Before Rehab

3/24/2013 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0324_lindsay_lohan_brazil_compositeLindsay Lohan has scored herself a HUGE paycheck before she goes into rehab, and TMZ has learned she'll be earning her keep by hanging out in South America. 

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ ... she's headed to Brazil this coming week to make a few appearances to promote a clothing line. We're told Lindsay scored a low six-figure payday for the deal. 

Our sources say Lindsay will head down to Brazil on Wednesday (with a small entourage in tow) after she shoots her appearance on Charlie Sheen's show, "Anger Management." We're told Lindsay is scheduled to shoot her scenes Monday and possibly Tuesday. 

The money will certainly come in handy. As TMZ first reported, Lindsay was recently hit with another tax lien in the amount of $56,717.90 ... in addition to two other liens she has outstanding.


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I call bull****! No one is hiring that thing.

546 days ago

Lynn M    

So I did some research: Lindsay is on Misdemeanor (Summary) probation, meaning she only reports to the court from time to time and is not monitored by a PO. It is different from Felony probation. Since her crime was not DUI, she does not have the alcohol exclusion. It sounded like the judge only was giving her advice, not a court order. She also may only need to notify her attorney (just to let him know) when she leaves the country. She still has the same obligations to meet the timeline set forth by the judge, but, as long as she is within the law, she can pretty much do what she wants. That said, the receiving country might not let her in based on her criminal history.

546 days ago


Isn’t Charlie Sheen a known and admitted drug user? If so, she isn’t allowed to associate with him, even for work, right? Here is what the Judge said:

And do not associate with persons known by you to be narcotic drug users or sellers except in an authorized drug counseling program.”

546 days ago


She's become a real charity case. It's the only explanation behind her being hired for anything.

546 days ago


Huge paycheck?? Hardly. It will barely make a dent in all the debt she owes, with the IRS leading the pack. And a "small entourage??" LMAO Does that mean Gayvin is back as lead flunkie?? Maybe it's Gayvin and a couple of enforcers to make her go where they want her to. This sounds like a Dina embellished fairy tale. Who would hire her, of all people, to promote a clothing line? Isn't Brazil known to have a lot of gorgeous women? Blo doesn't qualify for that for sure.
But she should be able to hook up with a snow blower, so to speak. Don't all countries have a drug problem these days? Any that don't certainly will when she arrives. I hope they won't export her crawling for business ass back to us when they're done, but alas, why would they want to keep her??

546 days ago


If anyone needs a conservator...she does. Too bad neither one of hers parents fit the bill

546 days ago


I hope whomever hired her wraps that

546 days ago


Hope she has the IRS and Drug testers waiting for her at the border when she comes home.

546 days ago


Whenever I see Lilos face, its comparible to that angry reaction I feel when I discover I need to sh1t immediately after cleaning my toilet to a spotless shine.

546 days ago

Ozzie X    

Her PR firm, if she has one, has decided her "talent" would be better suited in the international market. She'll be endorsing snacks for Japan soon. can't wait.

546 days ago

Peter Sc    

As long as she pays IRS what she should, I am happy. There are no worse than people who gets the benefits of our society without paying for it.

546 days ago


I thought her probation said she had to stay away from people that did drugs... Someone clearly must be on drugs if they are going to pay her 6 figures to wear their clothes :p

546 days ago


Some loser will bail her out of her tax woes. I can't wait for the pics of her staggering out of a bar in Brazil.

546 days ago


This is 'celebrity' at work. Pretty isn't it? Fact is NONE of that money ever goes to her languishing debts, you see this 'broke' woman out shopping all of the time.

545 days ago
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