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Lindsay Lohan

Six-Figure Payday

Before Rehab

3/24/2013 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0324_lindsay_lohan_brazil_compositeLindsay Lohan has scored herself a HUGE paycheck before she goes into rehab, and TMZ has learned she'll be earning her keep by hanging out in South America. 

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ ... she's headed to Brazil this coming week to make a few appearances to promote a clothing line. We're told Lindsay scored a low six-figure payday for the deal. 

Our sources say Lindsay will head down to Brazil on Wednesday (with a small entourage in tow) after she shoots her appearance on Charlie Sheen's show, "Anger Management." We're told Lindsay is scheduled to shoot her scenes Monday and possibly Tuesday. 

The money will certainly come in handy. As TMZ first reported, Lindsay was recently hit with another tax lien in the amount of $56,717.90 ... in addition to two other liens she has outstanding.


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Most people in south America fight the Border patrol to find work here..
Not Lindsay she goes south and Takes their jobs that don't exist..

cant wait until this Unknown clothing line comes out..

Must be the clothes she wore on her shop-lifting trip with Gavin on wed.. the ones that screamed.."I don't need a Bra, I just have two sets of knees"

575 days ago


What does that sign mean behind Lindsay? Is it asking for someone to order them some soup?
Order me Progresso.........NOW!
Now she brings signs that show her Diva demands.

575 days ago


This girl is down and out and people are still offering her lucrative deals! I am disgusted and annoyed about "Lindsey Drug Lohan" -.-

575 days ago


I would have thought they would have made her turn in her pass port and not let her leave the country for fear she would not come back and check into rehab,

575 days ago


so Now migrants in brazil will think here in America that all women put out on the first date and to a whole Village...

Great we will be the laughing stock of there too..

they might end up sending foreign aid in the means of personal hygiene supplies

575 days ago


She's NOT going to promote some no name 'clothing line'. If Heller Jr. is sponsoring this trip, he must have a rich Brazilian 'client' for Blohan. It is how she makes her living now a days . . .

575 days ago


we sent are best over?? WTF..
Brazil will think that America is one big drugged up Shady Pines Retirement home when she arrives..

and think that we all have piss poor vision with no sense of smell

575 days ago


Lindsay will be returning sooner than planned from Brazil. They don't want her there and will send her back all wrapped up in industrial duck tape. With big black letters written across her face...RETURN TO SENDER! But sender doesn't want her back so they'll send her back to Brazil again. Lindsay will be going back and forth until someone finally drops her into the inactive bin.

575 days ago


thats not enough to pay the 400,000.00 she owes sean holly she probably ends up dead there. hope sean garnishes her paycheck

575 days ago


Get on the ball, TMZ, how much is she making to appear on AM?
This is as bad as your last post about her being seen drinking in a bar after midnight but no pics. So, what's the name of the clothing company? I thought Smeggy had her own clothing line? If she still has her clothing line she cannot be hocking someone else's because it's a conflict of interest. Her investors would be blowing a shyte.

575 days ago


sun Came back later..

I am going to pick up $$$ with my anus and make 6 figures...

2 quarters, 2 Dimes, a nickel and a penny..

575 days ago


How is the pay off going to work? She can't use her bank accounts, can't bring the cash back into the US.
Guess she will have to break the law and use Dina's bank to get paid, there by breaking the law and violating her probation.

575 days ago


Poor TMZ, do you honestly think it will take two days to file a cameo for Smeggy? She'll start out by being five hours late, complain about her dressing quarters, toss out a crapload of demands, refuse to come out of her dressing room because she was given Smirnoff instead of Grey Goose and when she finally gets in front of the camera the director will have to yell "CUT" before even rolling and send Smeggy to makeup for another three hours so she doesn't look like a HOT MESS anymore. By that time, it will be wrap for the day and they'll have to start all over the next day with more temper tantrums before actually making an appearance. I want to see how friendly CHARLIE is going to be when he's no longer the center of attention on his own show.

575 days ago


Given the fact that she still owes the IRS close to $200,000, shawn holley $300,000, upcoming rehab costs and restitution to the truck driver, a low six figure payday is going to do **** all.

575 days ago


LiLo better watch out. Nobody but the IRS got to AL Capone...Just saying...

575 days ago
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