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Sandusky Interviewer to Victim

Threatens Victim #2 --

Talk To Me, Or I'll Out You

3/26/2013 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Ziegler tells TMZ, "Victim 2 already publicly inserted himself into this story by writing letters to the editor, in his own name, in support of Sandusky as a 24 year old married member of the Marine Corps. I was not 'threatening' him with an outing, and had the intention of getting him to speak to me for a documentary which will likely never be made."

He adds, "On the advice of sex abuse crimes expert Jim Clemente I was offering to speak to him off the record so that he could explain to me why he deserved special consideration in this matter. As it turns out, very much against my own interest, his name is not on our website and he can not be revealed in a Google search."

The man who interviewed Jerry Sandusky in prison has given Sandusky's victim #2 an ultimatum that arguably amounts to extortion ... give him an exclusive interview, or he'll go public with the victim's identity.

John Ziegler -- who interviewed Sandusky for a documentary he hopes will clear Joe Paterno's name -- announced yesterday he planned to reveal the identity of Sandusky's victim #2 because the man's biography is central to the Sandusky case.

Sandusky was convicted of raping the victim -- identified as "accuser #2" in court docs -- in a Penn State shower back in 2001 ... following testimony from former PSU assistant football coach Mike McQueary. Paterno was subsequently fired from PSU for not reporting the incident to his superiors.

But Ziegler came on TMZ Live yesterday, insisting Sandusky did NOT rape victim #2 ... and McQueary's testimony was bogus. Ziegler believes releasing victim #2's identity is crucial in order to clear Paterno's name. 

Now Ziegler says he's reconsidering releasing the private information because victim #2 is "upset" about the prospect of going public. Ziegler has decided to threaten him instead.

Ziegler posted the ultimatum on his website earlier today ... demanding the victim call him personally to explain why he's so upset, or Ziegler will open the floodgates. Tick tock.

Ziegler obviously has a lot to gain by an exclusive interview with victim #2 -- who's now an adult -- because the man has never spoken to the media. So we gotta ask ...

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No Avatar


What a worm. This book needs to be boycotted.

543 days ago


I think he's inlove with that perv.

543 days ago


He has no right to make such a horrible threat. You aren't law enforcement, so you have no right to speak with #2 if he does want to speak.

543 days ago


Where's the police when you need them?

543 days ago


Ddi not do an iterview with that pedophile lover.

543 days ago


Can't victim #2 get some sort of restraining order on this guy? Seems like harassment (especially since he is making these treats through the media) - maybe even blackmail on some level? Anyway, just doesn't seem right to me. This shouldn't be allowed to happen. This guy isn't any sort of attorney or anything. He's just a sleeze who is looking to make a movie.

543 days ago


This borders on criminal. I would hope that, if he is outed, Victim #2 takes this jerk to civil court..

543 days ago


Dont don't don't !!!!!

543 days ago


He's a creep and soulless. If I was law enforcement I'd keep an eye on him and his activities. He should do research on child abuse and empathize with the victims, not siding with a convicted pedophile.

543 days ago


Absolutely disgusting. He needs a cell right next to Sandusky.

543 days ago

And another thing!    

Where is Anonymous? This is the type of guy they normally love to rip into. This guy is a complete POS.

543 days ago


Throw them all in a pit. I think Penn State has not paid teh price for their neglect and even complicity and should make up for it by putting a stop to this. If this hole outs the other victim he should go to prison with Sandusky.

543 days ago

someone with eyes    

The victims names were not withheld. They are in the court do***ents, but most of the media chose not to use them. TMZ wrong again. BTW, Sandusky was found not guilty of raping victim 2 (one of three not guilty counts) TMZ wrong again....

543 days ago


I hope that SOB gets arrested. What an absolute piece of s***.

543 days ago


Who does this a-hole think he is? Talk to me or else!! Someone needs to put their first in his mouth!!

543 days ago
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