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Paul Anka



3/26/2013 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Anka -- one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time -- is calling out Jay-Z ... telling TMZ the rapper treated him like a chump ... and now Anka is PISSED.

Anka was outside Madeo restaurant in L.A. last night, when we asked about his upcoming album "Duets" -- which features collaborations with legends like Willie Nelson, Gloria Estefan and Dolly Parton.

But you know who isn't on the album? Jigga ... because according to Anka, Mr. Knowles didn't have the common courtesy to return a simple phone call!!!

Anka says he feels completely disrespected -- and says Jay acted "inappropriately" towards him ... especially since Jay once sampled Anka's biggest hit "My Way" on a rap song.

Now, Anka is escalating his anger into a full on war of the music titans -- and even took a shot back at Jay-Z.

Not many people in the music biz would have the stones to go after Hova ... then again, not many people would have the stones to disrespect Anka either.


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Didn't DeNiro also call Jay-Z to the carpet for not returning his calls? Actually confronted him at some party....there were pictures of DeNiro ripping one on Jay-Z

540 days ago


What did he expect from Beyonce and Mr. Beyonce? They're two of the biggest self centered arrogant ego maniacs out there and they don't respect anyone, especially fans and other much more famous singers and musicians.

540 days ago


jay-z will never have as much talent as paul anka.

540 days ago


It seems Jay-Z is making a habit of this. A while back he disrespected Robert de Niro by not returning several phone calls and now not returning Paul Anka's call? He may be a hero to millions but you are a nobody if you disrespect the artists (actors, singers, song writers...) who came before us and contributed to our arts and entertainment fields like these two men. Jay-Z should smarten up and acknowledge this.

540 days ago


Get over it you look like a bugg eyed moon crickett

540 days ago


It's racism.

540 days ago


As a MUSICIAN,...or should I say, "RESPECTED MUSICIAN(S)",....props (let alone RESPECT) should be given to ALL of your fellow SUCCESSFUL/INFLUENTIAL/GROUND-BREAKING peers! Regardless of genres and/or whether or not you even "like" other/different genres!!

Like him or not, Anka is a LEGEND in the music industry. I know for a FACT, he is single-handedly responsible for over FIVE-HUNDRED music hits, crossing every/all genres as well as DECADES of music and musical "sounds". Chances are, virtually EVERYONE who might read my comments has either listened to/knows a song(s) either PERFORMED/PENNED/CO-PENNED by Anka! How or why Jay-Z would blow off a LEGEND like Anka is beyond my compression. That is, of course, unless Jay-Z's head is so far stuck up his own arse, that he doesn't give two toots! And in retrospect, I can EASILY see that being the case w/ him!!

As a "music junkie" of all types/genres/ages/etc., I admit I like Jay-Z. That being said, I "sorta" enjoy Anka, and at "worse", I have the UTMOST respect for him as a musical LEGEND/GENIUS!!

540 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

In his day Anka was as connected as they come. Frankie was the biggest hood around. Paul and Frank were old school and they expected respect. Paul is still looking for it but JZ is not the guy to give it. I think this is all bad PR. Both Paul and JZ could behave mutually respectful. Paul is from an age that is gone. JZs time will come. RESPECT!

540 days ago


white people are hilarious! no one has to call y'all back if they don't want to. this era of self entitlement where people think they DESERVE a reply is too funny. keep doing whatever it is that pleases you, Jay.

540 days ago

rod dick    

I was not a fan of Jay before watching Beyonce's recent doc, and thought he was a really cool guy, however, this is not the first time he is disrespecting a legend. He did so with Robert DeNiro at a wedding in the past 6 months ago. It's cool Jay has done well for himself, but, have some respect, or you risk revealing yourself as arrogant, superior, and pompous, which you are coming across at this point.

540 days ago


seriously I bet if he were to reach out to JayZ again it would be a different story. Man Jay has been busy with his new baby girl Blue not to mention the empire he runs, you think one call is enough to get his attention. It aint a diss, the dude is just massively busy.

540 days ago


If Anka have a problems I feel bad for you son
I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one

540 days ago


I think Paul Anka is a class act. My husband & I met him at the MGM in Vegas going back a couple of years ago, & he was a true Gentleman, took the time to speak to us, took pictures w/us, & is not a show-off like Jay Z. Can't stand Jay Z. or his music.

540 days ago


I'm thinking Jay Z dissed him in a song or something BUT woooow, he didn't return your call! Who do you think you are? He's not your son, and you're especially not his father. That's not a diss. That's you being an old ass immature adult. TMZ, how dare you downplay Jay Z success. Excuse you! He's one of the greatest rapper alive (opinions aside, albums sales/grammys can back that). Also he's a business and a successful one at that. To call him Ms. Knowles is disrespectful also. He's Mr. Carter. Get that correct.

540 days ago


Jay-Z doesn't have to call or participate on anyone's album if he doesn't want to. That goes for this Paul guy and Robert Deniro. White ppl expect you to kiss their ass. Please. And yes I brought race into this like every other internet racist on here that consistently talk **** about blacks. Lol

540 days ago
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