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Justin Bieber

D.A. Takes Spitting

Crimes Seriously

3/28/2013 6:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County D.A.'s Office will review battery allegations against Justin Bieber ... and multiple law enforcement sources tell us ... the case will be taken "seriously."

We're told when the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. concludes its investigation ... the case WILL be referred to the D.A. for review and possible prosecution.

TMZ broke the story ... one of Bieber's neighbors claims the singer was tearing through their Calabasas community Tuesday at speeds approaching 100 mph, and when the neighbor confronted Bieber he allegedly spit in the guy's face and threatened to kill him.

Several prosecutors in the D.A.'s Office tell TMZ ... spitting crimes are taken seriously for 2 reasons -- first, it's considered an extremely aggressive and "disgusting act," and second, it poses potentially serious health concerns.

We're told Bieber's neighbor wants the singer prosecuted and will fully cooperate with authorities.


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542 days ago


C'mon. Who here does NOT want to see this spoiled little punk knocked down a peg? He think's he's God's gift to the Earth. He needs a slap back to reality.

542 days ago


L.A. Is taking this seriously! Wow. Lindsay Lohan has treated The judicial system like a joke and has gotten away with it all. Justin is young and acting like it. I agree he is being disrespectful to many and needs a good kick in the ass. however, as of late, he is also being harrassed by photos. like most teenagers he is experimenting and learning. he is just 19 and thrown into a whole new life from the one he grew up with. Instead of bashing, people should offer some grown up guidance. Just saying - help not hate.

542 days ago


Given the LA jail overcrowding situation ex: Bobby Brown, Blowhan, Nicole Richie to name a few, even if he does get charged with a crime and sentenced to jail time, he will do an hour in jail, tops and that really pisses me and many others off! I live in CA & cannot believe what a joke our court systems have become due to jail overcrowding!!!

542 days ago


Please don't keep mentioning he's Canadian, it's so embarrassing to most of us Canucks. Think Neil Young,Joni Mitchell or Steve Nash

542 days ago


not to sound disgusting, but if it was a real hocked-up phlegm filled one, the neighbour should have wiped it off with some tissues and promptly zip-lock bag it like friggin' CSI.... justin needs to be taken down a peg or 12, this entitled douche of a kid (who still has yet to hit puberty, like wtf justin?) needs a reality check and fast... no amount of weed you smoke or party you party makes someone do this...

542 days ago


You just cannot go hitting and spitting on people just because you are rich. If this was in Africa, they would have beaten the crap out of him. This punk is getting out of hand.

542 days ago


"What are ya in for, kid"?

" Uhhhh, I spit on my neighbor because he was a dooty head, and the DA was a poop".

"Bend over, biiatch".

542 days ago


HAHA Watch Bieber goes to jail for spitting ( which is wrong) and Lindsay skates with all her multiple crimes .....ROFL Just sayin"

542 days ago


I used to dismiss him as a perpetually 12 year old boy.... I guess He's really a perpetually 12 year old girl.... Who spits on people?

542 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Unfortunately, even if he was convicted, he would spend 30 seconds in jail. Do it in Georgia, Texas and other states who take the law seriously and it would be a different story.

542 days ago


What's funny is anyone who be be scared of this half pint twirp that Bieber is. He's trying to prove something because he is a little person. It's going to be funny when he tries some of these things with someone that doesn't hold back and just decks him and shows what a little sissy he really is.

542 days ago


how bout false police reports???

542 days ago


Spitting on someone IS an "extremely aggressive and disgusting act"! Someone may have taught this punk to sing and dance but they sure didn't teach him any manners or common decency.

542 days ago


I can someone hitting or kicking me. But spitting warrents murder.

542 days ago
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