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Justin Bieber

Restrained by Bodyguard

In 'Spit' Fight

3/28/2013 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
was so out of control during his altercation with a neighbor Tuesday ... he had to be restrained by his bodyguard ... this according to the neighbor's account to cops.

We broke the story ... the neighbor claims Justin spit in his face and threatened to kill him after he complained that the singer was driving his Ferrari at around 100 mph in the gated community.

We've now learned ... the neighbor told L.A. County Sheriff's deputies ... Bieber wasn't done after hocking the loogie ... he was lunging at the 47-year-old man and the bodyguard had to restrain him.  It's interesting ... because earlier this month a bodyguard had to restrain Bieber from attacking a rude photog in London.

Our Bieber sources say the singer insists he did not spit or attack the guy ... but as we reported, a landscaper directly across the street from Bieber's home says he saw the singer spit.


No Avatar


Gotta love the Bieb's........... nothing funnier than Bieber writing check that HIS BUTT CAN NOT CASH !


Hey Justin your "bodyguards" do what you tell them to do so all you have to do is instruct them not to hold you back........ oh that's right if they were to let you go you would get your butt handed to you.


Can't wait for the Bieb's to get his butt kicked and I hope its all caught on video for us to laugh at.

539 days ago


"Hold me back.... hold me back!! Really.... hold me back!!....."

539 days ago


i can not wait until this punk gets his ass beat. acting like the ghetto trash he hangs out with.

539 days ago


Justin, a 12 year old girl would kick your ass.... go home.

539 days ago

Roman Moroni    

It was reported that a bag of gooey orange slices, gummy worms, and a broken yo yo & crooked jacks fell out of his parachute pants when he was put back in the stroller

539 days ago

Cheryl A.    

The sad thing is, little girls still "love" him. BUT my little girl (11 yrs old) is going to be talked to very soon about how her idol is nothing but a punk ass douche (not in those words) My husband is a cop and I honestly believe that if he came home with spit on him she would shoot whoever did this to her daddy. This crush is going to end for her REAL soon and there goes your audience. If parents don't tell their kids who they are idolizing then in a couple of years the kids will grow older and find someone else. I can't wait a couple more years. I tried but the douche bag made it too difficult.

539 days ago

Justin Tarica    

Did TMZ really just call the Photographer Rude when that idoit moron Bieber was the one with the big mouth. TMZ get off his nuts.

539 days ago


hmm.. this is all becoming too common now.. after all that partying he has been doing, and hanging out with the wrong crowd, i'm counting the days till tmz report on him being on steroids to bulk up his tender little frame.. or better still, just simply drug f**ked like most child celebrities turn out to be..

539 days ago

Tim H.    

Bieber is just attempting to put on this tough guy act.
Really would enjoy b*tch slapping this little kid.
Hey Biebs....I am in my 50's....want to come and play?
No wonder Selena dumped him....probably was tired of baby sitting.

539 days ago


Anyone but me wonder what litle boy would if not"restrained " by his body guard? what a joke ne needs to grow up.

539 days ago


Justin is without a doubt surrounding himself with all the wrong people and doing things he never would have done if he had not been discovered. Those same people would not have even looked at him. They are users and are abusing his "fame" and money for their own satisfaction.He IS heading down the wrong path and using the excuse of being a teenager. His behavior is that of a person who is on the verge of imploding. He needs to remove himself from the public eye for and extended period, get out of the limelight and get his priorities sorted out. In order to have a long career and a happy life. There are better ways to be a teenager and to have good clean fun.

539 days ago


Go back to Canada "Biebs"

539 days ago


All you people wanting him deported..No! I'm Canadian and I sure as hell don't want him here. Someone needs to beat the crap out of him just once when his bodyguards aren't there to protect him. Easy to act tough when you know someone is there is step in for you. Grow up, JB. You're turning into a disgrace.

539 days ago


Get this pet chihuahua a muzzle asap..

539 days ago


It seems that fame has gone straight to his head

539 days ago
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