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Alleged Spitting Victim's Wife

Justin Bieber's a 'Punk'

3/28/2013 5:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0328-justin-bieber-tmzThe wife of the man who Justin Bieber allegedly spit on tells TMZ, Bieber is a "punk."

TMZ broke the story ... auto mogul Jeff Schwartz -- Justin's neighbor -- went over to confront the singer about driving in the gated community at speeds approaching 100 mph, and Justin responded by allegedly spitting in his face and threatening to kill him.

Schwartz's wife, Suzie, tells TMZ, "He's a punk.  He thinks he's invincible.  He can't continue to have a bunch of enablers around him."  FYI, there are reports Jeff said this, but it was Suzie.

Suzie also tells TMZ, "Spitting on someone is unacceptable.  He can't do this to people."

And she tells us Justin has NOT apologized to her hubby.

Justin denies hocking a loogie on Jeff, but we've learned there is at least one eyewitness who begs to differ.


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If the guy walked onto someone else's property and yelled at them, he doesn't have any right to whine. You do that here and you get a beatdown, if not a bullet between the eyes.

576 days ago


This is what happens when your parents exploit you from a young age. They must be so proud of him and the young man he's become. A lesson for all you stage parents- this is what your kid can turn out to be.

576 days ago


Is there really enough road to get up to 100 mph there? Driving fast in a neighborhood is dangerous, though, and spitting on someone is an assault.

However, the neighbor could have handled his concerns in a calmer fashion, rather than approach when not in control of his emotions. He is older and more mature than a 19 year old, one would think.

576 days ago


He can join the exchange program. Send his candy ass to Newark to pick up garbage and he will learn the meaning of humility.

576 days ago


lil douche bag

576 days ago


Justin B. Is the white version of Chris Brown.

576 days ago

The Big Bowowski    

Preach it sister!!!! Little Justine better watch her step or she's gonna have a sore culo when jail catches up with her. Like Sniper from Training Day said...."Ever had your shizz pushed in"?..."Yeah,I had my shizz ppppppusshed in.......Big time Bro". Trust me Justine, not even protective custody can hide you from the booty bandits that lurk inside county you little p e c k e r checker.

576 days ago

Celebrity Tampon    

Where dat fool dat be crashin dis fool's car be? Dat nicka pop a cap in dis crackas ass!

576 days ago


We need more news

576 days ago


Money can't buy you muscles or a bigger d**k. Your baby bieber abs are pretty unimpressive for anyone that weighs over 130 lbs. Better get it together or you're going to lose your 12 year old audience.

576 days ago


People are ridiculous. Everybody wants some type of money. I'd spit on people too if they crossed a line. Everybody wants a handout.

576 days ago


Justin and his thug friends need to move to Camden, New Jersey. More up their ally.

576 days ago


He does not have an education especially how to respect other people. Instead of singing why not go back to school Bieber to get some good attitudes?

576 days ago


I hope he loses this one. Maybe he'll see that someone with $ like his neighbor won't be bought
or intimidated.
He's WAY out of control. There are pics of him going
after a photog in London so why should we believe
he didn't do it?
And who has the right to endanger others to test
his new Ferrari?

576 days ago


I may get a lot of flack for this but as much as I think Bieber's behavior has been pretty terrible lately, I don't trust these neighbors. Whether it's just my own sense of dignity and integrity or just common sense if I had a beef with someone famous I would think that the best way to handle it would be as privately as possible and by going through the proper channels. I would have privately written a letter to Justin rather than going onto his property and if that didn't work I would take progressive action. The last thing I would do is contact the media. The only people these neighbors should be talking to is law enforcement. If they have a legitimate complaint, they are damaging their own credibility by going to the press. That's the reason why all these celebrities like Lilo get off it's because even if the idiots who have valid complaints lose all credibility the second they talk to the press. You can't whine about how celebs get away with anything and then immediately complain to the press about said celebrity. If a celebrity commits a crime you handle it the way you would handle it with any other person. If Justin Bieber was a normal person who would care if he got in an altercation with a neighbour other than the police. If you want celebrities to get the same justice as the rest of society don't do anything differently when they commit a crime. That includes not going to the press. It may put Harvey out of business but it will be better in the long run.

576 days ago
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