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Rob Kardashian

Photog Was a Trespassing

Peeping Tom

3/28/2013 9:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

9:59 AM PT:  An eyewitness tells TMZ the photog had actually driven her car inside the garage and was lying in wait when Rob started changing and then suddenly leaned out of the car window to take the pictures.

Rob Kardashian
stole a photog's camera memory card Wednesday because she dared to trespass on private property where he was changing his clothes ... at least that's what Rob is telling friends.

TMZ broke the story ... Rob manhandled the photog and snatched her camera's memory card from her.  The cops have launched a robbery investigation.

As for why Rob did it ... he's telling people he had just gone to a private, West Hollywood gym owned by famed trainer Gunnar Peterson

Rob is telling friends he was changing into his gym clothes inside the garage ... in an area that is not visible from the street. Rob claims the photog somehow entered the garage -- which is caged off to the public -- members must get out of their car and enter the code to get inside. 

Rob says as he was changing, he noticed the photog inside the garage, snapping pics. It's unclear how the photog got through the cage.

Someone who manages the gym told TMZ ... they train big celebs and the photogs have a custom of waiting on public property to get their shot. That makes sense, because the code to the cage presumably keeps non-members out.

FYI ... Rob's story almost certainly does not create a defense to robbery, but prosecutors may back off if a jury would be inclined to hate the victim.


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Trooper Tom    

So here's a question was was the fat b!tch getting changed in a parking lot

575 days ago


That fat boy should change in the locker room or go to gym already in gym clothes if he doesn't want anyone to see his fat... I'm a fat boy, too & I don't give a **** who sees me...

575 days ago


That is kind of odd for someone who makes his liiving from the papparazzi taking pics of him and his worthless family. I guess he is afraid someone is going to call him a Kowtrashian like Kim.

575 days ago


Was it a *Private* garage? Did Rob own the garage?
No? What's that? It was the gym's garage & perfectly fine for her to be there?
Then rob is 100% in the wrong! I'm SO SICK of these pseudo-celebs who think they have rights beyond that of the average citizen. They do NOT!

575 days ago


Fawk off KMZ...."WE BROKE THE STORY". When is this site going to go down like he Krapdasian TV ratings?...quit shilling for these losers in society Harvey....only dumb young girls like this trashy family.

575 days ago


Since when can a Kardashian complain about their privacy being invaded--they gave up that right when they whored themselves on television. They pay people to keep their pictures, etc., in the news. Rob's just embarrassed because someone got a picture of his fat.

575 days ago


Can't stand the kartrashians, but can't stand the papparazzi more. She deserved what she got and more.

575 days ago


If is a gym ... aren't there suppose to be change rooms there and toilet stalls with privacy partitions. . Ur changing on a garage are you serious at leats the guy is not being charged with public indecency .... yes private garage but public for members

575 days ago


I HATE people who won't just change in the gym! That's what the locker room is for, bro!

575 days ago


i feel bad for him. he isnt like his sisters who seem to play up the role of being fame seeking at any cost. they like to be thought of as vulgar, and do things to play on that. kim is only wearing regular clothes because she will not cover up her butt, the butt that she thinks made her famous. he is a sad person and i get bad feelings about him. he cant embrace ugly remarks, like his sisters. his being born a male, in that family where sex is their product makes him usless to them.

575 days ago


Ooooor, maybe he could take his clothes off in the locker room! Bizarre thought, huh?

575 days ago


The paparazzi are out of control! What they do comes down to stalking! There needs to be strict laws put on the books limiting when and where they can film or photograph celebrities!

575 days ago


Wait a minute. (1) He was changing his clothes in a garage? Why didn't lardass change in the gym? I'm sure Gunnar Peterson can afford dressing rooms in his swanky facilities. (2) Huge man that he is, he had to manhandle and overpower a FEMALE photographer. And (3) Photographers follow this weenie? Its more likely that kardashian set the whole thing up for the publicity. He should be arrested for assault and robbery.

575 days ago


Shouldn't he have been in the locker room, then this fiasco never would have occurred. I don't like kardashians.

575 days ago


Perhaps there was something else going on in the garage??

575 days ago
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