Rob Kardashian Sober and Slimmer ... At Kim's 39th Bday


Rob Kardashian's been using his time out of the public eye to focus on his health and drop some pounds ... and a lot of it's thanks to saying no to alcohol.

The Kardashian bro was spotted in Kim's Instagram Story from her birthday celebration Monday night, clearly looking a lot leaner than he used to.

Sources close to Rob tell TMZ ... he quit drinking recently and has been focusing on making better diet choices -- including cutting down on fast food. We're told he's also exercising on the reg and playing a lot of basketball to get in shape.

All of this combined has led to him shedding a lot of weight -- our sources say in the ballpark of 20 lbs. ... maybe more compared to a couple years ago.

We're told Rob's in the best place he's been mentally in a long time too ... fully devoted to raising his daughter, Dream, and making sure she's growing up happily.

Along with this positive development, Rob's also managed to avoid any dust-ups with his baby mama, Blac Chyna, for the past several months ... and that's good for everyone's health.

As for Rob's sister's 39th birthday party ... it was pretty sweet. The fam got a "home cooked meal" from Carousel Restaurant -- which cooks up Middle Eastern cuisine -- and Kim was showered with gifts.

The best one, though, came in the form of a million-dollar donation from Kanye in her honor ... to support some of her favorite charities.

Rob Kardashian Leaves Hospital After Diabetes Scare


Rob Kardashian just left the hospital after getting treated for symptoms associated with his diabetes.

TMZ broke the story ... Rob checked himself into West Hills Medical Center Wednesday night near Hidden Hills. Our sources say he'd been stress eating because of his turbulent relationship with baby mama Blac Chyna. His weight gain and related issues triggered diabetes issues.

Rob left in a Maybach.

10:55 AM PST -- Almost simultaneously to leaving the hospital Rob posted an advertisement on Instagram about a weight loss program ... a seemingly huge bonus for the company, especially if potential customers think Rob's about to jump on board.

Rob Kardashian Chyna Wants a Rapper ... Not Me, Supersized

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have been fighting for months, partially because he's convinced she's going to leave him for a rapper.

Sources close to the parents-to-be say Rob's never been comfortable with aspects of Chyna's past. For instance, we're told he's brought up her relationships with Tyga and Future. Our source says she had to stop listening to certain songs when Rob was around because he once told her point-blank, "You'd rather date a rapper than a fat Armenian."

As we previously reported, Rob's spiraled back into depression, and has put on weight while they've been on the outs. Their convos these days are tense ... especially if Chyna suggests he work out and eat healthy. He takes it as an insult, but we're told she's concerned about his health.

Suffice to say, the days of couples workout sessions are a thing of the past.


Rob Kardashian Family Scared for His Life ... After Massive Weight Gain

Rob Kardashian has given up on life again, retreating to the confines of his home and gaining all his weight back ... so claim members of his family who are worried his life is now in danger.

Our Kardashian sources say ... Rob and Blac Chyna have split, and he's been living at his own home for nearly 2 months, almost never walking out his front door.

We're told Rob has gained back the 50 pounds he lost shortly after hooking up with Chyna ... again hovering around 300 lbs.

Our sources say it's become a vicious cycle. Rob has lost his motivation because of the weight gain, which has renewed fears his diabetes will spin out of control. You'll recall he was hospitalized months ago after a diabetes scare.

Rob is also MIA for his own show. Chyna -- who's 8 months pregnant -- showed up for an appearance to promote "Rob & Chyna" and he was a no-show. He didn't even stop by the baby shower that was thrown specifically for him a few days ago.

One big problem ... Chyna is the one who pulled Rob out of his depression, but now the relationship has become the big problem -- they fight whenever they're together and it just deepens the problems.

As one source put it, "Rob is slipping back into a dark place." We're told the family is praying he "snaps out of it," and they want to do whatever they can to help him.

Rob Kardashian All Signs Point to Dramatic Weight Loss

Rob Kardashian not only looks like he's lost a lot of weight, there's a not-so-subtle message he seems to be telegraphing.

Rob posted this Saturday, presumably at a restaurant where he was eating a salad.

The phantom Kardashian has resurfaced this week after a long absence, and it's clear he's ready to show the progress he's made in the weight department. Rob's been working with trainer Gunnar Peterson, with the goal of losing 100 lbs.

The drink on the table's interesting ... could be an ice tea, but maybe a red bull and vodka or a margarita. Door number 1 would be the wisest choice.

Good luck Rob.

Kim Kardashian No Patience Left for Rob's Issues With Drugs and Weight

Kim Kardashian is tired of her brother wallowing in his problems, and admits she's taking a tough love approach until he takes action.

Kim was on "Watch What Happens Live" Tuesday night and told Andy Cohen what went down between her and Rob when he left Italy before her wedding to Kanye West.

As TMZ first reported ... Rob ditched because he was self-conscious over his weight gain and did not want to appear in any wedding photos.

Last night Kim said, "I try to encourage him, and once you don't make that change for so long ... my patience wears out." She never says exactly WHAT he's been dealing with "for so long" -- but our Kardashian sources say Rob's weight gain is closely tied to his issues with drugs.

Watch Kim ... it's not hard to read between the lines. She's fed up.

Rob Kardashian Lamar Leaving Family ... Real Reason for Rob's Woes

Rob Kardashian's downhill spiral was triggered by Lamar Odom ... but we've learned it had nothing to do with Lamar's drug use ... it was all about fatherly abandonment.

Sources connected with the Kardashian family tell TMZ ... Rob was devastated when his dad -- famed O.J. lawyer Robert Kardashian -- died back in 2003. We're told he took it much harder than his siblings and never really got over it.

When Khloe married Lamar ... the bballer became a father figure to Rob. Sources close to Khloe tell us Rob thrived around Lamar, inspiring him to start a business and get in awesome shape. They became best friends, but Rob idolized him.

Khloe has said on the Kardashian's show, Rob's recent troubles were triggered by the dark things that happened in the house. But we're told it's not about drugs -- Lamar compartmentalized his drug use and mostly kept it out of the family home. We're told Khloe was referring to the arguments and breakdown of the marriage.

Our sources say when Lamar cut off the entire family and went radio silent ... Rob went into a tailspin because he felt abandoned by the only person who measured up to his dad. And that's when Rob got deep into lean and other drugs, which resulted in a dramatic weight gain.

Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom Poisoned My Brother

Khloe Kardashian clearly blames Lamar Odom for contributing to her brother's drug problems -- and says she feels guilty for not being able to protect Rob from L.O.'s influences.

As we previously reported, Rob had gotten deep into sizzurp and weed -- and his family was pushing for him to go to rehab.

Now, Khloe is talking about Rob's issues -- and without specifically mentioning the drugs -- says Rob's problems stem from the time he lived with Lamar Odom, who has serious drug problems of his own.

"Rob has said, 'Being in that house it was so dark and it made me do dark things,'" Khloe said on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

Khloe added ... "Only Rob and Lamar know what happened in the house and know what's going on."

Khloe says she feels guilty about Rob's situation -- saying, "I was not there to protect Rob. I was not there to protect myself."

Rob Kardashian Nearly Runs Over Photographers Leaving the Gym

Rob Kardashian plowed his SUV through a crowd of aggressive paparazzi -- none of whom work for TMZ -- as he exited an L.A. gym Thursday ... and you could clearly hear his car make contact with at least one of the shooters.

The situation was a mess from the beginning -- the photogs were gathered right in front of the exit driveway and forced Rob to make a decision ... stop and be shot ... or GO. GO. GO.

He went with Option 2.

The photogs refused to move at first, playing a game of chicken with the SUV -- only getting out of the way when it was clear Rob had no intentions of slowing down. Still, they hammered Rob with questions about Kim's wedding and his weight issues.

Eventually, Rob made it through the swarm and drove off without saying a word. So far, we haven't heard of anyone complaining of injuries.

Rob Kardashian Alright, Alright ... I'm Down to Cut Weight

Rob Kardashian is now vowing to shed his unwanted pounds by intensifying his exercise regimen with trainer Gunnar Peterson -- and it looks like the shame of bailing on Kim’s wedding is what pushed him to commit.

Every stuffed crust pizza has a silver lining.

Rob Kardashian I Know I'm Fat, Stupid

Rob Kardashian says he's a fully grown man and doesn't need blogs to tell him he's fat.

Rob is scoffing at reports that he checked into fat camp and rehab to lose the lbs. He tweeted, "Then why am i still fat u fools??"

This photo of Rob leaving LAX for Kim's wedding in Paris Sunday triggered all the hubbub. He says, "I don't believe in rehab or therapy or anything of that sort."

As for losing the weight, he says, "I'm a grown man and will work on myself when i choose," adding, "I'm aware that I'm fat that def aint a surprise to me lol and my only therapy will be in the gym ..."

You got it, dumbbells?

Rob Kardashian I'm Flying My Trainer to Paris

We busted Rob Kardashian's chops for packing on the pounds -- but the guy IS trying to streamline before Kim's big day ... so we're now told.

Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson is flying to Paris to train Rob and Khloe Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, he tells TMZ. Gunnar says Rob was training 5 times a week, but then slowed to twice a week 2 weeks ago because of other commitments.

As Peterson says, [I'm} the gatekeeper of Rob's workouts, not the gatekeeper of his life."

Rob Kardashian This Weight Loss Thing ... It's a Process

Rob Kardashian might need a new workout plan ... or diet plan -- or both. Despite the fact we've seen him busting his ass all over town, he can't seem to lose it.

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Rob Kardashian I'm Not a Big Loser ... Yet

Kim isn't the only Kardashian with a protruding belly.

Rob Kardashian has been pretty open about his weight struggles and continued on his quest to drop the extra pounds by rockin' some slimming black workout gear during a vigorous hike in Culver City on Wednesday.

In between trying to slim down, Rob is in the midst of a legal battle and recently pled not guilty to allegedly attacking a photographer and stealing her equipment for trying to take a shirtless photo of him.

Luckily, no one was harmed in the taking of this picture.

Robert Kardashian Takes a Page from O.J. Simpson Playbook

Rob Kardashian just pled NOT GUILTY in his paparazzo battery and theft case ... but the headline here is that he was represented by Robert Shapiro ... the famed lawyer who represented O.J. Simpson along with Rob's father.

TMZ has learned ... Rob appeared in court today with Shapiro and pled not guilty ... just like O.J. ... except he didn't say "100% not guilty."

Here's another twist --there's a Lindsay Lohan connection ... the judge who took the plea is none other than Marsha Revel, the recipient of Lohan's famous "f**k you" fingernail stunt during one of her many criminal court appearances in Bev Hills.

As for Rob, he now faces trial for petty theft and misdemeanor battery for the March incident ... though Shapiro is famous for striking plea deals. He's also famous for

Rob Kardashian Charged with Battery, Theft After Pap Scuffle

Rob Kardashian has been charged with battery and petty theft after allegedly attacking a photographer in L.A. back in March and stealing her camera equipment, TMZ has learned.

According to the criminal complaint, Rob was charged with one count of each crime -- both misdemeanors.

TMZ broke the story ... the photog filed a robbery report following the alleged attack, claiming Rob jacked part of her camera at a West Hollywood gym ... all because she snapped shirtless pics of him. The photog has since sued Rob for robbery and assault.

For his part, Rob says he lashed out because the photog trespassed onto private property to take the photos.

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