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Lindsay Lohan

In Limbo

Over Rehab

3/31/2013 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0331_lindsay_lohan_tmzIt's been two weeks since Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in lockdown rehab, but TMZ has learned there's been no movement in placing her in a facility.

We broke the story after lots of digging ... there's no such thing as lockdown rehab for Lindsay, and that creates a problem because we're told the judge and prosecutors were under the clear impression -- based on representations by Lindsay's lawyer -- that she could be placed in such a facility in New York.

We're told prosecutors are discussing what to do with the famed defendant, but nothing has been decided. The options are regular rehab (where Lindsay has been a royal screw-up in the past) and jail. 

 In fact, the sentence is actually 90 days in jail which can be fulfilled by 90 days lockdown rehab.

It's unclear if prosecutors will make the rehab decision on their own or take it back to the judge. Given that the judge also seemed to clearly be under the impression that lockdown was an option, it's likely Judge Jim Dabney will have to sign off.



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Black Dirt Goodness    

Mumra aka 300lb computer programmer who's never been kissed.

573 days ago


You'd think the prosecution and the judge would know that about rehab in NY.

573 days ago


It's not Lindsay's fault, it's the america's justice system! God bless America!

573 days ago


Maddy & DC, *CLINK!!!*

And Hannah, how right you are!!>>>>

573 days ago

Hot Farts    

One of my favorite quotes about our Braless Thief was when Heller says "she does not need to steal clothes (then why did she) she has a warehouse full of them (but not a home and it is no fun to drive to the warehouse to get changed)"

573 days ago


For Dirt:
30 days has September,
April, June and November
All the rest have 31
And February’s great with 28
And Leap Year’s February’s fine with 29

573 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

Nibble, nibble on those thunder thighs, mumra!

573 days ago


She could kill somebody and get away with it!..they'd send her to a prison that doesn't exist!!..

573 days ago


She was under that nightclub table crying, that counts right :)

573 days ago


Lovin celebrity death pool looks strong. C'mon Lohan, jimmy could use some extra cash in his pocket.

573 days ago


judges respect other judges orders made.. they cant go around changing or lowering the sentence given by the last judges order .

judge gave lock down rehab as an OPTION and none are to be found or exist so therefore the judges order stands at 90 days jail. i hope those judges get a glimpse of these pics before may 2nd ..

. why would it change to rehab only.. judges cant disrespect other judges orders just enforced or they would go around just changing each others orders and there would be crazy judges war orf the judges.. geez.

another judge or the existing one who made the order on may 2nd in not going to lower the sentence/order to rehab only because lock down rehab was given as a alternative to 90 days in jail..


573 days ago


there is such a thing as lock down rehab, its called jail or flight deck.

573 days ago


Sorry just really over this LL crap! It's really gotten so old ......Need find something else to write about


573 days ago


Lets worry about the lockdown later. At this time Lindsay is having a good time with her working holiday in brazil. Lets wait until she comes back!

573 days ago


The actual sentence was 90 days in jail. But she would be allowed to do rehab, as long as she didn't disappear for a few drinks and 8-balls.

So closed frehab doesn't exist; no big deal. Revert back to ther original sentence.

She was also guilty on VOP.

Throw her ass in jail. 90 FULL days and she's scott free afterwards. No probation and no community service.


9 minutes in jail (standard LA sentence PLUS 2 years probation. It's up to her. We all know she can't do 2 years without messing up. He;;, this chick will probably end up being on probation for the rest of her useless life.

573 days ago
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