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'Buckwild' City Mayor

Cancel the Show

4/1/2013 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Mayor of Charleston, West Virginia -- where "Buckwild" is filmed -- says he hopes MTV will pull the plug on the controversial show after one of its stars, Shain Gandee, was found dead today.

Mayor Danny Jones tells TMZ ... “Of the few cast members on the show already two have had legal issues and now one has died.  The show only enhances the negative stereotype the Kanawha Valley already has. I hope the show’s life is short.”

The show has been surrounded by controversy from the beginning ... you'll recall, back in December WV Senator Joe Manchin blasted the show as a "travesty" that profits off of shameful behavior and urged MTV to cancel it even before it aired.  

Adding to the problem ... two "Buckwild" cast members were recently arrested for separate incidents -- Salwa Amin and Michael Burford. Amin in connection with a drug raid and Burford on suspicion of DUI.

As TMZ previously reported ... 21-year-old cast member Shain Gandee was found dead earlier this morning -- along with his uncle and one unidentified passenger -- inside a Ford Bronco, in Sissonville, WV.


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Wow! Good timing Mr. Manchin! How about, I feel bad for the family! Boy you just couldn't wait to jump back on your "stop the show" wagon instead realizing this show had potential of bringing in more money into WV then ever before! I mean who else films in WV? Now isn't the time to talk about the future of the show, it's time to think about a unique individual who seemed to be a very good person who died a death that came way too early!

534 days ago


(RiP) Shain Gandee.. Rest in Paradise we loved yu An all Da! (Buckwild) cast (RiP) his family An friends that where In Da! Vehicle..

534 days ago


I just can't believe they went 4 wheeling with Ford Bronco ll RIP

534 days ago


(RiP) shain-gandee Rest In Paradise we luv yu An all Da! Cast of (Buckwild) My prayers go out to his friends and family that were in the vehicle Rest In Paradise..

534 days ago


How can people be so evil and leave those harsh comments?? Just remember its gonna bite you in the ass. No matter what happened three people lost their lives and their families are mourning!! Its a very unfortunate accident but if you have nothing nice to say SHUT UR TRAP. have some sympathy and RESPECT for their family and friends. My deepest condolences to the families and friends from Hawaii!

534 days ago


Everybody should pray for him and his family, he died from carbon monoxide poisoning, which didn't matter if he was drunk or not, you cannot smell it or escape it. He went peaceful doing something he loves. The show was funny and should keep running. Anybody who is ashamed should be thankful. Before buckwild came, all you were known for is wrong turn. I'd much rather be known for buckwild, than a bunch of inbred cannibals.

534 days ago


I think the mayor and Manchin are only worried about the show being aired because of their political status! All three events are things that occur throughout the U.S. daily. The show has nothing to do with it!

534 days ago

Caroline, grown up in Ky    

I was so sad to see Shane had passed away. He was my favorite Kid on the show. I am 46 and lived the same life these young kids do. We had so much fun and felt so free. Living in California , My kids dont have that same chance to fleel that free and have so much fun like I did as well as these youngsters . It so sadness me and hurts my heart. I feel they should keep the show in his memory , why let life die. he would have wanted the show to move on. I think he would be so up set if it was canceled . Please let his memory live on please. God bless your heart Shane and your family... My God hold you close as you did the rest of this amazing world.

534 days ago


Mr. Mayor I watched the show every week and unless I missed something I never saw where any of them did anything that we did not do as kids. If anything they showed the young people of today it's possible to have fun by using your imagination instead of sitting in front of a computer or video game all day. FYI I happen to be 52 years old and enjoyed the show very much

534 days ago


What about dollar Danny's son getting caught with cocaine and heroine? I'm sure his boy represents wv really good. Good parenting mayor jones.

534 days ago


What is wrong with no script? ..its a chance to get to know real people living there lives, connect with people who you never even met before. If you dont like it, thats fine... change the channel, go do something. But spending ur time being negative about something u clame isnt worth your time is just stupid. This did not happen because of the show, it was an accident and has nothing to do with how good or bad u think the show is....its entertainment, three men loosing there lives in an accident is not. Have respect. Ur personal opinion isnt needed, not the subject of discussion. Neither is drugs or illegal activity, mayor, dont make it seem like something other than wat it, happens all the time. Shame on u, u

533 days ago


I find it horrible this man is using the death of a citizen of his state to gain media attention to speak out against the show. Furthermore for an elected public official who has gained his office and is successful based upon his ability to speak in public would say something as crass and unsympathetic as " I hope the shows life is short". Did he not think at all before he spoke. One of the stars of the show just lost his life in a tragic accident! His life was just cut short! I think this mans career is cut short! These kids are doing things that normal young adults all over the country are doing! I feel as though he is making his state look worse then the show is. He is showing everyone how closed minded and unfeeling he is. Anyone that takes a tragic accident and death of someone so young and uses it to make it about him and his opinions is a horrible human being! I am sure that the last thing the friends and family of Shane want to deal with is being asked to comment on this idiots statements. I think he should of had some respect and not used something so sad as a platform to draw attention to him. We all know how he feels about it. These opinions and feelings were already shared by other elected officials in the state and I don't see a need for him to reiterate them at a time like this. Based on the arrest record of his son with a DUI, heroin possession, and cocaine possession with intent to distribute, and his views on things of this nature I feel as though maybe his career should be cut short like he wants the show to be. He stated he was glad his son was caught maybe he would straighten out and it may have saved his life. So why then would he put these kids down for being caught for lesser charges then his son. Doesn't he want the same bright future for them as he did for his son? Doesn't he feel that they also deserve the same cchance as his son? If he was so happy to see his son in jail, because he felt it would help his son then why doesn't he have the same positive attitude that being caught will help them get the help they may need and certainly deserve just as much as his son? Was he this concerned with how his sons actions made his city and state look? I feel as though if you are going to put yourself in the public eye then you should be held to a higher standard then the average citizen. If you want to run a whole city then you sure as heck should be able to better run your family! If you can't get your son the help he needs and work harder to get him back on the right track then how do you expect to be responsable for and be the dependent for a whole city of people! I really hope this self centered inconsiderate man looses his next election(! May Shane RIP and my prayers go out to his friends and family. It's so sad to see someone so young have their life cut so short. He really did seem like the nicest sweetest person out of the whole group.

533 days ago


This mayor is rediculous. let these people live life to the fullest. If you dont like it dont watch or pay any mind to it. R.I.P Shain Gandee youl'll be missed bud

533 days ago


I lived in a little town called Bancroft W.V. For 23 yrs it was some of the best yrs of my life,I am 53 now an I love BUCKWILD all my friends an I did the same things its always been like that 4 wheeling,drinking,big ass camp fires. So what did Mr Mayor really do when he was young???? Touch a nerve did it Mr Mayor…RIP buddy you will be missed…

533 days ago


God Bless the Gandee family and their friends. I wonder though, would we even know this tragic accident occurred had Shain not been on Buckwild?? I hope it raises awareness on safety for mudding. Also, we know nothing about Shains uncle or friend. Perhaps they should give them a little memorial as well. I pray for Shain's family and friends. RIP SHAIN

525 days ago
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