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Ric Flair 911 Call

My Son Is Out Cold

'He's Purple'

4/1/2013 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed by Ric Flair ... moments after the wrestling legend discovered his son Reid Flair unresponsive in a Charlotte, NC hotel room.

Ric frantically tells the operator, "He's out cold! He's out cold and he's purple!"

As we reported, Ric's 25-year-old son Reid -- who had just returned to the U.S. after wrestling in Japan -- passed away on March 29th.

The investigation into Reid's death is ongoing, but he has struggled with substance abuse issues in the past.

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No Avatar


But it was a drug overdose, of course. Which is weak.

569 days ago


Why didn't his dad start CPR? I mean WTF? Isn't that standard training for the WWF? If not, it surely should be!

569 days ago


The caller isn't Ric Flair.

569 days ago

Lincoln Speering    

You tmz are such disrespectful ****s and should be a shamed of yourself especially the people who follow this site you shouldn't be allowed to do show this,the man lost a son none of you ****s who work here would want your co workers releasing you're 911 calls about a loved one to the public

569 days ago


I'm actually in training to be a 911 call taker right now and I have to be honest . . .That call was handled HORRIBLY!! They could have been ALOT more professional and a little more empathetic than they were. I would be kicked out of training if I handled a practice call like that. Very disappointing!

569 days ago


His son was hot. Yet another over privledged white boy with mental issues. These wild white boys need a 5150!

569 days ago

Kay Moult    

You should be ashamed of yourselves for posting this TMZ! There is no way that is the voice of Ric Flair, he wasn't even in the same city as Reid on Friday! and besides, I don't think a 911 operator would be so incompetent!! I hope Naitch sues you for slander!

569 days ago

Johnson deen    

ARE YOU FOR REAL TMZ THAT was NOT Ric Flair. how stupid do you think we are. Flair has fans that go back 40 years some been there from the start! ME for one and I KNOW Ric Falir's voice and that is NOT him! How very sad you would stoop so low as to capitalize on his son'r death by setting this up and claiming it's Ric Flair you are sicking!

569 days ago


Okay really I am all for the media wanting to report news. Like death of a celebrity or someone near them. But to release a heart breaking phone call? That is just plain wrong calls like that should never be released ever! That is just wrong in so many ways

569 days ago


Really how low can you get? The fact is that's not Ric flair and even if it was Ric why would you guys even think of broadcasting such a personal tragedy of a father trying to save his son....I hope flair responds and teaches you guys a lesson ...he should sue you for slander

569 days ago


For all the doubters out there...that is ric flair...listen closely you can hear the lisp...still nauseating that tmz would post this

569 days ago


Absolutely fake. I live in South Park. 1. That's not the name of where he lives. 2. Not his voice, I'm spoken with him personally recently. 3. Most proving, the place he lives only has 5 floors, there is no room 617. 4. You can here him breathing while its ringing on the second call, which means the recording would have to have been from his phone. What, are his phones tapped? This is so obviously fake and horribly tasteless of anyone to post as otherwise. I'm fact whoever made this probably tried to find where he lived and thought it was the Residence Inn, which is that Piedmont Row address. The Residence, where he actually has a place is at a different address and not a hotel.

568 days ago


Did 911 seriously put him on hold?

568 days ago


I'm not sure why people are saying that isn't Ric Flair on the 911 call. I'm a long time WWE fan, and that is clearly Ric Flair making that call. Anyone who has ever listened to Ric and his speech would know that's him.

565 days ago

Your mom    

TMZ you should have your license removed and be removed from the air ! If I was Rick and that was my son! I would seriously take my attorney's and my people and Strangle who ever allowed this and strangle who ever did it with my bare hands until they turned blue and needed a paramedic them selves! Or maybe in front of there father so i could record it and show the world. You are sick bastards. I hope you rot in hell that man has given everyone a piece of him self have some respect!

551 days ago
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