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TV Producers Paying for Shain's Funeral

4/3/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The two production companies behind the MTV reality show "Buckwild" have offered to pay for all of Shain Gandee's funeral expenses, TMZ has learned.

Parallel Entertainment CEO J.P. Williams -- who produces the show with Zoo Productions -- tells us, "Shain was a great kid with a big heart who had endless love for his mom and dad." He adds, "I am from West Virginia and this show reminded me of how I grew up."

A public service for Shain will be held this Sunday.

As for the donation websites that have been raising money to help pay for the funeral -- we're told that money will now go toward expenses incurred by Shain's family during the recovery effort.

We're told any remaining money will go towards the funeral of the other two men that were killed, including Shain's uncle.

As we reported, 21-year-old Shain was found dead yesterday morning inside his truck, which had stalled out submerged in mud while off-roading. Shain and the two other men died from carbon monoxide poisoning.



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MTV doesn't owe them anything. It was an unfortunate death, but it was not MTV's fault. It is a nice gesture but not owed to them. They signed up to do this show but they were doing this stuff way before MTV showed up. Thoughts and prayers to his family.

577 days ago

Really Now    

Its a shame that these 3 people died. What I don't understand is why people are saying MTV should pay for the funerals? They weren't filming while this happened. So does that mean when someone dies a work place should be held responsible for their funeral? REALLY PEOPLE! So If I'm a bartender and I die cleaning the bathroom at my grandmoms the bar should pay for the funeral? FRIGGIN MORONS!!!!!!!

577 days ago


Please have respect for the family, This is just a tragic accident and if it occurred a year early most of you reading of this would have never known and the family and town could grieve. The fact that he was on MTV has no reflection on this happening. I believe all of you can recount a time where 1 decision could have meant a life ending result. I am from the north and can remember a time stuck in the snow with friends in a remote area at 20 below and 2 walked for help, we stayed behind with the vehicle running not realizing that the exhaust was in the snow. We were woken by people pulling us out of the vehicle. This occurred in 45 min. I am sure they were waiting for morning (most likley an hour or 2) since it was so dark (episode in graveyard) and peacefully went to sleep and passed never realizing what was happening

577 days ago


Good deeds don't go unnoticed. God bless who is all helping Shains family r.I.p

577 days ago


Wow I seen his death pics on http:// theknoww. blogspot .com/ and they are just gruesome... I can't believe they would call it a poising so quickly....

Guess they treat hillbillies like blacks huh?

577 days ago


I just have to say that this is very sad. I don't watch the show, I can't stand reality tv, but their ignorance led to their death. How dumb can you be? Al three lives could have been saved if there had been one functioning brain who said "Hyuck, let's open a winder!!"

577 days ago


I think it is a great gesture that MTV is paying for their funerals. This is a very sad tragedy. My condolences go to their family and friends.

577 days ago


i miss him so bad

577 days ago


Good job MTV. And yes if a window was open they might still be alive. Carbon monoxide can kill you in matter of minutes. Obviously fumes were coming in through vents, they all were breathing high levels of poison and being intoxicated not noticing and I bet they stuck in the mud he was flooring it to get out and if your under carriage is submerged in mud I guarantee you all exhaust fumes are coming inside that vehicle and BAM that will finish you off . Unfortunate accident.

577 days ago


I don't understand people these days. He was a good kid from the country who liked to have fun.

The day we stop caring about each other. Is the
day we are really in trouble as a country.

Respect the families loss.

577 days ago


I'm sorry this young man and 2 others died... but Im more sad this 'buckwild' is a glorified show and these people are celebrities that get more outcry and attention when the die then the soldiers that put their life on the line every day!!! When will Hollywood foot the bill to help them or their families out especially when we lose one of the HEROS???

576 days ago


R.I.p your Angel

576 days ago

kei knows best    

Never met you but wished I did. When I first saw the show I expressed my concerns to others about the danger of off road riding and getting stuck in deep mud and dieing from carbon dioxide poisoning. I can't believe this actually happen to him. He seemed to be harmless and free spirit. This was a young man reminding us how we could enjoy life without drugs and expensive materials. I didn't know you but I wish there was more like you-the world would be better. I thank MTV for giving us that moment to know that someone like Shain still existed in the world. And I hope his family keeps his memory alive and educated the world on the fatality of car related deaths from CO posions.

576 days ago

kei knows best    

PHONE AUTO CHECK TYPOS***Carbon monoxide poisoning

576 days ago


Don't drink and mudd! Please don't do it Buckwild..

576 days ago
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