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Richie Sambora

Bails on Bon Jovi

Jon Treats Him Like Crap

4/3/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Richie Sambora
is bailing on the Bon Jovi world tour because of "personal issues," but it has NOTHING to do with substance abuse ... it's all about a war that's exploded between Jon and Richie.

Sources directly connected to Bon Jovi tell TMZ ... tensions between Jon and Richie have been running high for years and it's finally erupted. One source tells us, "It's a classic Jagger/Richards blowup."

Our sources say part of the problem is that Jon constantly belittles Richie. But there's another part of the problem -- they're fighting over money.

Richie was a no-show at a Bon Jovi concert in Calgary last night, and yesterday he posted on the Bon Jovi website that he was pulling out because of "personal issues."

During the Calgary concert, Jon told the crowd, "I had two choices: pack up and go home or give you everything I got ... Richie Sambora won't be performing for a while. If there's ever a night I need you, it's tonight, Calgary!"

In the meantime, Richie's been spending personal time with his daughter -- the two were on vacation in Hawaii last week. We're told it was an 11-day trip filled with zip-lining, hikes, paddle boarding, and chilling at the pool.


Richie has had alcohol issues in the past, but we're told in no uncertain terms ... Richie is clean now.

Sources close to the band tell TMZ ... Sambora's camp is hopeful the two sides can work things out before April 19, when Bon Jovi is set to play in L.A. -- Richie's hometown.



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Jon hogged the spot light. He should have given Richie much more equal time. On Katie Couric he barely acknowledged him at all. Jon's fans love Richie. Wake up Jon. don't be such a hog share the stage an the spotlight with Richie.

381 days ago

D Bonaccorso    

do not understand why everyone thinks Richie and Jon are fighting.. Richie has said Thank you everyone for your concern. I'm well, but had to stay in LA to take care of a personal matter. Love you all and see you very soon.on Twitter .. doubt very much it has anything to do with the group or how they get along. Richie has said he loves touring and the fans. His only disappointment is the time it takes away from him and his daughter. .. Lay off the guy and stop trying to stir up trouble when there isn't any

381 days ago


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381 days ago


I believe him. I think bon bon is snob.

381 days ago


The don't get along anymore because Ritchie is "wild in the streets" doing all sorts of "bad medicine" falling "in and out of love" with a "runaway". Jon told Ritchie he was "living on a prayer". Ritchie told him to back up and to never "lay your hands on me" again or he'll be "wanted, dead or alive" for what he'll do to him. Jon said "I'll be there for you" whenever you need a friend because he was "born to be my baby". I'm sure they'll get over it.

381 days ago


Ive loved,bon jovi since 82 always,rumors,that jbj is,arrogant and,hes my fav but he,was,the reason alec john such left the band yrs,ago :(

381 days ago


Richie, Richie, Richie - remember Adam Gaynor of Matchbox 20? Well, no one else does either. He was on that Millionaire dating show just to get someone to go out with him. He quit Matchbox 20 and thought he could go it alone. Bad decision.

381 days ago


excuse me, he's from NJ. LA IS NOT HIS HOME TOWN!

381 days ago


You should NEVER compare these wankers to Keith and Mick. That's f*cking laughable to the absolute extreme.

381 days ago


in that bon jovi do***entary that came out a few years ago jon treated the entire band poorly.

381 days ago

who got custody of the steel horse they ride?

381 days ago


Jon needs to get a grrip on his ego. He is not the hot one ,the whole band was hot and RS is an essential part of his success. I heard him go after RS one time when he thought no one could hear him . Jon is NOT the sweet loveable boy nhe once was and maybe he never was aftre alln there is a reason his kid tuirned to smack.

381 days ago

~ Danielle ~    

This article is TOTALLY disrespectful! Seriously, I love TMZ but this **** is wrong. He didn't deserve this article to be written and including him. As far as I can tell he & Jon seem like great friends. I hardly believe he left tour because he was being treated badly. Ever stop to think maybe he actually has PERSONAL things to attend to? -_-

381 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

OOrrrrrr, he's back in rehab.

381 days ago


What a cush gig from which to walk. Sure, they are a crappy band, but look at the perks. Put up with his crap, it's worth it in dollar and cents.

381 days ago
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