BON JOVI & MARK HAMILL Guitarra firmada, rara figurita de Skywalker Subasta de famosos para ayudar a los veteranos

Si alguna vez has querido jugar golf con Jason Bateman y Will Arnett, charlar por Zoom con Bryan Cranston o visitar a Ben Stiller en un set de Hollywood, esta es tu oportunidad, ya que estas experiencias únicas en la vida están ahí para tomarlas y apoyar a nuestros veteranos al mismo tiempo.

Algunos de los nombres más grandes de Hollywood se están asociando con Homes For Our Troops, una subasta anual que se realiza en línea para recaudar fondos para los veteranos heridos, y una vez más el listado de este año es increíble.

Jason y Will están subastando 18 hoyos de golf con ellos en el Bel-Air Country Club, y Ben está ofreciendo la oportunidad de ir a trabajar con él al set de "Severance"

También podrías almorzar en Nueva York con Lou Diamond Phillips, hacer que Michael Connelly escriba tu nombre en su próxima novela o conseguir entradas para el espectáculo de Adam Sandler y luego conocerlo en persona.

Hay algunos recuerdos súper cool de Hollywood que también se subastan, como por ejemplo, artículos firmados por Jon Bon Jovi, Mark Hamill y Chris Evans.

Jon aportó con una guitarra autografiada, Mark firmó una estatuilla súper rara de Luke Skywalker y Chris ofreció un mensaje personalizado en video, además de un escudo del "Capitán América"' y un póster de la película autografiados.

Ryan Reynolds también está participando con una rara estatuilla autografiada de "Deadpool". Mientras que Jennifer Aniston quiso estar presente con un bolso Fendi de su colección personal.

También está el vestido que Mindy Kaling llevó a la gira "Renaissance" de Beyoncé y una guitarra autografiada por Wynonna Judd.

Los aficionados al deporte también tienen algo por lo que pujar. Entre los objetos hay un balón de baloncesto firmado por Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley y Shaquille O'Neal, además de un balón de fútbol americano de la NFL firmado por Peyton Manning y sus compañeros de equipo campeones de la Super Bowl con los Indianapolis Colts de 2010.

Todos los ingresos de la subasta van a Homes For Our Troops, que construye y dona casas personalizadas para los veteranos post 11 de septiembre con heridas graves.

Este es el 7º año que se celebra esta subasta. La licitación se abre el viernes y se extiende hasta el 13 de noviembre.

Bon Jovi & Mark Hamill Signed Guitar, Rare Skywalker Figurine ... Celeb Auction Helps Vets

If you've ever wanted to play golf with Jason Bateman and Will Arnett, Zoom chat with Bryan Cranston or visit Ben Stiller on a Hollywood set, here's your chance ... these once-in-a-lifetime experiences are up for grabs, and they support our veterans, too.

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood are teaming up with Homes For Our Troops ... an annual online auction raising funds for injured vets, and once again this year's lineup is incredible.

Jason and Will are auctioning off 18 holes of golf with them at the Bel-Air Country Club ... and Ben's offering a chance to go with him to work on the set of "Severance."

You could also grab lunch in NYC with Lou Diamond Phillips, have Michael Connelly write your name in his next novel or get tickets to Adam Sandler's show and then meet him.

There's some super cool Hollywood memorabilia being auctioned off too ... including items signed by Jon Bon Jovi, Mark Hamill, and Chris Evans.

Jon's contributing an autographed guitar; Mark signed a super rare Luke Skywalker figurine and Chris is offering a personalized video message ... with an autographed 'Captain America' shield and movie poster thrown in for good measure.

Ryan Reynolds is getting in on the action too ... with a rare, autographed Deadpool figurine. Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston's fundraising with a Fendi bag from her personal collection.

There's also the dress Mindy Kaling wore to Beyoncé's "Renaissance" tour show, and a Wynonna Judd autographed guitar.

Sports fans have something to bid on too ... a basketball signed by the whole "Inside the NBA" crew -- Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal. Plus, there's an NFL football signed by Peyton Manning and his Super Bowl champion teammates from the 2010 Indianapolis Colts.

All of the auction's proceeds go to Homes For Our Troops, which builds and donates custom homes for post-9/11 veterans with severe wounds.

This is the 7th year of the Veterans Day Celebrity Auction ... bidding on eBay opens Friday and runs through November 13.

Richie Sambora I'm Gonna Teach Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter to Strum!!! ... Free Guitar Lessons, With a Catch

Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead, may be too young to know how to pull strings, but she'll now be able to play them thanks to none other than Richie Sambora!

Her dad, Larry Birkhead, tells TMZ ... this weekend's Kentucky Derby was insanely momentous for his 15-year-old daughter ... as we reported, she wore the same getup that Janet Jackson wore to the Derby in years past, and even met Janet this time around.

But that wasn't the end of it. Sambora performed at the Barnstable Brown Gala during Derby weekend -- the same place Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead met in 2003.

Dannielynn was front and center and even brought her own guitar to the event, hoping to get a John Hancock from Richie. She got way more than she bargained for, because the next day she ran into Richie and he offered her lessons to master the instrument!

Here's the catch. Larry and Dannielynn live in Kentucky, and Richie is ensconced in L.A., so the rocker said anytime she makes it out to La La Land, he'll be there for her.

Richie gave her words of encouragement, urging her to follow her dreams of being an accomplished guitarist. Larry says it was so overwhelming, his daughter almost fainted.

Richie told them he doesn't usually offer lessons but he made a special exception for Dannielynn.

Gotta love the perks of celebrity.

Richie Sambora Orianthi & I Can Still Jam ... Despite Taking a Break


Richie Sambora is in an incredibly good mood despite some sad news in his love life -- and it might be because he's down to keep a working relationship with his now-ex.

We got the Bon Jovi guitarist Wednesday at LAX just a day after he and longtime GF Orianthi announced they were taking a break to focus on family and other endeavors. Richie echoed what he and O had already promised their loyal fan base ... we'll be back.

TMZ broke the story ... Richie and Orianthi issued a joint statement saying they were temporarily ending their 4-year relationship -- thanking fans for supporting their music act, RSO, and vowing to rekindle in the future for more tunes.

Sounds like Richie's still down for future collabs, and doesn't seem the least bit bummed out about the split. He's mum on ex-wife Heather Locklear though ... who's been dealing with her own problems of late.

Richie Sambora on Rock & Roll HOF Sure, I'll Play with Bon Jovi Again ... We're Half Way There


Richie Sambora says a reunion with Bon Jovi is on the horizon IF they get inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ... but the people truly gotta want it.

We got the ex-lead guitarist of the iconic '80s band Monday in Calabasas, where our photog congratulated Richie for his 2nd nomination to the HOF -- for which he was grateful but cautious to not revel in the glory quite yet. They got snubbed in 2011.

More importantly ... whether Richie would perform with Jon and co. if they get the nod -- ya know, since he abruptly left in 2013 and all?? He seems open to it -- like he says, everything's kosher between 'em.

There's just one hangup ... it's his life, but our vote.

Richie Sambora I WILL Return to Bon Jovi

Richie Sambora's hasty departure from Bon Jovi was only temporary ... so claims the guitar player himself, who tells us his shredding days with the band are hardly over.

The 54-year old rock legend was blowing out of L.A.X. when we asked about his rift with the band ... and Sambora told us to keep the faith.

We broke the story ... Sambora pulled out of Bon Jovi's current world tour for "personal issues" -- Richie sources say it was a fight over money, but others in the band claim Richie was hitting the bottle again.

Fun Fact: Bon Jovi were the highest paid band in '13 ... $79 mil ...more money than the tours of Kanye West, Coldplay and One Direction.

Richie Sambora Livin' On a Prayer of ... Reconciliation?

Never Say Goodbye Bon Jovi fans ... Richie Sambora tells TMZ, his split from Jon and the rest of his band mates is NOT forever ... probably.

As TMZ previously reported ... Sambora pulled out of Bon Jovi's current world tour for "personal issues" -- sources told us part of the reason was Jon Bon Jovi and Richie were fighting over money.

So when our photog spotted Richie out in Beverly Hills Friday -- he had to ask about the split and the reportedly less-than-stellar ticket sales as of late (some shows were reportedly cancelled due to poor numbers).

Sambora keeps his poker face on for the most part, but does gives us a tiny, nugget of hope -- the breakup might soon come to an end.

Judge for yourself.

Richie Sambora Bails on Bon Jovi Jon Treats Him Like Crap

Richie Sambora is bailing on the Bon Jovi world tour because of "personal issues," but it has NOTHING to do with substance abuse ... it's all about a war that's exploded between Jon and Richie.

Sources directly connected to Bon Jovi tell TMZ ... tensions between Jon and Richie have been running high for years and it's finally erupted. One source tells us, "It's a classic Jagger/Richards blowup."

Our sources say part of the problem is that Jon constantly belittles Richie. But there's another part of the problem -- they're fighting over money.

Richie was a no-show at a Bon Jovi concert in Calgary last night, and yesterday he posted on the Bon Jovi website that he was pulling out because of "personal issues."

During the Calgary concert, Jon told the crowd, "I had two choices: pack up and go home or give you everything I got ... Richie Sambora won't be performing for a while. If there's ever a night I need you, it's tonight, Calgary!"

In the meantime, Richie's been spending personal time with his daughter -- the two were on vacation in Hawaii last week. We're told it was an 11-day trip filled with zip-lining, hikes, paddle boarding, and chilling at the pool.

Richie has had alcohol issues in the past, but we're told in no uncertain terms ... Richie is clean now.

Sources close to the band tell TMZ ... Sambora's camp is hopeful the two sides can work things out before April 19, when Bon Jovi is set to play in L.A. -- Richie's hometown.

Jon Bon Jovi I'm NOT the Next American Idol ... Judge

Jon Bon Jovi's ass will not be sliding into Jennifer Lopez's old seat at the judge's table on the next season of "American Idol" ... this according to sources extremely close to the singer.

Lopez threw Bon Jovi's name into the mix during her farewell media blitz this week ... telling ABC News she'd like to see someone like Jon ... or Mick Jagger or Bono take over her spot.

But one Bon Jovi source, who is definitely in a position to know, tells TMZ ... "With all systems go for a new album and a mega-tour on the horizon, Jon wouldn't be able to give those aspiring singers the guidance they deserve."

The source adds, "Jon wouldn't commit to anything unless he can give 100%. With planning for the next album already underway, he's focused on the band."

The search continues ...

Richie Sambora Out of Rehab, Joining the Tour

Richie Sambora is out of rehab and has just landed in New York City, but he's not staying long -- he's rejoining the Bon Jovi tour.

Sambora told our photog at JFK he was feeling good -- which was evidenced by the fact he signed dozens upon dozens of autographs for fans.

He arrived from Los Angeles, but planned on heading right back out -- he's meeting up with Jon and the boys for the European leg of the tour. They are scheduled to play in Croatia on Wednesday.

Sambora checked himself into rehab in late April after, we're told, he fell of the wagon.

Guy in 'Bon Jovi' Divine!

Here's the fourth guy in Bon Jovi at a Broadway opening on Monday (left) -- and the Divine Miss M, Bette Midler, back in 1979 around the time "The Rose" was in theaters (right).

Only one of them still rocks this hair 'do.

We're just sayin'.

Brit Lawyer Hauled to Court for Red Light Run

Lawyers for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline will be heading back to court -- again -- on Friday, for an emergency session about Brit's bolting through a red light at a busy intersection.

People reports that the Friday hearing was requested by K-Fed lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan, who contacted TMZ about subpoenaing our story, with video showing Brit blowing through the intersection at Mulholland Drive and Coldwater Canyon. Sorrell Trope, one of Brit's attorneys, explains that she was "distracted" and that "this was not blatant irresponsible driving on her part."

Yesterday, TMZ reported that Britney plans to explain that her flunked drug test was caused by her asthma inhaler.

Bon Jovi – Slippery When Governor?

Jon Bon Jovi could have designs on being New Jersey's governor, reports Page Six, explaining why he's kept his Jersey home even though he's moved to NYC.

Bon Jovi has been performing regularly at fundraisers for Dems like Al Gore and John Kerry, and he's hired Ken Sunshine, the PR legend who was once Chief of Staff for ex-Mayor David Dinkins. But he won't fess up to any interest in office. "John has been approached many times about running for office. His day job is going too well, and this way he can keep the house."

Party Favors: O.J. Publisher Sues for $100 Mil ... Greasy Literally Too Greasy for Hair Salon

Judith Regan, the woman who planned to publish O.J. Simpson's book, is suing her former employer, HarperCollins Publishers, for $100 million -- alleging that parent company News Corp. asked her to lie to the feds about her ex-lover, Bernard Kerik. ... Brandon Davis was so greasy at a recent hair appointment that the stylists at Frederic Fekkai hair salon had to wear rubber gloves. The hyperhidrotic heir was, as Page Six reports, "sweating profusely," and was asking for carrot juice. Bears eat carrots?

Richie Sambora Returns to Rehab

Bon Jovi's number two, Richie Sambora, returned to rehab on Monday -- this time at the Cirque Lodge in Utah -- the same rehab facility where Lindsay Lohan is currently receiving treatment.

This is the second time this year Sambora's been to rehab. This past June, after the traumatic break-up of his marriage to Heather Locklear and his split from girlfriend Denise Richards, Sambora spent a week at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

At the time, he told NBC's Matt Lauer that he decided to go the rehab route because, "I was just drinking too much, and I needed to get my life together."

The 48-year-old Bon Jovi guitarist has a private room at Cirque, reports Star.



Bon Jovi and Crew Chow Down

Fresh from his live performance on "American Idol," Jon Bon Jovi -- looking more like Babwa Walters every day -- took his crew to Mr. Chow for an post-show dinner.

Bonny Jonny B wasn't the only celeb at the Beverly Hills eatery last night -- sisters Hilary and Haylie Duff were spotted leaving, keeping quiet when asked if they'll be attending the "secret" Britney Spears concert tonight in L.A., while "EXTRA" host Mark McGrath gave a special shout-out to TMZ.

Across town, Kato Kalein came up with his own variation of what the acronym TMZ stands for -- it's Thirty Mile Zone for all you wonderful newbies.

Also out were Danny Masterson, Andy Dick -- who raved about riding his bike everywhere and showed off his girlfriend -- Jason Biggs, Mac Guy Jason Long and a shop-happy Paris Hilton ... who likely isn't as cheery today.

All this and more in today's eat-it-with-chopsticks version of Star Catcher.

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