Richie Sambora on Rock & Roll HOF Sure, I'll Play with Bon Jovi Again ... We're Half Way There

10/10/2017 6:38 AM PDT

Richie Sambora Would Play with Bon Jovi Again if Inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame


Richie Sambora says a reunion with Bon Jovi is on the horizon IF they get inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ... but the people truly gotta want it.

We got the ex-lead guitarist of the iconic '80s band Monday in Calabasas, where our photog congratulated Richie for his 2nd nomination to the HOF -- for which he was grateful but cautious to not revel in the glory quite yet. They got snubbed in 2011. 

More importantly ... whether Richie would perform with Jon and co. if they get the nod -- ya know, since he abruptly left in 2013 and all?? He seems open to it -- like he says, everything's kosher between 'em.

There's just one hangup ... it's his life, but our vote.