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Pregnant Man

Divorce Judge is WRONG

I'm a Real Man!

4/4/2013 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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"Pregnant Man" Thomas Beatie is PISSED after a judge refused to grant him a divorce from his estranged wife -- and tells TMZ he's willing to take the fight all the way to the Supreme Court.

Beatie, a transgender male, is appealing a decision handed down Friday ... when a judge in AZ denied his divorce from Nancy Beatie -- on the grounds the marriage was NEVER legal since Beatie couldn't prove he was a man during their nuptials ... and the state doesn't recognize same-sex marriage.

Beatie tells TMZ he's not giving up the fight, his attorneys are already drafting up the appeal -- and he'll go the Supreme Court if that's what it takes.

He explains, "This is personal. This ruling is an attack on my person, my identity, and my family. It's sad and embarrassing that Judge Gerlach is more focused on wanting to delegitimize my children than legitimize my family."

Beatie continues, "The judge is obviously uncomfortable with me. He has a problem with me having a legal male identity and using my internal organs to start a family."

You'll recall ... the judge made it clear from the beginning​, he had issues with the validity of Beatie's marriage based on the fact that while married he bore the couple's 3 children ... something no man could do. 

But Beatie is adamant, the issue is MUCH bigger than his divorce ... "This is not Beatie versus Beatie. This is the State of AZ versus transgender people, human reproductive rights, and fairness under the law."

FYI -- Beatie was born a woman, but began a sex change in 1997. He married Nancy in 2003 in Hawaii. He filed for divorce in April 2012, claiming Nancy was abusive. Allegations she denied.


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Um ur not a man get over it.

537 days ago

buzz kill    

This is just to funny. Tough luck weirdo.

537 days ago


Gays want marriage? Sure! But guess what comes with marriage. This bullcrap!! Do yourselves a favor, stay away from marriage and you won't have to deal with divorce, because they go hand in hand.

537 days ago

PJ in Texas    

If you weren't born with a penis then you are not a real man ... it's just that simple.

537 days ago


You don't have sperms so you are not a man

537 days ago


Dude get over it your not married, your not a man your an unmarried bearded lady be happy you don't need to file for divorce cause your not married you jut saved yourself money

537 days ago


You are NOT a man if you had babies. Only FEMALES can have babies. You may LOOK like a man on the outside, but on the inside you are STILL A WOMAN!!!

537 days ago


If it was a man, it would not have gotten pregnant. It needs to read an anatomy book.

537 days ago


Who in th ephk fathered these kids, cause it sure wasnt his so called wife...........?

537 days ago


what a weasle. you were a man when you married her, man the hell up

537 days ago


I agree with the judge.

537 days ago


So you're male, but also the mother???

Hate to break it to you, but no man can have kids. It comes with the territory. You can have uterus envy all you want, but having children is impossible. Unless you are a woman. Then, you are not a man. End of story.

Simply by association this can hurt the entire LGBT community.

This attention seeking individual really needs to look at what is important, and it isn't her. And accept that fact that if she REALLY AND TRULY wanted to be a man, she would have decided not to be a mother. Doing so 100% invalidates her status as a man.

Hate to break it to you bitch, but no man can have kids. It comes with the territory. You can have uterus envy all you want, but having children is impossible. Unless you are a woman. Then, you are not a man. End of story.

537 days ago


You are NOT a are a woman, with a mustache! I am a gay man, and I find your actions disgusting. You are milking this as much as you can, get over it!!!

537 days ago


Judge had a right. He still has XY chromosomes. He's a man and always will be.

537 days ago


A real man is born with a prostate. A real woman is born with a uterus. Sorry, if you were born with a uterus, you are not a "real" man. Just someone that looks like one. Very different.

537 days ago
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