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Ashley Judd

Religious Beliefs Mocked

By KY Senator's Staff

4/9/2013 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashley Judd's view of God is a joke ... laughable ... this according to Sen. Mitch McConnell's staff which was caught on tape mocking Judd's views on God during a February strategy session.
The discussion took place during a "Know Your Enemy" meeting ... in which Team McConnell discusses the ammo they'd have against Judd in case she runs for McConnell's seat. McConnell's voice can be heard during parts of the recording.

At one point, someone plays a recording of Judd describing her religious beliefs:

"I still choose the God of my understanding as the God of my childhood. I have to expand my God concept from time to time, and you know particularly I enjoy native faith practices, and have a very nature-based God concept. I'd like to think I'm like St. Francis in that way. Brother Donkey, Sister Bird."

One of McConnell's staffers can be heard laughing ... saying, "Brother Donkey, Sister Bird!"

Another staffer laughs and says, "The people at Southeast Christian [Church] would take to the streets with pitchforks."

During the session, the McConnell team also discusses Judd's mental health history.

One staffer tells Mitch -- "She's clearly ... this sounds extreme ... but she is emotionally unbalanced."

"I mean -- it's been documented,” the aide says. The campaign “can go in chapter and verse from her autobiography about, you know, she's suffered some suicidal tendencies. She was hospitalized for 42 days when she had a mental breakdown in the 90s."

Judd is also described as "anti-sort-of-traditional American family."

It's clear from the audio tape, McConnell's team doesn't feel threatened at all by Judd -- in fact, it sounds like they viewed her potential political run as a joke.

The audio was posted by lefty mag Mother Jones ... which also released the infamous “47%” video that torpedoed Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

But the GOP strategy plot was all for naught -- Judd recently announced she would NOT be running for office after all.

As for Team McConnell -- his campaign team isn’t happy the audio leaked out -- and is asking the feds to investigate. Said campaign manager Jesse Benton: "Watergate-style tactics to bug campaign headquarters are above and beyond.”


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McConnell is an embarrassment to KY. He needs to be taken out of office. I hate how backward this man makes our state look. He is so full of hatred and narrow mindedness. I hope whoever runs against him takes him and his campaign down.

560 days ago


Wow, McConnell was really running scared.

560 days ago


"Morality is not defined and cannot be defined by individual choice."

#22 of Rush Limbaugh's Original & Updated 35 'Undeniable Truths'

560 days ago

New Orleans    

All Christianity and bible based thinking is laughable. Ashley should just admit she's an atheist. It's her nudity in films, not her religious nonbeliefs that will give her trouble. But still she should run. She'd win and the country needs her.

560 days ago


Everything that has been wrong with this country is summed up in men like this, white, privileged, entitled asses who act like they are holier than thou, while taking it the rear behind closed doors. Politics never saw an honest, clean man.

560 days ago


She's a nut job and I am sure Dario is the happiest he's been in a long time. Now he can really race, win and look forward to going home.

560 days ago


I am appalled (I am a native-born Kentuckian) that anyone would act like Ashley Judd. I believe it was her liberal supporters (and I don't believe radical liberals are religious of any faith) are the ones responsible for the criminal behavior in Sen. McConnell's office. I hope she rots in hell.

560 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

AJ stay out of politics!

560 days ago


If I lived in Kentucky, I'd vote for a baked potato before I'd vote for Mitch McConnell, who wants America to go back to the 1950s so he wouldn't have to deal with anyone who wasn't rich and white.

560 days ago


Think about this...governments and politicians should only be involved in issues that affect the public as one whole entity, comprised of equal individuals. That would include roadways, hospitals and national security. No special interest groups, no tax breaks for religious organizations, no combined tax filing for married people [just because they performed a religious wedding ceremony]. If it doesn't benefit all individual people, then the government shouldn't be involved. Let private groups such as churches sustain themselves with money from their own users. Atheist Americans should not have their tax dollars spent on tax breaks for churches, and if you are going to brag about your freedoms, then you need to realize that true freedom is measured by true equality.

560 days ago

james chambers    

that's why in GREAT BRITAIN politics and religion should never cross, we would tell them to go away in the very politest way!

560 days ago


This is exactly what's wrong with Right Wing Conservatives. They have no understanding or concept that people can choose to believe in anything or anybody they want to. It's Freedom of Religion.

560 days ago


It's Kentucky. The majority of the people there are hateful morons. Ashley dodged a bullet with these lunatics.
Fake Christians have infltrated the government like a virus.
Hateful people are NOT Christian. End of story.

560 days ago


It really is too bad that religion is always such a hot topic that divides people. Everyone has the right to their own spiritual system. We don't all have to agree to one way and one way only. That is what makes me so mad when people get into talk of religion and who's the best or right. There is no right or wrong. You folks have one country – get along for goodness sake. smh

560 days ago

Paul Z    

Judd, a left-wing hack and 2nd. rate actress, should just go away. God knows we have enough socialists in government already.

560 days ago
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